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I installed finesse using module and realized that there is no “Our services ” block or views. I would like to create a page and a block similar to finesse “our services” block (at homepage) and page.

Great, Thank you.

How to use normal image display (static image) instead of finesse image view (that kind of slide image)?

Hi Wwiras,

see sample of content “our services” block , when you add new block you can switch to mode “Full html” and use this sample code

thank you

Kind regards.

I am new to Drupal, but am getting frustrated with this theme. It seems to create a line break after any tag I use. For example, if I use and then put text immediately after it will put the text on the next line!! Any idea how to fix this? I’m just creating a static page as a menu item…but I also ran into the issue when creating a block in the Header section. I’m trying to add the content using the Full HTML content mode. Any ideas? This is really frustrating.

Hi There

you can use “Full HTML ” input when you create new static page, and you can put html code .

thanks for purchasing the theme.

Thanks for the fast response. I’m using Full HTML. I create a static page, use Full HTML, and check the box create a Menu Link. For some reason, the line breaks are there.

This is a perfect example. I can’t get the bulleted list to stay on the same line as the text.

Hi There tabvn,

Thank you for a fantastic theme! I love it. I have no breadcrumb at all. Can you help me activate the breadcrumb?

Hi There

if you like breadcrumb add following code to /sites/all/themes/finesse/templates/page.tpl.php

<?php if ($breadcrumb): ?> <div id="breadcrumb"><?php print $breadcrumb; ?></div> <?php endif; ?>

thanks for purchasing the theme.

Thank you! Great Communication too! Glad I purchased this Theme from you!

Also when I attempt to select the ” Customize field HTML ” Option (to customize the appearance /CSS of field settings within Views) It does not allow any change here. Selecting the box does nothing.

Your help would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you

Hi there

since views is not work with jquery version 1.7 ( we will wait for it fixed in drupal 8, i guess so.)

now here is how to work with it.

WHen you work with views please follow the URL and switch jquery version to 1.5

when you are done, please switch it back to 1.7


Great – will give that a go! Thank you!

Problem with views exposed form.

There must be a jquery conflict somewhere.

The problem: when using exposed form with auto submit – hide submit button checked – AJAX turned on.

It does not auto submit – does not hide the submit button – and it reloads the page instead of using AJAX when submit button is pressed.

When disabling the theme it works normally.

Hi there

when you work with views you need follow the URL

and switch jquery to version 1.5, when done forget switch it back to 1.7 when you are done.


Fix for Juliecollings views

I ran into the same problem

Here is the fix.

file is at sites/all/modules/ctools/js/dependent.js

On line 100 remove “var val = $(trigger).attr(‘checked’) || 0;” and replace with “var val = $(trigger).attr(‘checked’) ? true : false;”

Still need to figure out why exposed form is not working…

Hi there

when you work with views you need follow the URL

and switch jquery to version 1.5, when done forget switch it back to 1.7 when you are done.


Thank you wipf – very kind of you. I will also try that.

Hi, I have got some questions, how can I align the header top socialmedia links to the right side and how can I create two differents blogs with the same template design but different content, these blogs will be manage by 2 people one blog each person.


Hi there

i see you added custom block and has ID is “block-block-9”

so you can add following css code into /sites/all/themes/finesse/css/finesse.css

#block-block-9{float: right;}

thanks for purchasing the theme.

Hi there, Im so new to drupal. I came across this theme and love it. before i purchase, I wanted to ask of its possible to have the portfolio with videos instead of pictures. I would appreciate if you tell me what is the best module for publishing videos like the way you tube does. I need my video publishing site made with drupal in this theme.

Hi There

current default only support image on portfolio , you can do custom, or hire someone else to custom (add new field as VIDEO )

i recommend this module

thanks for interests in the theme.

Thank you for the recommendation, I will do it myself dont worry. Im learning drupal now, and its not that hard as im so used to joomla and other web development tools. So just to put things clear, are you saying that It is possible to customize the finesse theme and put videos using the module you have just mentioned? If so, I will be purchasing your theme very soon. Let me finish my drupal first.

Problem with views exposed form.

The problem: when using exposed form with auto submit – hide submit button checked – AJAX turned on. It does not auto submit – does not hide the submit button – and it reloads the page instead of using AJAX when submit button is pressed. When disabling the theme it works normally.

Hi there when you work with views you need follow the URL and switch jquery to version 1.5, when done forget switch it back to 1.7 when you are done. thanks


Hi there ,

When you work with views it use seven theme default of Drupal admin theme , that will work . Could you add ticket at and tell us about your site information I will look into your problem , thanks for purchasing the theme .

I am having same problem as below (the text below this paragraph). I have downloaded the jquery update that was suggested. But did nothing. Please advice!

