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Hi, any chance to get my portfolio categories listed all in an extra page? Not all in one page (no filter), exclude categorys?



I am not sure I understand the question correctly. Could you please elaborate and with screenshot?

Hi! I love this template! Thanks! It is really nice. I am a photographer so it is really important for me that the thumbnails of the blog are not rectangular but respects the size of my pictures. I spend so muuuch time to look for this modification the code but with no success!

Could please tell me where to find it? Thanks in advance! Amélie

Hi Amélie,

Please see this FAQ: http://uxbarn.ticksy.com/faq/2030 . It should help! :)

Hi! I have one question: I don’t know how to put “Recent Work” in my home page, what should I do? And when i go to Menu Options, “Home” is indicate as a link, not as a page, so i can’t edit the Home page. I can just edit it in the theme options (in theme option I don’t see the option “Recent Works”.) Thanks ;)

Great! Thank you very much for having helped me! it’s ok now, it works ;)

You’re welcome! ;)

- duplicated post -

Love the theme! It’s gorgeous and pretty straight forward to use.

I do have one question though. I tend to post multiple pictures in a row on my blog. Is there a way to post pictures with captions in a single row in the blog?

I’ve tried both in the visual and traditional editor. In the visual, every new box contained the basic blog info (date, category, etc.) . In the normal editor, it would only post pictures in a column (one per row).

In order to get what I wanted, I had to re-upload my photos to have them without the captions (original pictures were elsewhere on the site where I want them with captions) to get them to line up in a row.

Thanks! :)


I am not sure I understand the question correctly. Did you mean the thumbnail of each post on the blog list page? If so, there is no option to make it multiple pictures for the thumbnail unfortunately. It is the uploaded Featured Image which supports only one picture.

If not, could you please elaborate, perhaps with screenshots?

Sorry for taking a while to get back.

In the blog section, I like to post multiple images in a row separating blocks of text kind of like this: http://www.celtiquecreations.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/Row-of-Images.png

When I try to do it with images that have captions, the images are just one below another without any way of moving them (that I can figure out). http://www.celtiquecreations.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/Images-with-caption.png

If I use the visual editor (such as when creating a new page), the captioned images don’t look quite right either. http://www.celtiquecreations.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/Visual-editor-with-caption.png

As many of the images that I use on our site are on other pages within our website that require captions, Is there a way to get the look that I want without having to upload a second image file of the same picture? (Sorry if the images don’t post, I’m not good with html)


Thanks for the details and screenshots!

Actually, in this case, you would need to use visual editor to create row and columns for the images (which you already did). But since the Image element’s style is different comparing to the default one from “Add Media” of WordPress so you get the different caption styles.

Could you please open a private ticket at http://uxbarn.ticksy.com/ and send me the site URL with login account to your site? I will try to find the workaround on this.

Hi there, quick pre-sales question: any option to make the top menu bar sticky? thanks


Thanks for your interest but, unfortunately, there is no option for that.

Hi UXbarn . I love your theme. I’d like the testimonials part but i wont use another name. TESTIMONIALS—> NewName. Is it possible?

Or even delete ?

I HAVE DONE! it was my problem.

Great! Glad to hear that you have figured it out! :)

Hello, the testimonials are not displaying on the home page. I am not sure why? I followed the steps for setting up the site. Then I started to edit the content on the home page, I added my own testimonials, yet they do not show up. Please advise?


Already responded to your ticket. :)

Is there a way to change or remove “portfolio/” from the url of the single page view? I am displaying inventory and the word “portfolio” doesn’t really fit. I think this is the only place it is showing on the front end.

Beautiful theme with lots of options by the way! Highly recommended!


Thanks for your kind words but, it looks like there is no “Purchased” badge showing up. Please post with the account that made a purchase.

Is it simple to add other Social media sections? I need to add two that are not included.

To edit the tooltip, you would need to edit the key of the ”$social_name_array” which is in the “uxbarn_get_footer_social_list_string()” function.

For example, if you want to change from “Vimeo” to something else, just change from:
__( 'Vimeo', 'uxbarn' )     => 'uxbarn_to_setting_social_vimeo', 
__( 'New Text', 'uxbarn' )     => 'uxbarn_to_setting_social_vimeo', 

When I do this, rather than the image it shows the text. IE, Pinterest it just shows the text, no icon that I have selected.

