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Pre-purchase question, if you only have three or four menu items or pages how will it line up three in the first column or one in each?

Thanks, Kent

Hi Kent,

Thanks for your interest! :)

Each column will display three menu items so, in case you have four, the theme will display two columns having three and one menu items respectively.

Hello, is there custom css to change the grey border frame around the main content? to either remove it completely or use a different colour instead of grey.

Thank you


Sure, you can try using this:
#root-border {
    background: rgb(158, 158, 158);
    background: rgba(158, 158, 158, .12);

Just change the RGB value to another color.

In case you would like to customize other CSS, I would recommend using “Developer Tools” on Chrome or “Firebug” on Firefox to inspect the element on a page. Then you could see which CSS selector to adjust. :)

hi and thank you for your response. Does this theme support RTL for Language like Hebrew?

Hi, thanks for your interest but, unfortunately, I have never tried with RTL language so I honestly have no idea on that.

Hello UXbarn,

What a great looking theme.. thanks to you and your team for this; it is exactly what I’ve been looking for. I am about to buy the theme but there is one thing holding me back.

In the Portfolio section, I really like how you can sort by type of photo (All/Fashion/Landscape/Portrait/Wedding). However, when you click on an image it goes to a separate page to display the images. Is it possible in Portfolio for you to click on an image and it responds just like in the Gallery section?

What I mean is, you click on an image in Portfolio (4 columns for example) and it opens the image right away in lightbox for the viewer and you can then scroll through the images that way on the portfolio page.

Or, vice versa, if you could have the sort by section at the top of Gallery, this would work as well!

Please let me know if this is possible and how easy it would be. I appreciate your time and look forward to downloading and playing around with this theme!

Cheers, Sean

Hi there!

Thanks for your suggestion, Sean! I currently have no plan on this unfortunately but I would consider adding the feature in the future updates. At the moment, you would need to manually customize the theme code for that.

Hello UXbarn,

Thank you very much for the quick response! I’ve downloaded the theme now and am ready to start customizing it all.

Maybe when I get more into it and modifying the code to do what I mentioned I could send a support ticket for some help?

Keep up the great work!

Sure, I am always willing to help ;) but, please also note that normally the support only covers the issue and/or the features of the default theme package. So I could only provide the guideline at some point for the customization case, not every detail.

Lastly, thanks so much for the purchase! Hope you like the theme! :)

Hello Does the menu and headlines support danish letters Æ, Ø, and Å (æøå)


Thanks for your interest and yes, it does support the letters. :)

Is there a possibility to display the search box on other pages, too?


Yes, you can either add the “Search Box” element into pages or use the custom sidebar with search widget for the pages.

Just purchased your theme and it looks great and works like a charm. The only thing I can’t seem to do is change the permalink/slug for Portfolio or Team. For example rather than http://thehearinghut.co.uk/portfolio/gn-resound/ use http://thehearinghut.co.uk/partners/gn-resound/ Is there a source file I need to tweak somewhere to do this?

Many Thanks, Steve

Hi Steve,

You can find the portfolio slug in the ”/includes/post-types.php” file of the “UXbarn Portfolio” plugin. Please open the file and find this code:

'rewrite'             => array( 'slug' => __( 'portfolio', 'uxb_port' ), 'with_front' => false )

The same applies to the team slug (UXbarn Team plugin).

Thanks, that’s a great help.

You’re welcome! Glad I could help! :)

Hi, I really don’t get how to create the menù! Please, can someone tell me? Thanks


Please follow the installation steps provided in the documentation. You will get most posts/pages including the steps to create the menu. ;)

Hello there! For the gallery section, can I do a slider for my images?

Hi there!

Thanks for your interest :) but unfortunately there is no option for that. You would have to find and use the plugin for the gallery slider.

So I bought a slider plug in but I’m having a hard time using it on the theme. How would I go about using “RoyalSlider – Touch Content Slider for WordPress” as my gallery viewing, for the gallery pages? I’m a wedding photographer so I would need these galleries: Weddings, Engagement & Portraits. Thumbnail option doesn’t work for the way I like to display my photos. =)

Thanks for the purchase! Anyway, for how to use the plugin and the plugin support, you would have to contact the plugin author of RoyalSlider directly. You can find their page > here <.

You have used gorgeous fonts, they fit design well. Do chosen fonts support cyrillic characters?


