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Thanks. :)

Very Good Job, I Like it, GLWS ;)

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Congrats , wish you the best with this one.

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Thanks, Bedros. :)

Cool ;-)
Congrats for the WP version release, good luck!

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Fantastic Design! Well done :):)

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Clean and awesome

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Very nice design I am thinking of for a photographer client, I don’t see any mention of retina image support, is this supported? Thanks!


Thanks for your interest :) but it is not unfortunately.

Coooool design!love it :)

Thanks! :)

Hey, the grids are not actually getting created. when i compared css from demo

on demo it shows – div class=”uxb-col large-6 columns ” but on my site its like this – div class=”columns six ” can u please look into it. and also let us know why it happened etc. Thanks


Already responded to your ticket at http://uxbarn.ticksy.com/ . :)

Hi there,

Just a quick pre-sales question: how difficult would it be for me to remove the search feature in the header, move the menu over to the right, and make the 3 menu columns a bit wider? My menu items are longer than yours and I want to make sure they will fit :)

Thanks so much!


Hi Suzanne,

Thanks for your interest. :)

For the header search, you can simply use Theme Options to disable that. Once it is disabled, the menu will be automatically moved to the right.

For making the menu columns wider, you would have to adjust the CSS for the width. It is not difficult. ;)

Perfect, thank you! Just what I hoped to hear! :)

I have this theme setup for the most part. I was just wondering if it would be too hard for me to change the meta fields in the portfolio section? I use the portfolio to list the short films my production company has made. So it would be great if I could add fields for the cast and crew and possibly the shooting medium. Would this be a difficult adjustment?

Nevermind. I figured it out. It wasn’t too hard but I do wish empty fields wouldn’t show up on the front end.

Great to hear you have already figured it out! :)

FYI: You can also edit the code in ”/uxb_templates/single-portfolio.php” file to deal with the meta info display.

Hi there!(Sorry for my english) this template is just awesome but… I find it slow with my clean instal. And it seems that the plugin optiontree slow it. Can you tell me what you did to optimise the speed with your theme in few words please? Best regards, Mickael.

My mistake. Everything is fine! Good theme ;)

Awesome! :)

I have Bluehost and they recently upgraded to PHP 5.4 Would this template be compatible with that? Thanks.


Yes, there should not be any problem with that. :)

Any chance to get the psd?


Unfortunately, the designs were mostly finished on paper and HTML so the PSD is not available.

Question before purchase. Would it be possible to put the social icons above the navigation?

Thanks for the purchase. :)

I have not had your email yet. Please send me the message via my profile page so I could reply the instruction to your email.

I didn’t hear back from you. Separate question.. Is there code to remove/add that changes from 3 row navigation to 2 rows? Thanks,

Hi, I already responded to your email.

Hello, which Font is the Fineliner Logo? Kind Regards btw. awesome Theme!


Glad you like the theme! :)

The font is “Dancing Script”.

Very good work…

Thanks! :)

Hi there! Is it possible to customize one of the five home layouts? For example: can I turn off/delete the big slider? Thanks in advance!


Yes, you can edit the page content as usual and yes, you can also turn off the home slider using Theme Options. :)

Hi (sorry for my english again), I try to have the good size of my video file on a portolio page, for exemple, a 1920×816, without the black border. How can I have the good embed code to work? It seems that the vimeo http work, but not the embed code with the good size. Thank you for you help. Best regards, Mickael.


The theme uses WordPress oEmbed to render the specified video so the video dimension is automatically defined by that.

Anyway, could you please send me the page URL? I am not sure whether I can come up with the workaround but let me check it first.

Thank you for your time. Here is an URL page with just the Vimeo URL. Not the embed code beacause it don’t work. http://www.lattrape-reve.com/portfolio/christelle-vincent/

Thank you again. Mickael.

OK, I see that the video has the different ratio here that’s why the top and bottom black areas are visible in the view.

Please go to “Style Customizer > Others” and try using this CSS to change the ratio:

#content-container .uxb-port-embed {
    padding-bottom: 42.5% !important;

This should help. :)

Note that this will affect all video format on the portfolio single page.

Quick question. I’m trying to setup my Home page, but my logo is huge and it goes over the menu. How do I fix that? My website is:


Hi there,

You would need to either reduce the size of the image directly or specify the width and height to the ”#logo” CSS selector.

For the latter case, please go to “Style Customizer > Others” and enter this into the “Custom CSS” box:

#logo {
width: 200px;
height: 100px;

Just adjust the size as your need. :)