FilmMaker WordPress Theme: Film Studio - Movie Production - Video Blogger - Creative Agency

FilmMaker WordPress Theme: Film Studio - Movie Production - Video Blogger - Creative Agency

FilmMaker WordPress Theme FilmMaker WordPress Theme

Film Maker is extremely suitable for any creative agency/ corporate/ team/ person to build their own film studio/ Film maker centre/ Film production/ Vlog sites and any kind of Film website can use the video Wordpress theme. With super clean, elegant and modern design, you and your team no longer have to depend on other sites like youtube or magazines to do marketing for your products or reputation. Now, you have another way which is too perfect to promote yourself.

Wonderful Visual Composer plugin will help you to build a site without coding knowledge. Mailchimp plugin makes a smart email system for you to manage. Besides, Film Maker is totally compatible with WPML plugin perfectly, so you can have a multi language site when using this plugin. This easier to spread your site all over the world. And so much more great features in this theme.

Key Features

  • 5 Elegant home page layout
  • Vertical menu
  • Responsive Bootstrap 3X
  • Visual Composer $33
  • Master Slider $19
  • Timelife
  • Count number
  • Parallax background video and image
  • Page builder
  • Create pages using shortcodes
  • Gallery Page
  • Instagram gallery widget
  • Subcribe mailchimp
  • Contact form 7 (form builder) with google map
  • 600+ Google fonts
  • Translation ready
  • Demo content include
  • 4 footer style
  • 3 header style with Stiky menu
  • Custom postype : Galery, Dri, Crew , Video
  • Video post format
  • Background video
  • Blog masonry layout


Filmmaker v1.1.0
+ vc_templates/film_team_list.php
+ vc_templates/film_clearfix.php
+ function
+ template-gallery.php
+ asset/scss/shortcode/_fl_gallery.scss
+ asset/scss/pages/_page_about-02.scss
+ template/template-blog-video2.php
+ template/template-blog-video3.php
+ template/header-cover.php
+ template/header-default.php
+ template/header-style1.php
+ template/header-style2.php
+ asset/css/filmmaker.css
+ style.css
+ single-film.php
+ content-bgblack.php
+ content-nonebg.php

Update plugin 
+     Film Maker Postype v1.1.0


Chage log filmmaker v1.0.8

+ Option set zoom map
+ Form contact half don't show information
+ Short code show film list, type full don't show images
+ Add video for light box gallery
+ Taxonomi film don't have pagination and option order
+ Option header hover
+ Template gallery 


Chage log filmmaker v1.0.7
Fix issuse

1. Option show film by list id
2. Add option disable footer
3. add Video embed gallery
4. Fix header cover
5. option chose image for 404 page
6. Chose gallery items
7. Fix contact page text
8. Add detail member page
9. Add option disable search bar
10. Fix hardcode discover crew
11. Fix discover text view
12. Fix menu text color

Files Change log 
1. footer.php
2. theme-option.php
3. customfield_theme.php
4. plg-film-maker.php
5. beau-metaboxes.php
6. film_gallerySlider.php
7. header-default.php
8. 404.php
9. template-film2.php
10. template-discover.php
11. film-video-4.php
12. film-video-default.php
13. film-video-full.php
14. film-video-odd.php
15. film_gallery.php

Change log filmmaker v1.0.6

1. Create new option set logo on build page
2. add new 3 style map(shortcode map)
3. Add new option for all shortcode change color
4. Edit shortcode contact(add new text field not display)
5. Edit detail gallery popup not display true image active
6. Edit Archive Film(not display true category)
7. Check responsive
8. Change Documents


Change log filmmaker v1.0.5
1.shortcode film list: create option change text view more, on/off button view more
2.Remove thumbnail cut size not use in theme
3.loop optimization
4.optimization theme option


Change log filmmaker v1.0.2

1 .Short code :
    - shortcode film: not set id in shortcode get film id default
    - shortcode videoblog create new,
    - shortcake film_1500: set background in shortcode
2. theme option:
    -option header: create new option set menu active 
        + Menu default active color
        + Menu two nav active color
    -option footer: create new setting background for footer
        + setting footer using cover image
        + setting background  footer color
    -change text placeholder subscribe footer
3.Fix class visual composer hidden box section
4.Update autoplay video(youtube & vimeo)

Change log filmmaker v1.0.1
// Update
1. Sticky menu 
    + Option on/off menu sticky
    + Option chang background menu sticky
2. Option on/off subcrible footer

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