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Great work done. Congrats and GLWS :)

Nice template man, GLWS! ;-)

Very nice and clean item, creative… GL ;)

Great theme. planning to buy very soon.

pre-buy questions. for this look >> http://finethemevideodefault.tumblr.com/

is it possible to; - use 4-5 squares instead of 3 as it is now. - massonry looks - to re-move the first video as it looks full frame. so the look starts with posts.


how flexible I am with placing the logo and the menu.


Hi, glad to hear that, thank you for your questions!

  • Right now the theme is hard-coded for 3 columns (both normal and masonry grid). I can’t exactly remember why this was done, but I think it was because 4 squares would squeeze the post info (tags, date) too tightly inside the columns. Maybe in future updates something could be thought out, but for now the answer should be: “not possible”.
  • Yes, you can disable the featuring of the last post and have them all be displayed normally. It is show in this blog, which uses FINE as of today (though it is in list view). Or you can also replace the featuring, and instead show: header image and/or avatar and/or description, which is shown in another blog.
  • The logo can be replaced, and it is automatically resized to fit the header (the header has a fixed size) – it is well suited for horizontal logos, while vertical ones would not look very good.

Feel free to ask any other questions, it doesn’t matter if you decide to buy the theme or not.

— Boris

Nice work, GLWS! :)

Hi!! Great work with this awesome theme!! Its the first i’ve saw that it’s great for video portfolio!!

I just have 2 questions: - Can I hide the post date and plays, like & reblog icons like the authors name? - Is it possible to make the logo a bit large?

Thank you so much! Keep working hard :)


That sucks; two quick questions:

  • Is the option Show Featured Post on?
  • Is the option Replace Featured Post With Description off?

If the answer to those is yes, I would request either a screenshot of all the options, or if that is OK you could send though the contact form on the right credentials for access to the blog admin (after maybe changing the password to a temporary one).

Also, you can try disabling the Show Featured Post option – then the last post should be the first one to show up in the grid. If that doesn’t happen, could be something with the video source itself.


Okey! The Featured Post works again, but the infinite scroll doesn’t so i write to you with the form.

Thank you!!

Taken care of. :)

I’m super new at this so maybe I’m missing something I bought this for a photo tumblr. I got it imported into the url theme and have customized all I can there. I’m not seeing how to add different categories. I also wanted to make sure I understand this correctly, If i post something with a tag that is under my categories, it will automatically go into that category, correct?

Thanks for your time and consideration

Thank you for your purchase, I hope it serves you well, once everything is adjusted. If it is not clear how it works, it is my responsibility.

Yes, you add a tag name when posting, and it should automatically be listed as a category. Then, when you add the same tag name to other photos, they automatically fall into the same category.

So if this is not working for some reason, please let me know. For the categories to show up in the menu, also the option Include Categories Menu needs to have a label.

At your disposal for further assistance.

Thank you,

Thanks so much for the clarification on the tags. I think my question about the categories tag was a little off. I saw this post about how to make it appear or not appear. What I was wondering was, once you have a tab, how do you edit and add to what is in it. Or am I missing that on this link?

Thanks again

Ah, in Tumblr generally you add (or edit) tags to posts – as far as I know there is no way to directly open a tag and edit what is in there, to see which posts it is assigned to.

You can either:
  • From the public side – click a tag and it shows a list of all posts with this tag
  • Or – from the editor side – either:
    1) Edit each post with a given tag and edit/remove it, or
    2) If you want to edit multiple posts at once, you can open the Mega-Editor and selecting all posts that you want edited, change their tags.

Unfortunately there is no way to edit posts from the tag’s perspective, so to say – if I understood the question correctly. Hopefully Tumblr will change this. Let me know if I misunderstood or didn’t explain well.

At your disposal for further assistance.

Kind regards,

Just curious but when I post different forms of media (photo, text, audio) each post will be fitted for that yeah? I wasn’t sure if the theme is only supposed to work with one form of media.


