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Clean and simple. Goodluck.

Nice work dude, wish you best of luck!

Looks great nice work! i might have a use for this theme..

Congrats MPC , fantastic work.

Kind Regards,

Thanks guys :)

Looks great. Good luck, friend ! ;)

LOVE this theme! Bought it for our family blog… Install was easy with the added tutorial and Support from MPC is also superb. Thanks a bunch!!

Thank you :)

Hi -

I have a quick pre-purchase Q if you don’t mind..

I love the theme, but just want to make sure I can add an additional main page? ie I’ll need 5 total nav links with 5 custom colors.

Also can you customize background colors for each page separately? Perhaps with unique classes in CSS?

Is this possible?

Thanks very much! Ian

Hi, you can create as many pages as you like, as for the background color for the entire page it will require custom coding. Sorry for the delay in replay I missed your comment.

Before I purchase… Is the logo size on the top of the homepage able to be enlarged, to what max pixel width? Are there social media icons available other than what is shown? Many thanks -C

Hi, we can help you to max it’s width to any size you want :) Yes there are many more social icons.

Hi just wondering if you’ve had a chance to consider my question?

Just need to know if I can add a 5th main page?

Hi, I answered your previous question ;)

i wonder, it would be hard to add discus plugin?

i wonder, it would be hard to add discus plugin?

Hi, no if you have any trouble with this please let us know and we will help you ;)

No answer to the previous message here, 2 days ago. And no theme update since the first release, almost 2 months ago. Doesn’t look very serious… Specially when you read all the beautiful description.

As right now, I’ll wait before buy.

Hi, sorry but as info said on our profile we were on vacation for almost 2 weeks do to the holidays and new year. There was no updates because there was really nothing to be fixed inside the theme and there was no feature requests.

Hi Is it possible to remove sidebar when categories are used to display a menu as page ?

Hi, We are providing support only through our ticket system, please visit and leave a ticket. If you don’t know how to get your purchase code Please go to your downloads tab ( Here you will find all of your downloads. Click on the download button next to the item and a list with two (3) options will be displayed, choose the last one “License certificate & purchase code, see this screenshot:

Thanks for your anwser, i solved my problem. Nice theme !!

The demo looks wonderful!

Thank you!

The demo looks wonderful, but have you ever tested the theme with Cyrillic Google Fonts? I bought WP themes working with Google Fonts couple of times and EVERY time the fonts were not working in Cyrillic and I had to post tickets and wait some times for 2 weeks before getting the site in the way I want.

Hi, we can make the fix for you right away. But you will have to file a support ticket.

Quick pre-sales question, is there any page example? All i can see is blog posts.


Under Features there are standard pages + the contact page is also a standard page template.

Thanks for your reply,

I have one more question, is there multi level support on your theme’s main menu?

yes there is ;)


Is it possible to set up the home page to only have a Slider as the main feature and not blog posts? Also, is this website compatible with any eCommerce plugins? Thanks!

HI, no sorry it is not build for ecommerce, this is strictly blogging theme.

Is there a way to remove the banner from around the logo? I want an image to take up the whole space…


Could you describe it more, how it should look? The best way is to fill a ticket at with wp-admin details and provide a screenshot of how it should look so I could make a source code/CSS modifications for you.


Hi. Quick pre-purchase question. I think this theme will work great for me. I’ll need a home page with descriptive text and blog notices with private login to the rest of the pages. Should be fine. But, I’ll need to add the Events Calendar as one of the private pages:

Is your Filok theme compatible with the Events Calendar? Thanks.


It should work fine but we did not tested Filok with Events Calendar plugin.