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is there a chance to add my own webfonts (files are on the server and @font-family is in an own css-file) to “Primary Font” and “Secondary Font”?

Kind regards,


Hi Klaus,

I assume that you have already added @font-face CSS into the “style.css” of the theme. Then you can try appending your custom font name into the Google Fonts Loader list (using ”|” as a separator).

It should then be loaded into the “Primary Font” and “Secondary Font” lists. :)

Howdy! I love the template! Only thing is I cannot seem to upload it to wordpress. Everytime it comes up with ‘Are you sure you want to do this’ Please try again. I have downloaded the installable file from themeforest and I have also tried downloading the full zip file and finding the fineliner.zip etc but it is still not uploading. Please can you help. jim

So I managed to upload the site now by doing it manually through a FTP but I have experienced another issue. Whenever I upload images to the library they are not showing up. This happens in the logo field and the slider images too. Can you please help. thanks

Hi, I already responded to your ticket at http://uxbarn.ticksy.com/ :)

BTW, it sounds like a server-side issue here.

HI there, I purchased the wordpress theme and set it up, however it is not working to well on iPhone browser Safari, are you able to look into this and do a fix for it. The menu wont work and it shows up with a big Blank block in the top of the screen that gives you the website title, but that’s it, disappointing, need to get this fixed asap. I am also unable to work out how to get the Social Links like facebook etc down into the bottom of the footer, there is no documentation on how to do this, tried everything. Please advise, thanks.

I also have the html version of this template, but at this point in time the wordpress one is the one I am working with.

Hi, I have submitted a ticket for these issues, I would like a fix on the problem with the incompatibility with iPhones Safari Browser, this was meant to be a full responsive site and no social links, no way of even getting it to work.

Hi, just responded to your ticket at http://uxbarn.ticksy.com/ :)

Thanks for the support, all up and running.

Where do i change the width and height of the HOME Slider?


You would need to manually adjust that in “style.css” file.

Can you tell me the exact lines and commands please, thanks

You can find the selector of ”#home-slider-container” in the “style.css” file and adjust the CSS “width” and “height” as your need. You would need to know the HTML/CSS for the customization in this case.

Hello, is there a chance, to add my own social network with icon? For example, soundcloud is not in the list of the theme options for default.

Kind regards,


Hello, thank you for your fast answer and I will try it. Happy new year to you too!!! Kind regards, Klaus

Hello, looks good, thank you. Kind regards, Klaus

Awesome! :)

Hello, sorry for my english.

Unfortunately I have the same problem with safari when I use it on the iphone or ipad. when the ipad goes there when you cross works with it because the menu there builds correctly but on the iphone no chance!!!

if you try to click on the menu is a missing link in the url

it looks like this

www.xxxx.de/ #

I’ve checked everything, there’s no link is as set in the menu.

can you help?

I have another question, as the visual composer works with google things together in seo ?


Just responded to your ticket at http://uxbarn.ticksy.com/

Happy New Year! :)

Hi, I would like to put a video at the top of the homepage (where the slideshow is on your demo). Is that possible?

Thanks, Sjoerd

Hi Sjoerd,

Yes, that is possible by using “LayerSlider” plugin which is included with the theme. It has a feature to put the video on the slideshow. :)

I LOVE this theme! Just one question before I buy. Could you please tell me the name of the font used for the ‘Fineliner’ logo, please?

I’d like to use the font with this theme for my portfolio.



Thanks! Glad to hear you like the theme!

The font is “Dancing Script”. :)

Hi, how i can set the logo in footer like in demo? Thx!!

Hi there!

You can find the option in “Style Customizer > Footer > Footer Site Logo”. :)

Hi Before i buy your theme can you tell me if it’s possible to create a Password protected Gallery?

And Can we choose another Accent Color like Grey?

Thanks a lot! Olivier

Hi Olivier,

Thanks for your interest! :)

Since the gallery element is used on normal WP page which already has the password protection feature, so, then yes it is possible. When a visitor open the page, s/he will need to enter the password first before viewing the page content (including gallery).