Alright.. Let’s start all over again. In this example, I will replace the one that I will never use with Pinterest icon. Suppose I want Pinterest icon replacing Twitter:

1. Directly add the Pinterest icon file into ”/images/social” folder of the theme on your site. You can do this via FTP.

2. Open ”/includes/theme-functions.php” file and go to “uxbarn_get_footer_social_list_string()” function. There I will change from “Twitter” to “Pinterest” so as a result, it will be:
__( 'Pinterest', 'uxbarn' )     => 'uxbarn_to_setting_social_twitter', 

*Note: The icon file name in (1) must be the same as the text in (2). In this case, I use “pinterest.png” for the file name.

I would suggest to read through the code so you can get more idea of how it works. :)

Hi! I have a problem. When I install the theme, there is an error saying that the issue has not style.css.

Help!!!! :crying:

Hi there!

No worries, just use the “Fineliner.zip” file for installing the theme (not the entire downloaded package). That ZIP file is in the downloaded package. ;)

Im having the “broken style code” issue with my wordpress site. I am not techinically inclined and have no idea how to “zip” up the theme code only nor create an FTP, I need help so I can use this theme. A question I should have asked before purchasing, can you change the photo’s on the theme?


I am not sure I understand the first question correctly. Did you mean that you could not install the theme? I would recommend to see the installation steps in details from the provided documentation. After finishing all the steps, you will get the theme running with posts/pages as showing on the demo site.

For the second question, yes, you can change the photos of posts/pages using WordPress backend as usual.

Hi. I bought this theme to use as my portfolio/resume site and I am thrilled with the ease of customizability and with the authors customer support.

  • The theme is beautifully designed. Simple and elegant.
  • The custom editor is amazing and so easy to use. There is simply no limit to how you can customize the pages.
  • The Portfolio plugin is fab. It is so simple to add a new project.
  • The Testimonial feature rocks! I love it. It was so easy to add all of my testimonials and then customize which ones I wanted to show where.
  • Customer service is quick, friendly and accurate. Thank you!
I am so happy with my purchase. Keep up the fabulous work. Thank you!

Thank you so much for your kind words! I am thrilled to hear you are enjoying the theme, and I appreciate your time for sharing this! :)

Hi there.. great theme… I’m just setting up a site and trying to add a gallery like your sample page (4 column square preview) but for some reason my images are just showing up really big, and stacking under each other, not small previews in columns like yours..

I have installed the dummy content and even when I look at the gallery page there they behave the same.

Also my google map is just a grey square

Any ideas?

many thanks

Update.. got the images smaller but the now the horizontal padding is different to the vertical, and there is now outline line to the thumbnails as in your demo example

Sorry to mess you about I’ve fixed that now, was trying to use a child theme version and it was mucking something up, activated the main theme and fixed all the problem.s

My only other question is how do I add the two line dividers?.. and then what custom CSS do I need to put in to change all the divider line colours?


Hi there!

I am not sure what is “two line dividers” here? Is this what you mean: http://cl.ly/image/2n1O422a0r2s ?

If so, you can select this style by choosing “Special” when editing the Divider element (screenshot: http://cl.ly/image/0Q0z131l3s1A ).

For custom CSS for changing all the divider color, please try using this:
#root-container .uxb-divider,
#root-container .uxb-divider hr {
    border-color: red !important;

In case you would like to use custom CSS for other elements, I would recommend “Developer Tools” on Chrome or “Firebug” on Firefox to inspect the elements on the page. Then you can know which CSS selector to adjust.

Hello, I would like to know if you provide only the template or the demo package (wp + template) like the one you show on the live preview, because i wish purchase it.

Best regards


Thanks for your interest! :)

In the package, it includes both WordPress theme and the dummy data (XML file) as showing on the live preview.

Once finishing all the installation steps from the documentation, you will get your site running with the posts/pages as same as the demo site.

Thank so much, I have just bought the template!

Thank you for the purchase! Kindly let me know if you have any issues or questions regarding the theme! ;)

Is there a way to change or remove “portfolio/” from the url of the single page view? I am displaying inventory and the word “portfolio” doesn’t really fit. I think this is the only place it is showing on the front end.


You can find the portfolio slug in the ”/includes/post-types.php” file of the “UXbarn Portfolio” plugin. The entire path should be like:


Please open the file and find this code:

'rewrite'             => array( 'slug' => __( 'portfolio', 'uxb_port' ), 'with_front' => false )

Then you can manually change the slug here.

Wow! Thank you for making it so easy!

For anyone else using this trick, I was getting a 404 error on the single page view until I deactivated and reactivated my SEO plugin.

You’re welcome and thanks for your sharing! :)

Hi there A few questions - Can I reduce the overall header size? Is there custom code for this, Ideally I want the space above the logo to match the space below, and be as small as possible maybe 20px - Can i take the border off my images in the slider? - Can I remove the shadow effect on the page before it hits the background - On my homepage, how could I make it so there is nothing below the slider but the copyright text. So no area for content.



