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Just purchased this theme and very nice.

Wanted to know if you have a working contact us page yet for this?

Sorry, no. But I can help you with this, if you have a problem. Please send me an email using the contact form here: http://themeforest.net/user/kostaspt

I must admit when I first saw this theme I thought it was pretty damn sexy and sleek. I bought this cause I wanted a template exactly like this. Easy to edit easy to use.

Thank you very much! :)

I’m a little new at this but I’ve gathered as much that it seems the style.css file is missing from the package and the website won’t activate/install without it. A little help would be appreciated.


I think you confused it as a WordPress theme. :/ It’s a HTML template.

Hello there was wondering what are they ways that I can edit this template ? What programs and skills are required to edit and setup payment via Paypal Etc ? I can do wordpress but I am not sure how long it would take to learn.

If you want to add functionalities like payments etc, you have to manually customize the source code and integrate a tool like WHMCS. But if you want to just change the texts and images, you just need basic understanding of HTML and copy/pasting your images.

Hey thank you for the reply; was wondering what programs should i use to simply edit the text and images or just use note pad haha ? Any instructions on how to integrate WHMCS ?

I use Sublime Text 2. If you purchase the template, send me an email using the contact form to help you: http://themeforest.net/user/kostaspt


Just wondering what is the name of the font used in the navigation on this site? Needing to know for integration purposes with WHMCS.

It’s Open Sans from Google Fonts.

Thanks for that! Much appreciated.

Glad I could help. :) If you face any problems, send me an email using the contact form to help you: http://themeforest.net/user/kostaspt

Hi friend how you doing? I bought your theme, and I have a doubt about filoxenia.css, why this file is too big? did you have mixed another css files to make one file or all css is used in the template?

Hi Cristiano,

The template is based on Foundation framework. Also icon font Font Awesome is included. So foundation.css, normalize.css and font-awesome.css is merged on top of the CSS file.

If you are concerned about the size, one solution is to compress it, so any comments or empty lines are removed. I can also send you the SASS files, if you want to remove yourself any Foundation components that you don’t need.

Great template! I’m enjoying weaving it into a Rails application. I’m having an issue with the Rails form, however, where each field happens on its own line. Normally, I can override this with (:style => { display: inline; } ), but I can’t on this template. Is there some CSS you may have written that would be overriding this?


Hmm, I’m not sure how rails are generating the forms.

For example the signup form is like this:
    <div class="row">
        <div class="large-4 large-centered columns">
            <input type="text" placeholder="Email">

    <div class="row">
        <div class="large-4 large-centered columns">
            <input type="text" placeholder="Password">

You can see more about forms using the Zurbs Foundation framework here: http://foundation.zurb.com/docs/v/4.3.2/components/forms.html

Thanks, the pointer to the Zurb documentation was what I needed. I needed to add class=”left” to the labels. Then, voila! Thanks for the help.

Great :)

Hey, I’m opening up a vps provider and i loved your design looked really professional however im trying to get the client login area working i was wondering if you had a client area or something / could help me understand how to get the email address sign up etc working.

The current login form is just a static page. You have to make it work with your database or use the form to submit data to some third party system.

If you need any more help to do it, feel free to send me an email using the form here: http://themeforest.net/user/kostaspt

Alright I Mailed You

Hi. Great design. Wanted to purchase a regular license to setup and present to my exec team, and then upgrade (and pay the extended license fee) if I get their sign-off. Would this be okay?

Yes, sure. :)

Hey! Lovely design. What’s the name of the font used on the Home slider?


Hey, i was wondering if you could help me move the logo placement , like can you tell me what line to look on the css? i want to move it more to the left <

Can you help with integrate nivo slider?

Also , how can i shift the logo up a bit? so i can aline it with the text since its a bit below

Is it still below the text? Send me an email using the form here http://themeforest.net/user/kostaspt, so I can help you better.

Hello, do you have any plans to create header and footer files for WHMCS integration at all?


Hi. Please sent me a email using the contact form here and I’ll help you set it up.

Hello, I’ve contacted you. Thanks

Support was fantastic. Definitely recommend this author! :)

Hey, is it possible to put this up ?


i want it for the index page for comments , which are done by my clients

this is a website that has it, http://eicononline.com/#sec1

Hello. Please sent me a email using the contact form here to help you make something like this.

Hey, if i was to get a slider would you be able to help integrate it for me ?

Any plans to update to foundation 5?

The next version will definately be using Foundation 5, but no ETA on that.

A suggestion when you do upgrade…Leave the foundation files in place instead of combining them.

I actually thought about doing this, but the foundation files are also changed. I don’t just override the styles, but I’m using their SASS version to customize it.

If you want me to send you the .scss files to be easier for you to make your changes, send me an email using the contact form here.

I am thinking of purchasing your template but I can see that the html source is totally compressed. I will be getting the uncompressed code right ? and also with the Documentation ?

Yes the compress version is only for demo.

Are the icons accessing the font awesome site directly? where are the actual images that are on the site used? I can’t find it in the images folder. I did see the css file but not sure where is the source file?

The reason, that you can’t find any images under “images” folder, is that Font Awesome is an icon font.

You can find more information about what icons are available and how to use them here: http://fontawesome.io/3.2.1/icons/

If you can still can’t figure out how to use them, feel free to send me an email to help you.

thank you!

You’re welcome! :)

The form on the contact does not seem to reach the email that is attached to the send button, the form set to. Below is what I got from the email server person- >>”While test we can see that these messages are not making the Google Servers by using the email Log search so I believe the webform is currently set to Local delivery and not dong a external MX lookup. “

I sent you another email.

Just wanted to say I’m very impressed with the support you’ve given me:) Thank you very much, great theme!!

Thanks, glad I could help! :)

Excellent Job :D I like it that’s why I Wish you Good luck With Sales :D :D

Thank you! :)