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how do i edit the portofilio pane on the main page?

HI there

to configure panel of homepage see screenshot

and portfolio block on hompage generated in custom module /sites/all/modules/tabvn/custom/

thanks for purchasing the theme.

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can you tell me how to change the format or layout of the portfolio page? thanks.

Hi there,

Please take a look in /sites/all/modules/Tabvn/portfolio

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Hi tabvn,

Great theme!!! I sent a message to you. I’m having trouble figuring out how to display the slider. I’m also curious where I set my own custom colors. I installed on an existing site.


Hi there,

i did reply you.

thanks for purchasing the theme.

Hi Tabvn:

Quick question, also tried sending you the message through your Facebook page:

How do I get a “Login/Register” link in the header section? that can display “My Account / Logout” after logging in?

I spent some time but wasn’t able to figure this out. When I publish the user login block, it displays the whole block.

When I display the user menu block, it displays the my account link after logging in.

Appreciate any help you can provide!



Hi there

you can modify in /sites/all/themes/finesse/templates/page.tpl.php

and add this code to header

<?php global $user; ?> <ul class="user-menu"> <li><a href="<?php print url('user'); ?>">My account</a></li> <?php if($user->uid <> 0):?> <li><a href="<?php print url('user/logout'); ?>">Logout</a></li> <?php endif; ?> </ul>

or see code in this file

thanks for purchasing the theme.

Hey tabvn – i am getting an error on the tinynav.min.js script because the version of jQuery with 7-17 core is an old version. How are you overriding this? It isn’t working on my install. I get an error because .prop() doesn’t exist in jq pre 1.6 and Drupal uses 1.4. Please help. Also, superfish makes the menu the wrong size for me (I can probably fix it but wondering what you did). Thx!

Hi there

make sure you did enable jquery_update , if you dont have that module download this module and install it

and switch to jwuery 1.5 or 1.7


please add css for ie7 and ie6

Hi there,

the theme only supports IE8++, see on description. thank you

i am getting an error in installing this.

The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.

Please contact the server administrator, root@localhost and inform them of the time the error occurred, and anything you might have done that may have caused the error.

More information about this error may be available in the server error log.

Hi there

1/ it is probadly you did copy missing files

2/ check your server if it does not support .htaccess file , you need contact to hosting provider to solve this problem , before that please try to remove .htaccess file

3/ make sure that you did setting correct with database connection in /sites/default/settings.php

thanks for purchasing the theme.

next time please contact me via themeforest contact form

well i got it now but the problem is now that the images are not loading. any ideas? i am using virtualmin for my vps.

nevermind. it was the .httaccess file. just change something in it.

do you have a list of block regions? I want to use this for a real estate website

Is it ok to use Jquery Update 7.x-2.2 (official release version according to ?). Trying to fix IE8 issue with drop-down menu.

Hi There

you need use dev version of jquery_update or you can copy that module from download package.

thanks for purchasing the theme.

So I finally figured out how to edit the “Block Services homepage” (the one with the little icons) You can’t just simply click on the gear wheel, that will open the panel edition. Also you can’t just edit the “Services” page, that doesn’t affect this block.

You have to edit that “block” And you can reach it by going to this address:

There is a whole html to edit, so if you have already edited services, i would recommend you to just copy paste it.

One comment though, next time when you do the documentation ask someone to help you review your translation. I got really confused when i read “For Exits Drupal Installation”.

Cheers, great theme by the way. Really easy to use and customize! thanks!

Thank you.

Hi I’ve just purchased and installed theme. How to enable pictures scroller on the home page? How in general setup everything that theme will look like the one here, can you provide simple guide how to do it?

Hi there

could you send me via with your site URL,

if you start new fresh the site, i would prefer use “For New Fresh Drupal Installation” that will be saved your time. and you will have site like the demo.


You’re right. I’ll follow fresh Drupal installation to get all features in the place. Thanks for a hint.

Pls increase margin left of OL lists as when numbering goes over 9 first digit is not visible and instead of 10 you will see 0.

Thank you.

Is it possible to have to have 2 separate portfolio pages, one displaying category ‘A’ work and another displaying category ‘B’ work? Also is it possible to have two ‘Recent Work’ image carousels on the homepage, with one carousel displaying work from category ‘A’ and the other carousel displaying work from category ‘B’?


Hi there, current feature only 1. you can see /sites/all/modules/tabvn/portfolio and make new one follow the old one. Thank you for purchasing the theme.

How to remove Recent Work and Latest posts blocks from the home page? I’ve tried to edit blocks but there is no way to disable them.

Hi there

you need login with admin account and mouse hover on top of content you will see edit icon of panel

see screenshot

and you can disable blocks in that panel.

see screenshot

thank you

OK clear. Thanks.

I’m wondering how to define categories for the portfolio page / module? What is the best approach?

Hi there

if you did install the theme as for new fresh drupal installation you will manage taxonomy for portfolio via URL


Another question. How to change Portfolio page title from ‘Portfolio’ to something else?

Hi there,

I’m not at computer right now, you can see at begin of the file and see this line

‘title’=> “portfolio” you can change that.

I did that, cleared all the cache but it seems that it doesn’t work. Any clue why?

OK, I’ve found solution. Idea was to edit menu item in /#overlay=admin/structure/menu/manage/main-menu. There I could change Portfolio to something else and changes were visible right away.

Hello. Is there an easy way I can disable the responsive feature?

My site needs more customizations before I want enable it. Thanks!

No thanks.

Another question. Colorbox doesn’t work correctly if I create a new content type with a new cck image field. It displays the magnifying glass overlay over the entire page without prompting.

Do I need to update one of your theme files or module files to make this work?

Is it possible to duplicate the ‘Recent Work’ or ‘Latest Posts’ carousels on the homepage and have the new one display a different content type – for example ‘basic page’? Can you explain how to do this please.

HI there,

you can follow what i did in /sits/all/modules/tabvn/custom/*


How do you configure the contact us form?