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Great template! I am having difficulty getting the dropdown menus to work. I have copied the code as suggested in the foundation documentation for the top bar but still no luck. I’m sure I will eventually work it out but do you have any info on the issue here? Thanks!


Sorry about that. It’s a known issue. Please email me using this contact form, so I can email you back the fix.

with the help of this template i would like to create a new similar website.

could you let me know if you do adjustment to this theme?


Sent you an email.


Is there any plans to support WHMCS?

Love the theme btw! =)

Oh, any ETA yet?

I hope next month, but can’t promised anything yet :)

Oh, ok! Looking forward to it anyway! =)

Does it have any support for ClientExec? Also does the contact form work?

Nope, it doesn’t support ClientExec. The contact form will work with the update that I’ll submit this week.

Many thanks for a fast response, I look forward to purchasing from you!

Hello, I have problem using http://foundation.zurb.com/docs/components/tabs.html for this theme. Do you have a solution to my problem?

Hey, What’s exactly your problem? Can you send me an email using the contact form to find a solution?

Hi, in Opera 12.17 do not working dropdown menu a hrev items.

Hello, That’s a pretty old version and I’m not able to check this bug now. But I just checked again with the last two versions of Opera (25 & 26) and it works fine.

Opera 12 is not “pretty old” http://www.opera.com/docs/changelogs/windows/1217/ Opera 25 and next are new browsers with different core. Maybe it is same issue like have user pazaman. Links in demo are not working at click – nothing is happen.


Great template!

I like to keep the foundation css separate from any other css and I wanted to know if you can send me the Filoxenia.css without the foundation css.

I will use SASS to create one css file with the Filoxenia css and custom css added.



I will use

Hello Bob,

I used to do it your way, but you have to override too much of their code. Using the SASS variables and generating one files, looks like a better option to me.

But as you said you can use the SASS files to generate separate CSS files.

Feel free to ask me any questions. :)

How do I upgrade Foundation in the future? is the filoxenia.css pretty much the foundation css? just wondering why the filoxenia customization isn’t in a separate css file.


That’s the reason custom.css and custom.js are included. So you add/override anything you want in these files and don’t actually edit template’s CSS/JS files.

Also you may import the “_styles.scss” file in your own sass file and append your changes there.

Any plans to update this template for newer (minor) versions of Foundation? I tried upgrading the Foundation.js file but it rendered some functionality, including drop-down menus, unusable. Any instructions for how to upgrade besides using the custom css and javascript? Thanks.


I tried to do just what you described and it seems to work fine. Although, I see most of the third party plugins have updates, so I may have to submit an updated version.

My best guess for your problem is that you used the foundation.js and not foundation.min.js (renamed to foundation.js). The foundation.js doesn’t include the code for top-bar module, which dropdown menu depends to.

If that doesn’t work, please send me an email, with maybe your website url, so I can further help you.

That was it. I couldn’t find the minified js on Github, so you have to download the full package from their website to get the foundation.min.js file. Thanks for the fast response!

Glad I could help! :)

Dear All !!!

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Thanks all.

Dear All !!!

If you want to buy Filoxenia wordpress version please check it at here:


Filoxenia Host is a clean, modern and creative Hosting WordPress Theme for your Web Hosting Business, a creative agency, Technology Websites or any company website!.

The complete integration with WHMCS-bridge, Visual Composer and WPML plugins make it perfect for a create your custom hosting website, completely integrated with the WHMCS software and multiligual.

Thanks all.


Awesome theme bro! But I got a few questions before I want to buy the theme: 1. Will the theme be updated with domain order ability? 2. Will it be converted into a Wordpress theme?

Hey Tigl,

1. Something like this may be added in a future version, but can’t promise anything.

2. There is a WordPress version, by another author, here: http://themeforest.net/item/filoxenia-wordpress-hosting-theme-whmcs/11732197

I am interested in the Theme, Are all images seen in demo included. I purchased a theme before without all the images included. I want the theme to look like what you have shown in the demo.


Most themes and templates in ThemeForest (including mine) doesn’t include the images from the demo, because we need a licence to re-distribution for each image/video/etc.

You can find out more why this is happening here: https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/203269510-What-assets-can-I-use-in-my-items-

Nonetheless, in the details of my template, you can find the links for all images used. To use them though in your website, you need to make sure you have the appropriate licences.

Hi. I purchased this theme a few days ago, and it is very easy to work with. I have one question though. In the footer, I am not getting the images to show up for the social media sites. Am I missing something that should have been uploaded with the other files? They show up in my offline version. Thanks!

*nevermind…I didn’t upload the fonts folder. Silly me! Thanks!

Glad you fixed it! :)

Hello. Can you give me instructions on how the contact form works? I would greatly appreciate your help.


Just to clarify…The contact works and send email after changing the php file, but the popup after sending said “There was a problem sending this message. Please contact us by email.” Actually, it works, just the message is wrong. Can you help fix this? M.


That’s weird. Sounds like for some reason the mailer returns `false` when sending the email.

I guess a solution would be to go to /libs/Mailer.php at lines 56-60 and replace:

$status = 'error';
    $status = 'success';


$status = 'success';

So no matter what it will return a successful message.

If you want to investigate it further for a better solution, please send me an email from the contact form here: http://themeforest.net/user/kostaspt

Hi there, i have a problem with the contact form. I try the solution in the Mailer.php. But it won´t work. Could you help me? Thank you.

Hello, just send you a reply to your email :)

where do you have save they new sass files??


There is a “sass” folder inside the template’s zip file.