Thanks! Personally, I have never used cyrillic characters but as I have tried putting the characters on the page, they are displaying well. Please see this screenshot: http://d.pr/i/kXic

So it should be fine with that. ;)

So, It doesn’t support. JOSEFIN SLAB: Supported char. sets is only Latin :( On the screen title is Serif, not a JOSEFIN SLAB font…

Ah I see what you mean. That would be depending on the font itself really. :(

Hi mate, thanks for the cool theme. The only thing I don’t like is that the site itself as a frame around it. Is there an option to make it full width without frame nor whitespace around it?

Super thanks!

Hi there!

You would need to use custom CSS to remove the frame. Please try using this:

#root-border {
    background: none;
#root-container {
    -webkit-box-shadow: none;
    -moz-box-shadow: none;
    box-shadow: none;

It will remove the frame and subtle shadow out of the area.

In case you would like to use custom CSS for other elements, I would recommend “Developer Tools” on Chrome or “Firebug” on Firefox to inspect the elements on the page. Then you can know which CSS selector to adjust. ;)

Hi also have a pre purchase question. Can I change so that the pictures in the portfolio has the same size?


Yes, you would just have to use the featured images that have the same proportion so the thumbnails will be displaying in the same size. :)


I’m looking into purchasing the Fineliner theme to create a portfolio. It looks really nice and doesn’t distract from the actual content. Does the template include a thumbnail slide?. In my case every project involves several slides, so when clicking it would be nice if all the images within the project are shown. Also, is there a maximum amount of images per gallery? Thanks in advance!

Kind regards, LA


Thanks for your interest! :)

Did you mean the main portfolio slider that has the thumbnails below it? If so, the theme does not have the option for that unfortunately. The default one is what you see on the demo site.


Thank you for your response.

I think you understood right. A thumbnail slider below or beside the main slider, showing the images within the specific gallery. In that way a user is able to see what is coming next and can click to a specific slide/image within the gallery.

I was just wondering if it is an option that is available but not showing within the example.

Kind regards, LA

There is no thumbnail for the main portfolio slider but once you click on any of the slider image, you will see the lightbox mode with thumbnails right below it. Just to let you know but not sure whether this would possibly be what you want in your case. :)

HI, just bought the theme, like it a lot. However, could you please advise how to integrate the woocommerce plugin? I would appreciate if you could post a copy of the loop portion which should be replaced if this is the right way to do.



Hi Chris,

I would suggest to see WooCommerce documentation for the details on the integration: http://docs.woothemes.com/documentation/plugins/woocommerce/

Anyway, just to let you know that I am also developing WooCommerce support for the theme which will be included in the upcoming version. :)

Hi, just to let you know that the theme v1.1.0 now supports WooCommerce! :)

Hi, What is the font of the logo ? Thanks

Hi there!

The font is “Dancing Script”. ;)

Hi there, this is a very nice theme:) Is there an option to have sidebars on the inside pages?

Let me clarify… what I meant to ask, is there a way to have a side navigational bar/sidebar menu? On the website I am planning, some of the pages need to have unique sidebar menus.


Sure, you can use the custom sidebar with the page and use “Custom Menu” widget to display the menu. :)

Hello, first of all congratulations for this theme. I would like the menu tabs to the horizontal what should I do? Thank you dave

ok thank

Hey, just to let you know that the horizontal menu option is available in the latest version. After updating the theme, you can find the option in “Theme Options > General > Header Style”. ;)


Just bought the theme…how can i make my pages like the demo…also can i edit the demos if there are any or do i have to create it from scratch?

sorry also i cant seem to see any posts/pages am i doing something wrong?

Hi, already responded to your ticket at http://uxbarn.ticksy.com/ ;)

Hi. I really like this theme, and i think it is perfect for my client. The only problem is that the Layer Slider is too advanced for my client. He is not good at english, so he’ll find it to difficult to use. Is it possible to change the Layer Slider to a more simple image slider?


Thanks for your interest. :) Actually the theme comes with both Default Slider and LayerSlider. The default one is simple to use. You can just add the slide, upload an image, enter some caption and done. ;)

Perfect :-) How do I change the height of the Home Slider?

Thanks for the purchase!

Please try using smaller height image then the slider should have the height as same as its contained images.


I’m working with your template for a friend. ( I can mail you his username / license code if you want too ).

I was wondering how to add meta info fields to a portfolio item. Currently there is Date, client categories and website. Can I add a new one. I already managed to do it in front-end. But cant seem to figure out where to do it for the back-end.

Thanks a lot. Cant wait for the WooCommerce version of the theme.

Never mind. Already found it.

To get more admin meta fields on portfolio, I edited /wp-content/plugins/uxbarn-portfolio/includes/meta-boxes by adding more options into the ‘function uxb_port_create_meta_info()’

Great! :)

Hi, just to let you know that the theme v1.1.0 now supports WooCommerce! :)