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Are you coming out with an update in the near future? Plugins are all out of date, and the woocommerce override is out of date too….

Fineliner/woocommerce/content-single-product.php version 1.6.4 is out of date. The core version is 3.0.0, Fineliner/woocommerce/loop/loop-start.php


I will see what I can do to update the theme and its bundled plugins in the next week.


eukally Purchased

Warning getimagesize after update: I am getting a Warning instead of the logo: Warning: getimagesize(https://renatezieglermartin.de/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/IMG_0011.jpg): failed to open stream: HTTP request failed! HTTP/1.1 403 Forbidden in /homepages/45/d341722287/htdocs/stage/wp-content/themes/Fineliner/header.php on line 98

... as you can see here: https://renatezieglermartin.de/

Can you please help me?

Hi there!

It seems your logo is currently displaying fine. So, did you manage to fix it? If not, please try to re-upload the logo image again. It should help.

​Hey guys, The Visual Composer plugin is not working properly on my site. I tried to install the

last version of the Theme and did not make any difference. The main problem for me is

on the Masonry Media Grid. Because images are the main objective of my site. If I put

more than three images did not work. So i put only two images, save, switch to text

mode and put manually all the other images numbers. I’ve been doing this from last ten

months! =[ But is really painful. Sometimes I need to put 100 images. Is someone having the same issue? Any tip to solve this?

Wordpress: 4.8.2 Fineliner: 2.0.4 Visual Composer: 5.1.1​​

Hi there!

Sorry for late reply! I have never heard of this kind of the problem on the Masonry Media Grid element. I have tested the element here on my end by adding more than three images and it worked fine.

Could you please open a private ticket at https://uxbarn.ticksy.com/ and send me the site URL and login account? I will try to check it on your end.

I can’t open tickets at https://uxbarn.ticksy.com/ anymore because I bought Fineliner more than six months ago and support has ended. Is there a way to install a fresh copy of Fineliner without loose my content (including team, portfolio itens, testimonials)?

You can download the latest package of the theme by going to the Downloads page on ThemeForest. Then you can upload only the theme files to the WP theme path on your server, replacing the current version (or remove the old one before uploading).

Updating/replacing only the theme files should not affect your content. Anyway, make sure to backup the current files first.

Is anyone else having issues with the WP Bakery page builder? I bought this theme over a year ago, used it for a while, and then switched to another theme. I’d like to use Fineliner again, but I can’t get the WP Bakery to work at all. No front end or back end editor shows up. I only see a list of things no longer supported in WP Bakery. When I go to the Plug in and try to update it, it just spins. I’ve deactivated other plug ins to see if there is a conflict but I am still having issues. Not sure that it’s worth purchasing my own WP Bakery license if the theme is the issue. But I can’t use this theme with the WP Bakery portion. I am using the most current version of the theme.

Could you send me the requested info via the contact form on this profile page? https://themeforest.net/user/uxbarn

I will help you check it.

You are the best. Thank you so much for fixing my issue!

You’re very welcome! Glad I could help! :)

Hi there, wordpress dashboards shows the message below since doing the last updates, what do I do?

´´The Envato Market plugin requires PHP version 5.4+, plugin is currently NOT ACTIVE. Please contact the hosting provider to upgrade the version of PHP.´´

thanks for the help

Hi there!

It means that the plugin requires higher version of PHP in order to function properly. The current version of PHP on your server might be lower than that.

So, just like the message said, I would suggest contacting your web hosting provider and ask them to help you configure the PHP version.