Unfortunately right now the header has a limited maximum height because of some calculations that are already a little heavy for the browser, but for the next update I’ll do my best to make it fully dynamic. Thank you for the note!

So are you saying that, having uploaded an avatar (and not a logo), using the ‘Show Avatar’ option affects the size of the header? That is curious, since they should not be related in any way. I am trying to reproduce the result – can you share the size of your original logo?

Kind regards,

Hi Boris,

Yes in regards to the ‘Show Avatar’ option. Without displaying an avatar, the header size shrinks drastically. The header image I uploaded is 904×602. I’m not attaching a logo either, just the header image and my avatar. When I add my avatar, the header stays a great height size, but when removed it shrinks too much.

Thanks Boris!


I’m sorry for the delay. Are you replacing the featured post with a description, in other words using the Replace Featured Post With Description option?

That option has been designed to show a little header space, leaving more room for the posts, just like in the demo. So right now the way to have a larger space is to include a little snippet:

Access the Customize area on your blog, at the bottom click Advanced Options and under Add custom CSS paste:

.featured .replace.header-img {
    padding: 200px 10%;

... where you replace 200 with a smaller of bigger number.

(Putting the code in the Add custom CSS field ensures that future changes in the theme core do not affect it.)

Let me know if this helps.

Thank you,

hello,I have a question, please help me ?

Middle featured-video position,can always just play same video? Latest articles will not let replace?

please help me to fix it,Thanks! my email:tonny@atchanx.com

Hello tonny28,
I just sent you an email.

Thank you,

Thank you If I just want to remove the program(featured-video) and modification HTML meet the requirements Could you help me fix this?

Hi again! Is there any way to use a image like background? :) Thanks!

Update: Nevermind! I make a custom css line.

hey my fine layout doesn’t even work at all! the page is basically blank with html showing

We’ll get to the bottom of this.

It sounds like something with the installation hasn’t worked as it should. Does following these steps give the same result?

Regards, Boris

Hi there!

I’m looking to update the Categories menu with only select categories, and not all tags.

Is this possible, if so how?

Hi there!

I’m looking to update the Categories menu with only select categories, and not all tags.

Is this possible, if so how?

Hi devoslack,
Thank you for purchasing the theme.

Unfortunatelly custom selection for categories is not possible at the moment – but it is a very relevant useful suggestion, thank you!

Kind regards,


Awesome theme. I noticed that when I choose to have a header image, it superimposes onto the background images of my quotes. I do not want this to happen. Is there a setting to disable the header image from appearing on all the quotes?

I also noticed a few problems with inner content.

1) When I upload a photo set, there is no way to see the post content or caption. Only the slideshow. But when I upload only one photo, the content can be seen when I click the photo. I need to be able to see the content with photo sets.

2) I disabled the featured post because it didn’t allow the most recent photo to be clicked to view the content. Is there a way to allow the featured post content to be explored?

If I can allow the featured post content to be explored by clicking, I will go back to no header image, which would also solve the quote image superimposing issue.

Thanks for your help!

Hi Boris,

I hope you had a good holiday. I tried turning on Extract Images as Backgrounds, saving and clearing the cache. It still superimposes the header image with my extracted image. See here. http://earthmakesmusic.com/post/135847350418/nose-shaped-by-rain-she-shaves-her-legs-when-she

The only way to get rid of this is to remove header image. But I don’t want the featured post to be inaccessible to users since there isn’t a “read more” hover. People won’t know to click on the time stamp to access the content.

I understand there’s no way to easily do it with with CSS but I will send you a message in case you can do something.


Boris, I haven’t heard from you. Are there any updates on my situation?

Happy New Year!

Hi Andria
I have sent you an email, thanks!

Best wishes,


Pleased to have purchased, and am looking forward to using it, but I seem to not be having much luck installing.. I’ve followed the instructions, but it’s just a white page with It’s almost as though there’s no css. Lots of bullet points and things..

Any ideas?

Thanks, Jordan


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