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Nice theme ! glws :chuckle:

Thank you !

This is seriously cool. Love your style.

2 questions:
Can the portfolio grid in “solutions” open up project details like the home page ones do?
Wordpress version ever?

Good luck its stunning


1) Yes, it is possible to make anything open in a details view panel.

2) Eventually all designs will be converted to Wordpress.

which is the platform of this template?

This is an HTML/CSS template

Quite clean & fresh.

Best of luck!

Was this built on Zurb Foundation version 3 or 4?

Well I just had a good one but it was rejected by TF for not being ‘Unique’ enough.
Looks like it back to the drawing board for me! I would start a WP Theme but I am awaiting a designer, so looks like 1 more HTML5 template then I will start WP.

Just took a look at the new design and really liked it. It’s really too bad TF won’t use it. I noticed it has a couple similar elements like your Structure theme has, but I like it’s alternative layout and effects. Have you considered bundling the 2 themes together to perhaps increase sales?

Working on it now :)

Excellent Job!

Of course the lighbox example can be used in any link and also can have youtube videos as well as photos?

Yes it can!

menu not working on ipad

Pushing an update now, will be available as soon as its approved. Thanks for the heads up!

Awesome, thanks!

cool theme! It is tagged with mailchimp, but I don’t see any email template or so. Can you please share us what does it mean? Thanks!

Sign up for a Mailchimp account. Mailchimp takes care of all the templates and routing. All you have to do is plug in your action url into the form.

Is this theme compatible with Foundation 6? If not, do you have plans to update it?

looking for this in foundation 5 or 6. any plans?

i cannot view any of your templates on evatomarket ? would you please check it out ?