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Hi, just a quick 2 questions. Can the slider, on the home page example, be set to different heights? Also will Yoast SEO plugin work ok with this theme?



Thanks for your interest. :)

1. Yes, by default, the slider height will be depending on its contained image on each slide.

2. Yes, it works. ;)

wicked, time to purchase!

hi please answer my query about the testimonial plugin, like i said earlier it is not working for me and i cannot give you access to my website…if it cannot be resolved then i will have to ask for a refund…also you are taking way too long to answer queries, most of us have deadlines to meet.

Hey, I already responded to your ticket. Please understand that I could not provide 24-7 support. Please allow up to ±24 hours on daily basis and may be more than that on weekend.

Thank you.

Hi, quick question. How to remove the grey frame from an image?

Cheers, Chris

Hi Chris,

Please check out this FAQ: http://uxbarn.ticksy.com/faq/1815 ;)

Are there any refunds on the product once its purchased?

I’m trying to set up the site as a whole.. I’m not understand the dashboard area at all =( I tried doing you tube videos, support area.. its really difficult for me to update all the pages.. =(


This is the dummy site Blu Host created for me so I can work on this site before making it go live.. This is as far that I can get. I

Well, sorry to hear that. You said “not understand the dashboard area at all”? So are you saying that you are not familiar with WordPress, too? If so, I would recommend to find someone to help you getting started with it because the theme is based on WordPress so the users are assumed to basically know how to work with it.

You are doing it right about importing the dummy data to get sample content and you can use them for examples or for the starting point.

Anyway, if that is not the case, please be more specific on questions regarding the theme.

I forgot to mention that you can also see the provided documentation. It is in the ”/Documentation” folder of the downloaded package, just open “index.html” file with your browser. You might get some more idea after reading through it.


Is it possible to remove the sidebar for just one page? I’d like to customize the homepage in a full-width format with no sidebar.


Hi there!

Sure, you can set whether to show the custom sidebar or not for the page. The homepage you see on the demo site also does not have the sidebar included. :)

Hello! On the home page, you can not disable the sidebar and Display Page Intro! The setting is not saved when you click “Update”! :( This problem only to the home page! How can I fix it?


Hi there!

Please firstly check out the “How To > How to Use Page Custom Sidebar” section in the documentation about the sidebar. Make sure that you have selected “Hide sidebar” for the page to disable the sidebar.

For page intro, please make sure that you have selected “No” for the page intro display setting for the page (screenshot: http://d.pr/i/r16h ).

If that does not help, please open a private ticket at http://uxbarn.ticksy.com/ and send me your site URL with the login account. I will look into it.


I am having a problem uploading the fineliner.zip file into WordPress it says here has been an error on install can you please advise?


Hi Ryan,

Did you mean you see “Are you sure you want to do this?” error message when installing the theme? If so, it means that there might be some restricted PHP configuration on your server. Please try contacting your hosting to configure the “php.ini” values to increase the “max_execution_time”, “max_input_time” and “memory_limit”.

Or, alternatively, you can upload the theme via FTP instead (please see the documentation, under the section of “Installation > 1. Install The Theme” for more info).

Forgot to reply to this, thanks for your help, sorted now.

Great theme!


You’re welcome! Glad you like it! :)

Hey Paul,

How do I remove tagline that displays under the logo? I also wanted to display menu links horizontal instead in a block as default because I only have a few menu links.


Hi there!

To hide the tagline, please go to “Style Customizer > Others” and enter this CSS into the Custom CSS box:
#tagline {
    display: none;

For the menu, unfortunately, the theme does not have the option for changing it to horizonal style. You would need to manually customize the theme for that.

Hey, just to let you know that the horizontal menu option is available in the latest version. After updating the theme, you can find the option in “Theme Options > General > Header Style”. ;)

I don’t utilize the sidebar and already hidden it but there is still a white blank space on the right-side of single blog post. I wanted full-width single blog post.



To hide the blog sidebar for both blog page and single page, please go to “Theme Options > Blog” and select “Hide blog sidebar” for the “Blog Sidebar” option. This should help! :)

Hi, really like the theme but a few pre sales questions if that’s ok?

1. Cant spot it in the info! but is fineliner Retina ready ie logos (x1×2) etc? or do you have any plans to implement this?

2. I know color changers on demos can affect this but I’am not seeing a back to top on smaller devices so is this a feature now? or do you have any plans to implement?

3. Also I will need to have 4 column images & summary on homepage under intro.row so thumbnails size as per “from the blog” section on homepage demo 3 but linking to pages as opposed to posts would this be possible? (Hope that makes sense)

Many Thanks in advance

Agree on the retina point. Actually I already have it on my list but just have no recent plan to implement that. I will see what I can do in the future update. Thanks for your suggestion! ;)

Purchased Fineliner anyway its beautiful, & I’m sure I can figure a work around for Retina till if and when you implement it. Cheers

Thanks for the purchase and kind words! :)


I tryed to removed the border around the imaje like below /style.css .border { border: 0 !important; }

but not changed any thing. What should ? do ?

pls help me.


Could you please send me your site URL? I will check the CSS.

This theme is lovely – but the gallery functionality is lacking for a photography site. The current lightbox situation is very awkward. Can you suggest a plugin or other relatively easy workaround that will allow for large image/scrollable thumbnails?

