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I purchased your theme and must say that designing pages was by far the easiest I have used. Makes a site look totally pro. I do have one issue though. The page load times I am counting 14-18 seconds for my homepage and 8-10 seconds to load secondary pages. I have used cache loaders, and other services but my site just loads the same speed. I am also using wp-engine for hosting which caters to WP sites. I noticed you mentioned CDN networks but this site never took so long on other themes before. I am testing out CDN networks but I don’t know if that will cut the load time to 4-5 seconds as it was on another theme before.


Is there a solution?


I am not sure why your site has some initial delay for the loading time. The theme itself has nothing to do with that. As you can see on our demo site for the site speed when using with theme which is normal.

My guess is that it might be related to the cache loaders or some other services you are using. Please try disabling them one by one to check. You may also disable cache loader service and try using “W3 Total Cache” plugin instead.

Another factor might be about some technical configuration under the hood which, unfortunately, I could not know. I would recommend to contact your hosting to help you checking out the case.

By the way, I have tested your site on Pingdom Tools and GTmetrix for the performance and it looks like the results of page load time are great. Here are the screenshots: http://cl.ly/image/2V1b0I2h1804 for Pingdom and http://cl.ly/image/0j0T3z3l2E3L for GTmetrix.

In the portfolio->image detail page, how do you stop the left and right arrows from appearing when you hover over the image when portfolio item only has 1 image. Your demo does not show the arrows but they are appearing on my version. Thanks!

Figured this out. If you set it to Fade – it does not show the arrows unless there is more than 1 image. If you set it to Slide – it shows arrows even if there is only 1 image.

Hi there!

Thank you for your sharing! I will check the code and add a fix in the next version. :)

I too find this theme very slow. I am minified the css / js, also use WPengine, have CDN enabled and still it takes 3-4s+ to load the site.

On your demo site I also see the page loads are slow (though on reloading they are .3s, before they are cached the page speed is very slow).

Hi there!

Hmm. Honestly, I have not experienced the issue on my end (desktop, laptop and mobile) for both local server and online server. I did clear all the caches and tested but it is still fine. So I am just not sure why it is happening here. The issue like this is difficult to tell.

Do you also have another server to test? Could you please help me test installing WP and theme on another server without CDN to see whether there is something different?

Also, I will try to track the theme code again to check whether I can come up with something.

Thanks for your help and feedback!


While searching through a number of templates, I continue to come back to Fineliner. Nice work!

I would like to divide one or more large photo boxes into a multiple photo box (probably three). Can I do that in Fineliner?


Hi Dom,

Thanks for your interest. :)

I am not sure I understand the question correctly about the photo boxes here. Could you please elaborate, perhaps with screenshot?

Nice theme! A few pre-sales questions.

1. In IE8… When hovering over a top navigation item, the rest of the menu items reduce opacity – which looks jaggard in IE8. I’m assuming this is done via jQuery. Can it be disabled? God I hate IE.

2. Your notes say it is responsive – but resizing the browser window doesn’t scale the layout in IE8. Seems root-border remains at 1197px.

FYI When looking in IE8 developer tools, the ‘Script’ tab shows ‘Permission denied’ for .....default.include.3f9759.js 8 times at char 234009 – which seems to do with shiv.

And it also shows ‘Expected identifier, string or number’ in fineliner.js line 146 character 7. I peeked at the file and it looked alright to me at first glance.

Could these 2 x Script errors I’m seeing be why it isn’t responsive in IE8?

3. I see an external reference to cloudfare – is this just for your demo, or is it in the actual theme? What’s this about?

4. Do you supply un-minified js and css in case I have to tweak stuff?

5. I will not be using sliders or woo commerce at all. Can these be disabled out of the box so the resources aren’t loaded?

Many thanks. Maggie

Hi Maggie,

Thanks for your interest! :)

1. Yes, the opacity is controlled via jQuery’s animate function. You can customize the JS code to disable that.

2. IE8 itself does not recognize CSS media queries so that is why manually resizing the browser window does not have any effect. Anyway, the responsive layouts would work fine when viewing on actual mobile devices. ;)

3. It is just for the demo. I am just using CloudFlare service for the content delivery network.

4. Yes. The theme’s JS and CSS are unminified (except for some other 3rd-party engine scripts like Zurb Foundation, Isotope, ScrollUp, for examples). You can surely customize the theme code to make it suit to your requirements.

