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for Customizability

Just great support from this Finance development team.
Great job :)

Regards, Dev

for Customer Support

What I appreciate most from this theme is customer support. They answer back really fast and take the time to help.

Another thing I love from this theme is that the page builder allows to copy part of the code in one page and paste it into another page.

I would have preferred that the theme used Visual Composer since I already know how it works and I get lost with te Bold Page Builder, but with the amazing support I solve the problems I'm facing.

for Flexibility

Although the theme has a large collection of demo websites that look good, working with this theme is a nightmare.

Starting with the fact that the only way to customize the theme (opposed to any other theme I bought) is only through the live customization that also lack the basic options for a multipurpose theme.

The theme doesn't work with revolution slider and it would be an understatement to say that the sliders included with the theme have sufficient options (such as adding a text on top of it).

The theme uses a "Rapid composer" plugin which is probably the worst idea the developers made. Instead of making the editing simpler, it made it unbearable. The editor lacks important elements unlike some other editors and have a very limited visual representation of the page that you will need to get used to or just rip your hair off. If you are desperate enough to go to the classical editor and add elements that the composer does not have or support, you can't go back to the composer as it will just delete your changes.

The customization of a page is done via a variable table at the bottom, so you need the documentation open at all times combined with guessing and testing to get the result you want.

So unless you want your website to look EXACTLY like the demos with a text/image changes and you dont want to waste time on writing hundreds of lines of CSS code and make changes in the theme code, do yourself a favor and don't buy this theme. In my opinion and experience, its the worst theme I encountered so far.


Author response


Thanks for your honest opinion. We are truly sorry that you haven't consulted our support regarding the issues you have experienced - at least they would point you into right direction.

The sliders included with the statement do have the option of adding a text on top of it. In fact, you can add any other element which the theme contains into the slider item including inner rows and columns.

Anyway, our next theme update will bring support for Bold Builder - https://wordpress.org/plugins/bold-page-builder/ in addition to the current Rapid Composer

Anyway, please feel free to submit a request for a refund here - https://themeforest.net/refund_requests/new and we will approve it

Kind regards,

BoldThemes team

for Customer Support

The customer support is by far the best. I have purchased lot of items in envato. This is one of the best customer support i received. The quality of the website also are very good. I will give a recommendation to purchase this item !

for Customer Support

Not only is this theme amazing and completely functional, the customer service is incredible and so helpful. I have been in constant communication with them for about 2 weeks just tweaking certain things, for my client. So helpful and quick response. You won't be disappointed!

for Customizability

highly customisable, flexible, multiple different options, and much more. a great theme!

for Feature Availability

Great theme. And it's very easy to configure it.

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