I saw a few other people have asked about this as well. Would love to buy, but stuck on the gallery :(


Thanks for your interest. :)

Could you please elaborate on your suggestion here? Actually the lightbox will come with thumbnails navigation. For example, if you click on the image on this portfolio item: http://themes.uxbarn.com/wp/fineliner/portfolio/denim-lovers/ , you will see the lightbox mode and the thumbnails right below the image on lightbox. I am not sure is this what you mean?


On ‘home 5’ page, if I upload square pics, will I get them to look like a grid? Easy enough to change the gap between the pics?

Also, I’d like to have the slider a bit shorter, almost half size. Can this be done fairly easily with html adjustment?

Thanks, nice theme


Hi Tomaz,

Thanks for your interest. :)

Yes, the portfolio thumbnail proportion will be depending on the uploaded image so if you use the square one, it will be displayed as a square proportion. But for the gap adjustment, you would have to manually edit the CSS value for the margin.

For the slider, yes, you can do that. Please initially check this FAQ for more info: http://uxbarn.ticksy.com/faq/1868

Greetings! Pre-purchase question. Is there a way to have a secondary navigational bar at the top {perhaps left hand corner}? Thanks!

Hi there!

Thanks for your interest but, unfortunately, there is no option for that secondary header menu.

Hi, Greetings ! i’ve uploaded the new version but i’ve got a problem with visual composer in the portfolio section. it didn’t appear in the back office when i tried to edit a new reference.

Could you help me please ?

Hi there!

Please firstly go to “Settings > Visual Composer” and check whether the checkbox for the “uxbarn_portfolio” option is checked. This will enable Visual Composer on the portfolio item editor.

If you already did but not working, please open a private ticket at http://uxbarn.ticksy.com/ and send me your site URL with the login account. I will look into it.

Hi, I would like to change the Meta Box ID = “Client” into something else, like “Collection”, which is more relevant for my work. I don’t categorize by client.

I was able to change the wording within the Dashboard itself, after editing the metabox.php within the uxbarn-portfolio plugin, the lines which read:

‘label’ => __( ‘Collection’, ‘uxb_port’ ), ‘desc’ => __( ‘Enter the collection name’, ‘uxb_port’ )

But on the front-end portfolio pages, it is still referring to Client. Can you suggest where I need to look to edit this? :)


Please open ”/uxb_templates/single-portfolio.php” file (in the theme directory) and you can find it there. ;)

Sweet! It worked! :) I love your theme!

Thanks! Glad to hear that. :)


How do I eliminate and change the word “Fineliner” from the pages title? (those half black and half with color) Like in “About Us” It doesn’t change and reamins “About Fineliner”...and so on. Thank’s a lot for the help ;) Best

Thanks for the screenshot. To change that, please open the page edit screen and you will find this “Page Intro Settings” meta box (screenshot: http://d.pr/i/BnMt ). You can then change the “Intro Title” here or leave it blank and the theme will use the normal page title instead. :)

Thank’s a lot! Like always… :)

You’re welcome! Glad I could help! ;)

Hi, first off, I LOVE this theme! Second, I’m having trouble changing header and background images. I uploaded my own already so I know what I’m doing, but I want to change them and no matter what I do, I can’t get the new images to show up. They show up once uploaded in the Style Customizer, but once I save my changes and go to my site, the old images remain. When I go back to the Style Customizer, the old images show up there instead of the new ones. I’ve even tried removing both header and background images, but the old ones won’t go away! Wondering what’s going on here. Thank you in advance!


Thanks! Glad to hear you like the theme. :)

For the issue, could you please open a private ticket at http://uxbarn.ticksy.com/ and send me your site URL with the login account? Also, please send me the steps in detail to reproduce the issue. I will look into it.

Hi! Just one question: I’ve got several pages with blog post list (every page show a different category). Is possible to show under the post’s title even the excerpt? Thank you!

Hi there!

Sorry but I am not sure I understand your question correctly. Could you please elaborate with screenshots? Also, what is your site URL so I could have a look too?

I hope that with this orrible screenshot you understand what I mean! :-) http://s18.postimg.org/etuvvsg7t/excerpt.png I’ve got for example this page called News where I list only the posts marked with the “news” category. I wonder if it’s possible to show under each post’s title even the excerpt to give more information on the post or a small recap.

Thanks for the screenshot (hey, nice one! ;) ). Unfortunately, there is no out-of-the-box option to show the excerpt for the “list style” of blog element. You would need to customize the ”/vc_templates/vc_posts_grid.php” file for that. There you will see the output code for the entire blog post element.

Hi! I love this theme. It’s elegant and simple, which are two great qualities. I have a couple questions:

1. Can we have different full screen background images (under the content) for each different page? Or, is it just one background image across the whole site?

2. Can we have a persistent ‘contact info’ ribbon (maybe social links too) across the top of the screen visible at all times (doesn’t scroll away)?

Thank you so much!


Thanks for your interest and kind comments! :)

As per your question:

1. It is one background image for the whole website.

2. Unfortunately there is no option for that out of the box. But I think there may be some plugins you can use for that.

Thanks for the quick reply! Much appreciated.