5. Yes. For sliders, the theme comes with built-in default slider and LayerSlider plugin. You can disable the LayerSlider plugin if you do not want to use it. For WooCommerce plugin, if you do not install and activate the plugin, the WooCommerce resources will not be loaded.

Hi. I asked an important question in the Support Forum over 17 hours ago, but I have not had a response.

My logo is misaligned to the actual theme, so after searching your FAQ’s I placed a custom CSS to allow for my logo which is 200px square, but it still sits outside the frame of the theme.

I have disabled all plugins not associated with your theme, but no difference!

Can you please help me to rectify this issue as soon as possible.

Regards. Michael. http://michaelmuscroft.com


I am sorry, Michael. It seems like the support website is down at the moment. I could not access the site for many hours. Some other people are also having the same issue: http://themeforest.net/forums/thread/ticksy-is-down/125161

For your case, due to the logo shape, you would need to use custom CSS to adjust the logo. Please go to “Style Customizer > Others” and put this into the Custom CSS box:

#logo-wrapper {
    bottom: -50px;

You can try adjusting the value here for the position.

This should help. :)

Hi. Thank you so much. I ended up using -46 to get it into the centre, brilliant fix.

Regards. Michael.

Your support system still seems to be acting up, so I’ll have to ask my question here!

Where can I find the info/files so that I can change the portfolio meta from Client, Website to Location, Model and remove the website altogether?

Regards. Michael.

Glad I could help! ;)

Looks like I spoke too soon! The adjustments are there OK, but the input data in the backend does not show up on the portfolio page!

Would you have any ideas as to why or how to rectify this please?

Regards. Michael.

In this case, there must be some invalid code from your customization. I would suggest to double check your customized code or try reverting them back to the default state and gradually change the code again.

Ok, this is what I was referring to when I asked about multiple pics in a photo box.


(Move right in the set of pics 4 screens, and you can see it there.


Hi there,

So, you mean the home slider, right? It is possible to have 3 or 4 images under the same slide but you would need to use LayerSlider plugin to create that. The plugin has rich features to let you put images with animations into each slide. (The theme already comes with the plugin.) :)

Dear folantie,

Please be informed that I already did respond to your email that you have used to contact me through my profile page two days ago but your email could not be reached. I just now replied to your email again but still no luck.

I have got an error message said that:

Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:

[your email]

Technical details of permanent failure:
The email account that you tried to reach does not exist. Please try double-checking the recipient's email address for typos or unnecessary spaces.

Now I could not find a way to contact you back since it failed to respond to your email.

So, if you see my message here, please make sure that the email under your profile on ThemeForest is correct and contact me again through my profile page. Or, you might contact me directly using your web mail or email software. Just send an email to here: http://cl.ly/image/343j3C2F133W

Kind Regards, Paul

Hello what is the content font that you’ve used?

Hi there!

In the content area, they are “Josefin Slab” for heading and “Open Sans” for body. :)

Hello I bought the template and I wanted to know if I could put the social network icons in the upper right near the menu. Thank you.


Unfortunately there is no option for that out of the box. It is possible but you would need to manually customize the theme to put it in the header area. You can find the default code for generating the icons in “footer.php” file.

Hi ! Woow what an awesome theme ! I just have two questions about portfolio single page :

Is it possible to disable the lightbox when clicking an image ?

Can I disable the changement of opacity when mouse over an image ?

Thanks !

Hi there!

1. Yes. Please open ”/uxb_templates/single-portfolio.php” file and just remove the class “uxb-port-image-box” out of each slide anchor tag.

2. Yes. Please open “style.css” file and find this CSS to adjust:

#content-container a.image-link:hover,
#content-container a.link-image:hover,
#content-container a.image-box:hover {
    opacity: .8;

In case you would like to adjust the CSS for other elements, I would recommend “Developer Tools” on Chrome or “Firebug” on Firefox to inspect the elements on the page. Then you can know which CSS selector to adjust. ;)

How do I change the white color of the header in black? I mean the part at the top where you will find the menu and logo. Thanks


By design, the theme’s header is on the same white area of the content (you can change this white background color in “Style Customizer > Content > Content Background Color”).

