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Truly awesome ;)

Good luck with sales !

Thank you! :)

Really liking this, awesome work UXbarn.

Thank you. :)

Elegant theme. Well done, UXbarn!

Thanks! ;)

Perfectly versatile yet cleverly unique in some way. An immediate purchase!

Thank you! Glad you like it. :)

Thanks so much for the beautiful theme! I didn’t even hesitate! Just wondering if there’s some way to incorporate my actual blog posts into the blog section? Obviously this isn’t a WP theme, but is there some way to link it?


Thanks for the purchase! :)

Personally I have never tried that but I think it is possible. You might need to write the PHP scripts or use some kind of API to pull the data from WP database.

This thread might be helpful: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/12589025/how-to-pull-posts-from-wordpress-to-other-non-wordpress-site-on-different-hostin

Or you can also find more related articles using the keywords like “pull blog posts into website” on Google. ;)

I looked into it, but it looks pretty complicated (to me anyway). I might just have to live with it. Unless you are able to do a custom blog page? Is this something you would consider?

Unfortunately I do not have a plan on that.

Very nice! :-)) I want to buy, but have 2 questions.

1. Google map. When I fill in the same what ou have by Google map: -24.447150, 133.75634 – I see a map of Australie and not New York? How come?

So what to do to put my own address in Google maps?

2.Emailform. Does the contactform work and where do I have to fill in my own adress? (PHP file?)


Or can you make one, that I only have to fill in my emailaddress?

Unfortunately the SMTP would be required anyway so the form could use that info to send out the email.

If you already have the SMTP info that you got from your web hosting, I could help you set it up.

I send you an email…:-))


Sorry, i dont speack english Ce template est magnifique,très esthétique, Juste un peu trop aéré a mon gout. Je l’acheterai bien, mais j’ai peur d’être bloqué par PHP. Quoique à ce prix, je ne risque pas grand chose :=))

En tout cas : great work, bravo filoux

Thanks for the purchase and congratulations on your site. ;)


the site is ok, you can see it at : www.bea-atelium.fr your template is the most easy to modify, simplicité, élégance, et très complet… What else ?

Great implementation! And thank you for your kind words. :)

Look http://wellington.govt.nz site for city councils. Until today I did not find a template that was similar to this website. There is the challenge of making a template similar to this site.

One question before I purchase:

Is there a way to make the navigation be in a row about the logo? Instead of having them grouped together. Just along the top spread out. Is that an easy change?


Thanks for your interest. :)

It requires custom modification. You would need to know CSS, HTML and JS to adjust that.


I am very interested in buying this template. But I have a question: The slider with the picture in the home page is fixed or has the potential to contain more than a picture to go rotated.

If it is rotating. Buy the template immediately. I have a project ready for use.

Please let me know ASAP.

Hi, already replied to your email. :)

What version is this? Because i got the Joomla 3.1 Version, and it will not work, any suggestions on what i can do?


Unfortunately this is a normal HTML template so it could not be used with CMS like Joomla or WordPress.

do you do custom work?


Unfortunately not.

Hi I’m looking to use italics in the body text using ... However its not having any affect, could you advise me on what i need to do to get this to work please.

Many thanks


Did you mean “em” tag for italic? If so, please add this CSS into the ”/css/fineliner.css” file:

em, i {
font-style: italic;

I’m having some trouble with the slideshows and just the pictures in general. They don’t seem to show sometimes, although the size is respected, their size isn’t more than 200 kb. I have to refresh and it’s frustrating. Any thoughts on that, could it be the host ?

Hi, please post with the account that made the purchase.

Great theme!

Little question…

I can’t mannage to get the “paging” (navigation dots) viewable. When set controlNav to true it is still not visible.



Did you mean the “controlNav” of the home slider? If so, the template will not display it by default. You would need to manually adjust the CSS for that. Please try using this:

#home-slider-container .flex-control-nav {
    bottom: 10px;
    z-index: 99;

If you would like to adjust other elements, I would recommend to use “Developer Tools” on Chrome or “Firebug” on Firefox to inspect elements in the area for customizing the CSS.

hi there. is it possible to change fonts in your theme?

thank you


Thanks for your interest. :)

Yes, since it is a general HTML template, you can directly modify the CSS for any other fonts you would like to use.

HI there, I purchased the theme and set it up, however it is not working to well on iPhone browser Safari, are you able to look into this and do a fix for it. The menu wont work and it shows up with a big Blank block in the top of the screen that gives you the website title, but that’s it, disappointing, need to get this fixed asap. Please advise, thanks.

Hi, I noticed that you have moved this into WordPress version so let’s make a further discussion there. :)

Thanks for the support.

We’ve found an error in the html-template: if you click to the menue “elements” and then “images & videos” you’ll see three images. One normal, one which has link and one open on lightbox. If you have a smartphone, you can see that the normal image adapts to the browser and the other images not. Please: could you solve the problem real quick and send us an update? thanx a lot! bye the way – awesome theme! :)

Hi there,

Strange. I have checked the demo site on my iPhone and SS Galaxy Duos and could not find the issue. Everything looks fine on my mobiles.

Did you apply any custom CSS that may possibly affect this? Could you also send me the site URL?

Hi UXbarn! Yes, it works on my iPhone too, but if I’ll simulated the smartphone size on the PC, it doesn’t work.

I can’t send you the URL – we still work on it :-)

In “fineliner-responsive.css” file, please find this:

#content-container a.image-link, #content-container a.link-image, #content-container a.image-box {
width: auto !important;

Then change “auto” to “100%” instead. See if this helps.

I love this template and I like that you have included the blog pages, but I am wondering what I should use for composing posts. Is it all manual html or is it compatible with some form of blogging program that I may not be familiar with.


Thanks, glad to hear you like the template! :)

Since this is a normal HTML template, you would need to implement your functions and coding manually.

If you are looking for blogging out of the box, you might be interested in WordPress version of this template (need to use with WordPress). ;)

Hi! It’s possible to automate the slideshow in the homepage? Can you please tell me how? Thanks!

Hi there!

Please open ”/js/fineliner.js” file and find this code:

var homeSliderAutoAnimated = false;

Just change it to “true”. Note that you can also find more info about this configuration in the provided documentation. :)

Thank you! :)

You’re welcome!