Tabvn- I also have the same problem above with colorbox. I need to use this with my site. Please advise on a fix. “Colorbox doesn’t work correctly if I create a new content type with a new cck image field. It displays the magnifying glass overlay over the entire page without prompting. Do I need to update one of your theme files or module files to make this work?”

Hi there

Please submit a ticket at and tell me about your site information, I will look into your problem

Thanks for purchasing the theme

Kind regards.

Hi Tabvn,

how do we gets lists to display properly? Currently there are no styles.


Thanks, I’ll follow through on the support page. Thanks again!

how do i give you a rating?

Hi Radicalh,

this is the URL you can see where you can give rating

thank you very much.

Kind regards. Toan

I am having issues making my product images responsive as they are in your demo.

Is there any guidance to add the same css as you have done in your demo?

Hi juliecollings,

Could you add new ticket at

And give me your site information .

Thank you very much.

Kind regards,


I love this theme! I’m new to Drupal (though I have Wordpress and Joomla experience) and while I’m still learning, Tabvn has been great with answering my questions and helping me through things. My client loves the web site I’ve created so far using this theme and the responsiveness of this theme is brilliant! Great job.

Thank you very much for great feedback, I appreciate that :)

I’m a little disappointed, because I saw multiple portfolios in the demo, but easily you can’t build just one. I had sent a message in the support web site and the answer was “you can look at what i did ”/sites/all/modules/tabvn/portfolio” and find more information here how to create module in drupal 7”.

HI jorgeanr,

there are 3 portfolio styles layout. 2-3-4 columns, and you can change default column via theme option.

Thank you.

And how can I use it two or three times at the same web site, as you did on your selling demo?

If you did install the theme as “For new fresh drupal installation” you will have site like the demo, And if for existing drupal site, you need

1/ copy “tabvn” in “For Exits drupal installation/Modules/tabvn” to your site ”/sites/all/modules/*

2/ and download extract and copy to /sites/all/modules/ 3/ enable all modules uder “Tabvn” package via

you will have portfolio content type and 3 pages portfolio is

that’s all.

thank you.

Kind regards,

There seems to be an issue when using this theme over SSL. The problem is only around the menu when there are sub items. When trying force all communications over SSL any roll-over of a menu with sub-items the page seems to duplicate. I have added the follow to the .htaccess file. The last 2 lines have been commented out as when enabled it breaks.

RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} !^www\. [NC] RewriteRule ^ http://www.%{HTTP_HOST}%{REQUEST_URI} [L,R=301] #RewriteCond %{HTTPS} !=on #RewriteRule ^ https://%{HTTP_HOST}%{REQUEST_URI} [L,R=301]

sure wish i could get an update on this. I have posted to your support site and am still getting no response. Are you going to support this or not. Do you answer your support requests on your support site, cause I am still waiting?

Hi Josh,

could you try to uncomment this line in /sites/default/settings.php

  1. $base_url = ‘'; // NO trailing slash!

that could be helped.

Thank you

Kind regards, Toan

I have already tried that. It is currently uncommentted. Does not work. I am guessing that it has something to do with a javascript for the menu.

Hi there I hope you can help. In your example you have pages with different layouts with different column sizes and some tables. How can I choose a different layout for a different page? I can only find to switch the default. Hope this makes sense! Many thanks

hi lukedxb,

i dont really understand your question clearly.

When you add new page

you could enter html code which you want. Have a look at current samples i did add.

Any more question please submit on our support system

Thank you

Kind regards, Tabvn

Hi Getting on fine with theme, but have encountered a problem when I install and use the TinyMCE WYSYWIG editor. The editor works fine and implements all styes as expected – except bulleted lists. I see in Style.css you do a global reset of ul at the start to none, which I thought might be overriding it, but even after commenting this out, my lists – although showing bullets in the editor – do not display when the page is output. Am I missing something in the theme styling code that I should alter? Assume theme is coded to cope with such a popular editor – maybe not? Any help would be appreciated.

HI Campbdy

Follow this article and add custom class for list item to Ckeditor.

I recommend install module and use ckeditor library.

Thank you Kind regards.


I am very pleased I purchased the theme you created, congratulations on your work.

Is it possible to embed a youtube video to the slide area?

Many thanks, Rhodri

Hi Rhodri,

default it use image + text,

you could try to embed video into text .

Thank you

Kind regards, Toan


First of all very nice theme! But how can I create multiple portfolio’s? I would like one for webdesign, one for graphic design, one for typography. They all should have the 4c template and each one should be a submenu under portfolio. And if it’s possible (I don’t do much Drupal) the portfolio page should have all 3 pages as a preview..

kind regards

Hi hetpunt

portfolio has 3 pages on the demo it is same from portfolio content type but diffrent layout.

if you did install the theme as “For new fresh Drupal installation” option you already have portfolio page, and with multiple categories (taxonomy)

you can manage categories by follow the URL

Any question please submit on

Thank you

Kind regards