But if you would like to change the background of the header only (”#header-container” CSS selector), it would require you to make change to the HTML and CSS manually I am afraid.


How do you setup the shop/store? I cant find anything on this.


Hi there!

It is the configuration/settings of WooCommerce plugin itself to setup shop page. After you have installed and activated the plugin, you can setup the pages in “WooCommerce > Settings” tab.

FYI: Here is the documentation of WooCommerce: http://docs.woothemes.com/document/configuring-woocommerce-settings/

What size are the images on the hompage under the slider? Is this a pre-set image size option?

Hi there!

Did you mean the 3 images on 3 columns? If so, they are “320×104px”. The size is not a pre-set option on WordPress. I just manually created them and uploaded to the site. :)

How do I get the menu setting also horizontally for Mobile smartphone?


There is no horizontal mode on mobile unfortunately. The responsive menu on mobile devices has only default vertical layout to make it display right on the limited space of the screen ( http://cl.ly/image/3l2F3T2W1o3Q )

I want to know how to disable the vertical menu to the cabinet. For me it is important. Thank you.

So, did you mean to hide the entire menu bar on responsive mode (mobile devices)? If so, try using custom CSS with media query like this:

@media only screen and (max-width: 767px) {

#menu-wrapper { 
    display: none !important;


You can put it into “Style Customizer > Others > Custom CSS”.

But if not, could you please elaborate, perhaps with screenshots?

downloaded this theme and have been following the instructions and it won’t install. What’s the deal??

Hi there!

There might be some restricted PHP configuration on your server. Please try contacting your hosting to configure the php.ini values to increase the “max_execution_time”, “max_input_time” and “memory_limit”.

Or, alternatively, you can install the theme via FTP. Please see the step 1 (“NOTE” section) in the documentation for how to.

Thank you!

You’re welcome! :)

Love this theme!! One question… How can I make 5 columns in the visual editor? I have tried and failed with several different variations through both the visual editor and attempting to edit the standard text editor… Thanks!

Hi there!

I am afraid 5 columns might not be supported by the visual editor since the number of columns needs to be fit when dividing with 12. For example, 12/6 = you get 2 columns with 6-block width.

OK… Is there a code I can add in the visual text editor that will work? Or is it because I am using the visual editor that I can not use 5 columns at all?

Unfortunately not. Since the theme uses 12 columns grid as mentioned previously and 12/5 = 2.4 which is not fit in this case so 5 columns layout is not available.

Note: In my previous reply, for 12/6, actually I would like to say 6 columns with 2-block width each, sorry.

Hello! I am unable to access the visual composer. It keeps asking me a series of questions to check boxes “User groups Access Rules”. But doesn’t look like the “visual composer” featured on “Item Details – At a glance” page here on Theme forest. How do I access that? Thank you!


500 Internal Server error means there is something wrong on the server side. Please contact them to check the server error log in detailed for the technical info.

Anyway, I am curious what did they do so your site is now totally broken? I do not think it initially is WP problem because I used to see your site up and running as usual (until they have “changed” something I guess?).

The theme itself is not broken. In this case, I would suggest to try installing WP and the theme on another server to do a cross check.

Hello. Well, after a couple of days of trying to figure out the problem, my new hosting company said there was something wrong with one of the widgets or plug-ins. Now, I am having to re-install the theme – but I was wondering if there was a way to use my pages/posts/layouts I had in place or if I will need re-do everything. They finally got my site up and working tonight {www.blissfulprints.com}. Everything is still there, however, not in my theme. Any ideas on how to move forward and get my items back in place? Thank You

It would depend on the database for page, post and layout content. If your database is still there then it is possible to get them back. Please try google it using keywords like “recover wordpress posts from database”.

When I access my site via mobile device, the text on my Contact page changes to the accent color. Seems to change only text lines with numbers. For example the line with zip code and line with telephone number are changed to accent color.

The problem occurs on my windows lumia phone , but not on my Apple Ipad mini,

Hmm. I think this case is a feature specific on mobile itself. There is nothing wrong with the CSS and there is no CSS for accent color in the area on your contact page. But some mobile may highlight the number automatically so the user can notice and click to call or save the number.