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hi there, about to buy the theme… however: while rescaling the template on either my android, iphone or safari….the menu drop down doesn’t seem to scroll with me… i.e. when selected one menu item, there is no menu button in the top section of my screen, thus i have to scroll manually all the way to the top. is this normal in the theme? or should i manually add a mobile menu? regards, AK

Thanks for your comments. We will add a scroll top in next update. Thanks

Hi, thanks for the great theme and I have a question. All pages show as blog template with a sidebar which is not what I want. When I change the template format as landing page, I see nothing but a blank page, it even removes the header and navigation bar on top. I pretty much followed all the instructions from the document so not sure why it’s happening. Would you be able to help me out on this? I can send you the link or screenshot if you’d like. Thanks in advance!

just resent with subject “Firebrick Theme” and sender name is Tiffany. Hopefully it goes thru this time. Thanks!

I’m so sorry for bugging you but the landing page issue has been resolved after manually installing the two plug-ins (attachments & revslider) via FTP. It didn’t let me install via wordpress plug-ins page. However, now I am seeing following error message on the website. “Revolution Slider Error: Slider with alias not found.” Any idea what could be causing this? I appreciate your help.


Sorry, somehow the message was overlooked. You can download the sample slider http://scrn.kickapz.com/themebucket/firebrick/firebrick_fullscreen.zip and then in Firebrick Settings->Header section type the name firebrick_fullscreen in the slider alias field.

Hello there, I have two quick questions: 1. When will it be possible to have more than 4 services available? 2. I am trying to integrate a plugin calendar on a blog site. Is it possible to get rid of the Sidebar (latest blog post, category, archive), the comment section and the author? So basically just a blank page with the firebrick header and menu on the top. Thanks!!

for 1. just open sections/section-services.php and change line #3 where it says

$sp = firebrick_get_custom_posts("service", 4);

change the number to your desired value.

for 2.

you need to modify single.php and remove a couple of blocks from there. For example, remove line # 127 to # 155. That will remove authors and comments. Also remove 189 to 255 for the sidebar. And change the class name in line # 76 to col-md-12

many thanks for your answer! for nr. 1: that did it I did what you suggested for nr. 2 and now the whole blog is blank. No header, no menu, no text frame for the plugin.. I still have no idea what to do about the color block I mentioned above

pls send your site url, admin username and password to themebucket@gmail.com and I will customize it for you (the blog). Also make sure that the admin panel is set in English. Thanks

Hello! I Just bought Firebrick. It seems awesome! (I’m still configuring it). There’s a way to link featured posts to a page? Thanks!

With an answer like that how can i increase the rating of this theme? There are bugs, answers after days without solving the troubles i had. Firebricks has great potential but has bugs/limitations that lower my ratings. As i paid you, i would expect fixes for the problems found (and obviously that would change my ratings). Actually my customer is not happy with this theme and he don’t care anout WHO did the theme. At his eyes, it’s my fault. I will try to fix everything by myself. But that’s not what i expect from a product/designer at themeforest.

We thanked you for the rating you provided. We don’t expect you to change it. Thanks

You can always ask for a refund by opening a support ticket to envato support as this refund is only managed by Envato staffs.

Thanks again.

I cannot ask a refund cause my customer chosed this theme and i already spent time configuring it/fixing it. As it seems i’ll get no fixes from you, i’ll fix it by myself for the bugged/limited parts. I noticed also a bug inside the portfolio: it deletes a picture if you add another… Best luck

I want the menu on the front page to remain static and not scroll with me. It already works the way I want on all the pages except the home page. Where do I make that change for the home page? http://togethertech.org

Please follow following instructions: Go to bootstrap-reset.css and remove margin-top:76px; form body or make it 0px and go to style.css find #top-bar and make position:relative; Your problem is solved. Thanks

Just bought this theme but unfortunatly, the .pot file is empty so I can’t translate it at all :/

just drop a line to themebucket@gmail.com and we will be in assistance right away

Hey! Love the theme, but wondering if its possible to remove the excerpt parameters for Services so all of the content appears on the main index page without having to click through. Ideally, all content will appear on main page and no link to a separate page.


Please check sections/section-services.php in line number #33 where it says

<?php the_excerpt();?>

change it to

<?php the_content();?>

One page it’s not working what I have to do to make it on right way????.. there’s a email to support

just drop a mail to themebucket@gmail.com with the details

On the homepage slider, can you seamlessly (meaning, keep the design, e.g) install a contact form within the slider to request about 5-6 lines of information right away? If so, do you have any clients that have already completed this? Thank you!

As we’re using rev slider for the slides, I don’t think adding a form will be possible to integrate inside a slide. However you can drop a line to us at themebucket@gmail.com and I will email you the revslider docs, if you don’t have it already.

Hi there,

I really like your theme. One question: would it be possible to not show the menubar at the top of the page when you open the site, and have it show when you scroll down? Like it is done on most of the one page website.

Could you please let me know? Thanks! Marlies

And one more question: is it possible to have videos in the pop up of the portfolio items?

Yes it is possible but right now our theme has no option like that. Thanks

Hello everyone I want to know if this theme has the plugins included in the purchase.

Yes all plugins are included in the purchase. Thanks

Other thing, what’s the difference between regular license and extended license?

Hello all, I having trouble with the google maps in contact, say: We’re sorry, we don’t have image to this place.

