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Hi guys how are you? Before buying, I would like to know if we can translate the site fully in spanish (all texts, buttons, strings, client’s backend, etc). Best.

Hello sdlgado08,
Yes, you can translate full text to Spanish
Best Regards!

Hey, can the listings buttons be changed? So you could have one that says ‘Shop now’ or ‘Order Now’ rather than the presets of ‘Add review’ ‘Bookmark’ ‘Share’?

Basically, I want to have a button on each listing that takes you through to the listers website to book, shop, order etc.

Is this possible?

Hello LiveForTrees,
Yes, you can create a custom fields for that.
Best Regards!

I have created custom fields but they do not show on the listings. How can I get them to show?

Can you create more than one review category? for instance, I would like the user to rate the place on “category 1”, and “category 2”. I also want users to be able to search for high reviews in specific categories.

Hello jineshjpatel,
It’s not easy to to. If you want we have to customize the theme for you.
Please contact me here: https://themeforest.net/item/findgo-directory-listing-wordpress-theme/21943352/support

Hello, I can find where to change the background image on the WPBakery Page Builder. Can you explain to me how to made the change please?



Great theme! We’re interested in buying your theme but have a few questions (sorry it’s quite a few questions) and will appreciate an immediate esponse, we need to buy your theme now! It’ urgent:

1. Dark layers that often appear on the back of homepage search fields and in single vendor pages, homepage video etc, are they removable? We want to reveal full colour of all items and images, with no dark layers.

2. We want a top header (where there are all menu items) to show white background of the page, no images behind the menu items, is this in the theme already or can you help us adjust it?

3. On in the demo, top right hand side, is it possible to remove the border around “+Add Listing” with little man’s icon, and use only a standard text link there?

4. The shop in your demo, can vendors access the shop or only admin can?

5. Do the visitors need to sign up in order to leave feedback for vendors? If so, where is their sign up link and what type of info will be in their dashboard? Also can they “follow” vendors?

6. Is there WPBakery page composer for designing the homepage? If not, how can we design the homepage to suit our needs?

7. Can vendors create coupons?

8. We’re confused about the booking system. Is the plugin functionality for bookings included in the theme or do we have to buy the plugin ourselves and install it? Is this an additional cost to us? Also, how does the vendor collect their money (from each booking) from admin after a visitor pays for a booking and can the vendor take a commission from each booking? Please expain the full payment/withdrawal cycle.

9. Can fonts for the theme be changed via admin?

10. If we decide to remove slider image on homepage and prefer to have a white plain page (that is shorter on the top) in that slider area, is it possible?

11. I see that in your demo there are search result pages with only right sidebar, is it possible to have left sidebar instead?

12. Lastly, can we provide free listing plus paid listing with the listing plans feature? And which features can be limited so people choose a paid listing to get them?

We’ll appreciate a fast response as its urgent. Thanks in advance!

Thanks for your response. Pleae kindly clarify the following, we’re late and trying to meet a missed deadline:

A. Can you help us achieve 1,2,3 after we purchase your theme today? B. We don’t need number 4, we were ust asking. Please simply confirm who has access to store. C. For number 5, I don’t understand your response. Are you saying that what we asked is available or not? Or do you use Dokan and WC Vendors to achieve this in your theme? Please explain as your response is confusing. D. If we decide to buy WooCommere Bookings plugin in the future, are you saying it will automatically work like your demo once we install the plugin? And no customization would be required to make it work? E. For our question number 10, you said you don’t use slider. But we need to apply video an sliders in this area, if we use MasterSlider plugin will it work for this area or does it need any custom work to make it work?

Thanks so much. Waiting for your reply!

The theme is not support Vendors, Please check demo first.
If you want customize the theme, you can customize to anything that you want.

You didn’t answer our simple questions. Our questions are not vendor related if you would simple read our questions. We’ve spent so much time waiting for your reply so we could buy 3 licences but get no useful reply.

How do I change the background image on the home page?

Hello qreativemedia,
You need go to Home page edit page to change background of that row
Best Regards!

Hello, is your theme compatible with the plugin WC vendor (marketplace with several vendors) ? Thanks !

Yes, the theme is compatible with WC Vendors

Great ! Is it compatible with other multivendor plugin or only this one ?

Yes, the theme is compatible with Dokan, WC Vendors ..

Hello interested in purchasing, can the listing be reviewed/approved before posting? 2. does the theme offer advertise space in widgets etc?

Hello kingcontent,
1) Yes, you can review/approve before publish listing
2) Yes, you can add advertise via WPBakery page builder or widget
Best Regards!

hi, guys

I have a pre sale question.

Can I make custom fields for each listing category? For instance

“Pizza delivery” – custom yes/no field “do you accept apple pay?”

“Swimming pool” – custom text field “the pool size”

thank you!

Hello ivnsnk,
It’s very hard to custom field for each category.
You can add custom fields for all categories. can not add for each category

got it, thank you

You are welcome!

Hi there. I am having trouble adding a custom field to the job listing. How do I go about doing this?

Hello, this is a pre-sales question… How is the deal with WooCommerce? I mean… do I’ve to know anything about that ecommerce solution, I don’t have any WooCommerce experience, and I want to know, if I can configure or where are the files or proper configuration instructions about the “Price Page” for the new users of my site.

Hello rdbrenes,
You can add deal for product woocommerce. That is default function of Woocommerce. You can go to product edit page to add discount price (and time)
Best Regards!

Really great looking and feeling directory theme.

Are there any plugins I must buy to make the theme function?

I see WP Bakery and it seems to be required and cost$$$.


Hello texasbiz,
- WP Bakery Page Builder (you can buy or not)
- WP Job Manager – WooCommerce Paid Listings (for pricing) (optional)
- WooCommerce Bookings (optional) Offer a reservation feature.
Best Regards!


carloscid Purchased

Hello! Is the theme compatible with php7.2? Or php7.1? Regards

Hello carloscid,
You should use PHP version 5.6. It’s better

Urgent! 1.Can users add listing from frontend? 2. Can I modify the theme to my taste by adding more features without issues when updating the theme? 3. Can I approve listings from back end?

Hello Jacode21,
1) Yes, user can add listing from frontend
2) Yes, you can edit your listings
3) Yes, you can approve listings from frontend.
Best Regards!

Hello, Sorry for my English. The template looks great and exactly what I need but before buying I have a few questions: 1. Can I set the right-to-left (RTL) format? 2. Can I set up one business in several categories? 3. Is the map and listing by default can be set to “Israel”?

Hello shlomycohen,
1) Yes, you can use RTL language
2) Yes, one business can upload in all categories
3) Currently we don’t have options for set default map to Israel. if you i can setup for you
Best Regards!

Hello the user control panel with those credentials you give (username: test; pass: test) does not work in order to test it and buy it

Hello free13,
You should create your own user to check

woocommerce checkout error in your theme please solve the problem

Hello kashiwasim121555,
I have checked the demo again. I see checkout page is working well.
Could you shot some images for error ?
Best Regards!