You would need to use custom CSS for most of the questions here. Please go to “Style Customizer > Others” and try below into the “Custom CSS” box:

1. Logo:
#root-container {
    padding: 20px 0;

#logo-wrapper, #logo {
    margin: 0;

2. For border, please check out this FAQ: http://uxbarn.ticksy.com/faq/1815

3. Subtle shadow:
#root-border {
    background: none;
4. Remove content space on homepage:
#theme-body.home.page #content-container {
    padding-bottom: 0 !important;

#theme-body.home.page #inner-content-container {
    margin-top: 0 !important;

#theme-body.home.page #content-container > hr.layout-divider {
    display: none !important;
  • Note that, in case you would like to use custom CSS for other elements, I would recommend “Developer Tools” on Chrome or “Firebug” on Firefox to inspect the elements on the page. Then you can know which CSS selector to adjust.

thank you this has helped so much. Great theme. Very easy to use.

You’re welcome and thank you! :)


A new issue… when I installed the WooCommerce Plugin now the homeslider won’t work. When I disable the plugin the slider works. Is this a known issue?


Hmm, strange. I have not experienced any issue on my end when using with WooCommerce plugin.

Anyway, I notice that there is a missing file of the plugin on your site (screenshot: http://cl.ly/image/0d043K3V1I1W ). Please try re-installing the plugin to see if it helps.

Hi there I have done this and still have the same problem. Can you check for the file again. If it is still missing should I manually find it and upload it via FTP? If so what is it called and where should it go. Or is there a source you can recommend to download WooCommerce from- I got this direct from WooThemes

Yes, please try uploading all the plugin files via FTP. You can use the tool like FileZilla for this task.

Just in case you have no idea what is your FTP info, please contact your web hosting and ask them for that.

just a question,I bought the theme once and already launched a website . I am having a new client now and would like to use the theme again. do I need to purchase it a second time right now or can I already build the website with my first purchase and just buy it the second time once the client decides to have it online? thanks, Chris


One purchase per one single end product. So in this case you would need another purchase for the second website. :)

You can find more info about the license here: http://themeforest.net/licenses

N/M Thanks


This is truly lovely by the way!

A couple of buying questions, if I may. (Although I think I may just get it anyway because I think it is gorgeous!)

Flickr widget. Instagram instead perhaps or also? I can get a plugin no problem but would like to keep as much of the initial code as possible rather than adding more plugins into the frame.

This is most definitely, definitely responsive? No issues with default internet browsers on mobile or tablet devices? I know Chrome on mobiles is generally pretty good but a few people tend to use their phone models default browsers and they tend to be a little poor.

Every Homepage style that you have has something different but I would like to have something from each in my own. I’m assuming that this can be done?

The Social Icons that you have in the theme, have you the latest twitter bird style, Pinterest and Instagram?

in the Shop, you have different items of clothing but there doesn’t appear to be size options for any of the products. Is this option available?

And finally (for now) when going through the demo I can select the different backgrounds but can I make the site unboxed so it has a full-width look?

And genuinely last question: Where are you based? Just thinking for support queries as I’m in the UK.

But yes, lovely theme. I’ve proper gone through it and it’s just what I believe I may be looking for.


Thanks for your interest! :)

1. Unfortunately there is no Instagram widget included. You would need to find the 3rd-party plugin for that. There should not be any problem in terms of functionality but there may be a bit styling to adjust (if any).

2. Yes, the theme is fully responsive. It should be working fine with today’s mobile devices with the default browsers.

3. Absolutely. You can use Visual Composer to create your own homepage layout or modify it from the provided dummy data. Here is the screenshot of the editor: http://cl.ly/image/2p2f2A3V2B18

4. For Twitter, you can directly upload a new icon using Theme Options. But for Pinterest and Instagram, unfortunately, they are not included in the social icon set of the theme. You would need to manually customize the theme for adding them.

Anyway, I am thinking about a new feature of the theme to let the users manage their own set of social icons in the future version.

5. Yes, you can add the size options using the feature of WooCommerce as usual. Currently on the demo site, there is only “Color” option available from the WooCommerce’s sample data: http://themes.uxbarn.com/wp/fineliner/product/ship-your-idea/

6. There is no out-of-the-box option for the full-width style unfortunately. You would need to use custom CSS to alter the layout.

7. For any support questions, you can open the ticket at http://uxbarn.ticksy.com/ :)