How I can fix that?

Hi, Please send us your purchase code to themebucket@gmail.com and we will mail you a blog template that you can use for removing sidebar and in full width

I sent the information before yesterday. Now we are waiting.

We’ve sent you the modified blog template with no sidebar (full width). Please check your email

Hello… Is me once again…. I have a issue with the form contact….When I try to sent a message the browser open a dialog box saying that: The page at ciramar.com says: 0

We need your assistance Thanks you!

Hello, we’re waiting for answer yet.

I just logged into your site and fixed it. Sorry for missing this in the first place. Thanks again for your patience.

Hi,I have bought themes Firebrick and I have 2 questions: 1. what i can make more than 4 services available? I read answer for some other question: “just open sections/section-services.php and change line #3 where it says and change the number to your desired value”,but I don’t know where/how open section/section-services.php?? Please tell me as simple as you can. 2. can I edit “sections subtitles” texts? I would like to justify text, change the font size, color, and gaps between the lines. Thx Luc

Extremely sorry for late reply. Themebucket stuff will update you about this issue today.

Please send an email to themebucket@gmail.com with your purchase code and we will send you an updated service template page which allows adding multiple services

Hello – I am looking for some assistance with the them: 1) I would like to have the links in the top nav go to hard-coded links (not anchors on the main page) because I will need users who are on blog pages with posts to be able to jump back to information on the homepage. Where and how can I modify the theme to make this happen?

2) I do not like the current style for the main nav that makes active links or selected links disappear (or go to white). I can’t find the css to change this anywhere.

Thank you – Kyle Webster // kyle@kyletwebster.com

Thank you for the assistance. Here is a link to my work in progress – you will notice the main navigation goes to a ‘white’ state on mouse-over (as well as when this section is selected or active): http://kyletwebster.com/kylebrushbeta/

Also! – For some reason, some of my blog posts do not appear at all. For instance, I have used an embed code for a Gumroad product on this page: ( http://kyletwebster.com/kylebrushbeta/brush-pack-buy-embed/ ) and the content of the post is not displaying anything.

The code I used on this post was: [gumroad id=”HKgA” type=”embed”]

This worked fine a few weeks ago and then suddenly stopped working altogether.

Best wishes – Kyle

Hi, may be you set the theme color transparent thats why hover color missing https://www.dropbox.com/s/blqeozetoh1po0o/Screenshot%202014-06-19%2015.30.46.png

blog post issue: as it was not happening in the beginning so may be its not our issue. Can you please disable you plugins one by one and recheck.


Thanks for your help – I have three other questions about the layout:

1) Is it possible to embed a video into the Revolution slider (a link from VIMEO, for example) and then make it so that this slide does not automatically move to the next slide? In other words, the user must purposely click on the ‘right’ arrow to advance the slide.

2) Can more than one portfolio be visible on the homepage?

3) Can a custom block of HTML (some basic text and images) be added to the homepage?

Thank you for your help – great theme!

woocommerce is not working nicely with this theme… try to check my url: www.advicesmart.co.uk/shop … and try to add the product to basket. its ugly and it doesent work… what is wrong? doesnt this theme support woocommerce?

This theme doesn’t support woocommerce and we never advertised so.


Really like the theme from the demo, have purchased it for a client site but im having (alot) of trouble getting the site looking anything like it needs to.

I cant get any of the sections to appear, had to manually put the RevSlider in and its not sitting with any of the current content how it needs to be. Right now the only section that seems to be working right is the Contact section at the bottom of the page.

Im assuming ive done something quite wrong and am quite new to WP themes in general, any assistance on setting up the initial site (to reflect the demo) would be fantastic. If you require a login/username for this I can provide it.

Thanks in advance.


Axel, pls send your site URL, admin username and password to themebucket@gmail.com and we will set it up as exactly like the demo as soon as we can. We guess that this issue is happening because of an older version of PHP.

Looking forward and thanks again for your patience

Thanks alot, shooting an email over now.


I have some questions on how to configure the theme firebrick.
  1. For pages other than the landing page is there a Full Width Template?
  2. Anyway to remove the links to the “About Me” (instead of reloading the site) and “News” boxes?
  3. On your demo theme you have a Call to Action Button (Start Journey) on the first slide. How do i get that on my slide? I don’t see the option
Great theme

Thanks in Advance

1. If you drop us an email to themebucket@gmail.com we will email you that customized full width template for blog and single blog posts

2. I don’t understand the question. In the demo site AboutMe and News never reloads the page http://firebrick.themebucket.net/

3. Someone from themebucjet will update you soon on this issue

In the “About Me” section the 3 boxes across have a Hash (#) in the anchor tag making the page scroll to the top. I there anyway to stop that from happening. I placed some javascript: void(0); within the href correcting the problem but if the template gets updated i will lose the updated file.

We will fix this issue in the upcoming update. Thanks for reporting.


I am trying to export/import my info from my local wdpress site to my live wdpress site. I am not getting an upload feature in my firebrick settings > Import/export. I am only getting a text box under where it says “Input your backup file below and hit Import to restore your sites options from a backup.” If I am supposed to open the .json file up, copy and paste it in the text box, i have tried that as well. Nothing happens.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks

Can you please send your backup file, site url and admin username/password to themebucket@gmail.com so that we can have a look at it?

I want to know if is possible create a new custom session?

No in this theme there is no way to add custom section.