For the accent color, yes, you can change that using Style Customizer module of the theme. :)

Hello, my website looks good through Chrome and Safari, but it looks horrible through Internet Explorer, which is still the most popular browser. The logo is completely off in IE, new and older versions of it. How do I fix the IE logo problem? Thanks!



I notice that you have added some custom CSS to the ”#logo” selector (width and height). So, I would recommend to remove that and use the smaller logo size instead. This should help. :)

Really beautiful theme! Only wish for me would be the addition of Woo Commerce support for print sales etc.

Good luck with sales on this one!!

Thanks so much for your suggestion and kind words! :)


I am wondering if the navigation bar menu is able to be edited. For example, can I change the layout of it to be a standard nav bar menu going across the screen instead of lining them up in columns the way the demo is set up…?

Thanks, PM

Hi there,

Thanks for your interest. :)

It is possible to edit but you would need to manually customize the theme code. There is no option to change that out of the box.

Hi, in case you are still interested, just to let you know that the horizontal menu option is available in the latest version. You can see it in action on the demo site: http://themes.uxbarn.com/?theme=fineliner_wp ;)

Hello, UWbarn!

Great theme, but it works very slow… any offers about it?

Layer Slider only 4.6.5 version, current version is 5! Font Awesome old too! Now its 4.0.3! Please, update it for me. It’s very important!

One more question: If I don’t use the portfolio and google fonts, how can I remove unnecessary files from load on page?

In summary, you would need to change the FontAwesome resource to point to its own CDN instead of the theme’s and plugin’s (you can find the CDN link on their website). You can find the resource code in “assets.php” files of the theme, UXbarn Portfolio and UXbarn Extension plugins. After that, you should be able to use the icons based on their website.

Ow…it’s difficult for me… Can you update it in your theme please! I would be very grateful for you!!! I need some new icons… Thank you very much!!!

I currently have no plan on that unfortunately but, let me see the possibility again in the future update.

Hello, first of all, as a newbie to WordPress, thank you. This is the third theme that I have purchased and the first one that I have really been able to get working as I’d like. One question (for now), how do I change the font size of my blog posts, etc? They seem to be too small. Under my Google Fonts I added several sizes (I think) but I don’t know how to change them. Any help would be appreciated, as I said, I’m new to all of this!

Hi, already responded to your ticket at http://uxbarn.ticksy.com/ :)


Great Theme, I love it !

Can you please help me to edit the CSS so I can have the main navigation on only one line ( Currently 3 lines )

Thanks !!


Thanks! Glad you like it. :)

But, unfortunately that the customization would be beyond my general support. In case you are not familiar with coding, I would recommend to find a freelancer to help you out on the theme customization. You might be able to find great ones on microlancer.com

I noticed I am not the first one to ask for this in the comments…

I would really appreciate if you can please explain us how to do this :)

Sorry but in this case, you would really have to manually customize the theme for the changes. You can find the relevant code in “style.css”, ”/includes/custom-menu.php”, “header.php” files.

Hi there, Really interesting theme :) Do you plan to add a WooCommerce compatibility feature in a near future? Thanks a lot


Yes, and I am working on it. Thanks for your interest! ;)

Hi, just to let you know that the theme v1.1.0 now supports WooCommerce! :)

WooCommerce would be perfect for this theme! ;-) Realy love this theme!

Thanks! Working on it! ;)

Hi, just to let you know that the theme v1.1.0 now supports WooCommerce! :)


Great template, perfect for any portfolio. I’m really pleased with it: http://www.oliverphotography.co.uk

Good job UXbarn, 5 stars!

That’s beautiful! Glad you like it! Thanks so much! :)

Hi! I love this design and am considering purchasing it for my site redesign. Can you tell me, is there a way to turn off the responsive aspect of this theme? I love the layout as it appears on my computer screen and would like this to be the mobile version as well, instead of it shrinking down and the nav changing, etc as it does on my android.

Thank you in advance for your time!

Hi there!

Thanks for your interest but unfortunately there is no option for that. You would need to manually customize the code to remove the responsiveness.