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I’m really new to this. could you help me with two questions: 1. Menus disapear in the Menubar even if Display In Menubar is still selected 2. How can I make the Team Member Section or the About us Section look like yours?

I’ve got your mail and I am working on it. Expect a reply in 30 minutes

great support! I have no experience with WP and the guys from ThemeBucket really helped me. Thanks :) Highly recommended!

Thanks a lot for the nice words. Much appreciated

I’m really new to this. could you help me with two questions: 1. Menus disapear in the Menubar even if Display In Menubar is still selected 2. How can I make the Team Member Section or the About us Section look like yours?


Please send me your admin credentials and URL to themebucket@gmail.com so that we can have a look and assist you with the look-n-feel

Basically you can just create team member from “Team Members”->Add New Team member in the wordpress admin panel. And add team member’s photo from the “Set Featured Thumbnail” in the lower right corner of that screen.

For about us, just created “Featured Posts”

Everything is properly documented in the documentation that comes with the theme. So please have a look there too

Wanting to know a couple things before purchasing.

1. Is it possible to reverse the parallax animation if a user scrolls in the opposite direction?

2. Have text move horizontally over images moving vertically?

Thanks for your nice feedback. Right now it is not possible. We have noted it and we will think about it for future update.

Hello, it’s very important to me to know if this theme support the multilanguage. Thanks for your response (sorry for my english)

Yes it comes with the POT file, which you can localize in your language

Yes yes yes, thank you very much! :-)

Hello, I just purchased your theme (looks great!) I do have a problem I need help with though. When I go to the Firebrick Settings, I see the sidebar with “global management.. etc.” but the content area is blank. I sent a screenshot to themebucket@gmail.com

Can you let me know if there is something I need to do to activate this? Thank you.

Never mind, I figured it out! It was a plugin I had installed that was causing issues. Love the theme! :)

Glad that it was not from Firebrick. Have a nice weekend.

I have problems importing the slider file on wordpress, it shows this message page: importing slider setings and data… Error: slider_export.txt does not exist! Go Back

Thanks Maurice, for re-considering it. Don’t hesitate to knock anytime . For quick communication, you can send us an email to themebucket@gmail.com too

thank you


Question before I purchase this:

Is it possible to have similar animation in the home page(sliding background image+ animated text and images)?


I will update you once the feature is added :)

Guys, I dont know But this theme is not as easy as marketing statements. Right now I want my MONEY BACK. I DONT LIKE THIS! :( :(

Hey dude whats wrong with you? What problem you are facing during using it? Please tell us we will try to figure out it.

Just in addition, it takes barely 10-12 minutes to make a demo that looks exactly like the demo we developed.

If you’re having problem with anything please let us know via themebucket@gmail.com and we are here to help. I think you didn’t check the documentation that comes with the theme.

And if you still want refund, please open a support ticket to envato staff who handles the refund. Thanks and have a good day.

What is the size of image you used for the revolution slider in the live demo? I can’t seem to get my images to fit quite right.


Slider main image size is 1600px/500px . Thanks

Having trouble uploading despite reading everything above and also in Wordpress forums. I’m getting the following message: PCLZIP_ERR_BAD_FORMAT (-10) : Unable to find End of Central Dir Record signature.


PS – thanks for the quick reply!!!

Sounds great. Emailing you now.

I got your email, but there are PHP file upload size restrictions (which seems to be the case is) I wont be able to upload and activate it.

So please send your FTP information in the email, too.

Amazing Work

HTML version anytime soon?

We don’t have any plan to release the html version for this theme. Sorry about that.

Ok, thank you for your reply

Hello !

Is it possible to have a multi-pages website with this theme ?

At this moment, no. The homepage is the page which you can configure. But you can’t have two pages that looks like the homepage

Hello I do not find where to change the email receiver for the contact form in the footer. When i’m trying it by filling all fields and clic “send” I do not receive anything. Thanks for your help !

In the Firebrick Settings->Contact Section you can find the “contact email receiver” field. The failure of delivering the email depends on various factors – like absence of smtp server, server restrictions in sending outgoing mails, invalid signing which marks the mail as spam and more.

We suggest that you install the free Mailgun plugin and configure the API key (it’s free) it will ensure a guaranteed delivery of your email.

Just purchased the theme. I can’t get any of the elements to load, just the header and footer. The Slider is showing an error too. I followed the directions in the documentation you provided…

This is what I’m getting: www.creationinthe21stcentury.com

Is there a way to upload all of the sample data, sliders, etc. and just remove/modify what I don’t need? I really need this to be working soon.

I replied your email few mins ago. The site looks offline to me

Sorry, didn’t get the reply. Can you try sending to a different email address? info @ creationinthe21stcentury.com When you say offline, what do you mean? Were you able to sign in?

I cannot open your site from here. I had also emailed you to the same email address that day describing it. :(

2 quick questions.

1. Do ALL menu items in the main nav have to associate with a page displayed on the home page, or can we have some menu items linked to a page like in a traditional site?

2. Does the main nav in this theme support dropdown menus? I see that you have superfish installed, but I’m not sure if you have disabled the drop down’s or not.

Thanks in advance.

1, you can link the menu items to anywhere, this is fully compatible with menu builder.

2. Yes :)

2 things:

1. I’m having trouble with the function that allows you to set up a section but not post the link in the menu bar – maybe I’m confused with this function? I’d like to have less in the menu bar but still have those sections of information.

2. Would you be willing to share the hex codes for the light and dark blues that show in the dashed circle while the page is loading? Thanks!!!


Please send us an email with your site url and admin username and password if you want us to assist.

You can also turn off those menus from the menu bar by going to Firebrick Settings and then each sections and turn off “Display in Menu”


I emailed yesterday and have yet to receive a reply. Problem with the team section – it’s not appearing. The heading appears but the 2 team members that i’ve added aren’t appearing. Any suggestions?

Also, can you increase the number of services that appear?


The team section will appear once you fill up the order field for each team member. members are sorted based on the value of this field. So just fill up with numbers, like 1,2,3,4 and they will appear momentarily

Thank you. Can you increase the number of services that appear?

Hi, could you please answer the question above? Thanks.

Hi I’ve bought firebrick theme. Please could you tell me how to change the title “HOME” in the menu and also how to change names of fields that appear in grey in the contact form (footer), e.g. “Name”, “Email adresse” “Subject”, “Message”... I would like to translate those in french. Thx

Yes, landing-footer.php , starting from line #56 :)

yet another question : where can i delete links on services section ? thx

its in sections/section-services.php , line number 31

Hello. I would like to remove that loading counter and put to lines from our Vision/Misssion statement. E.g.

Welcome to Awesome H1,b & Red>
“We will help you achieve awesome”

How can I achieve that?

Really awesome ! Thank you for this nice job !! :)

Thanks a ton for the rating. (y)