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I can not download?can you send me with mail?

Hello, are the psd in the pack ? thx a lot

No psd file. Thanks


I am trying to utilize/integrate your Shift function, $.fn.shift = function ( option ) {...

Can you offer any feedback or brief description that might help me understand how you are using your helper plugin?

Thanks in advance, Jahlife

Hi, you did a great job on the theme!

I’m interested in buying your theme but I have a question first…

Can I purchase this theme and edit this theme in wordpress like a traditional wordpress theme (I’m not familiar with dashboards)?

Here’s an example of how I would like to edit the theme: https://www.dropbox.com/s/bpt3cjpr32vhq7w/fitnessdashboardexample.png?dl=0

Please advise…

William C Matthews

No, this item is not a WP theme. maybe you would like this one


it’s a wordpress admin theme. change the wp admin dashboard style.

So, I can make the modifications on the wordpress admin theme – just as they are on example I provided?

Did not find an answer in the comments below, so: How would I turn the footer into a sticky one which sticks to the bottom line (in other words: right now the footer is in the middle of the screen in case there is not enough content).

You can use a custom css,

#content{min-height: 100vh}



elcone Purchased

Hi!, I’ve seen your theme Scale, and there is a behavior in the mail template that I like to get in the First theme, the sections inbox and message have separate scrolls, I can scroll down to read each section without moving the other, is it possible to get this behavior?, thank’s!

The First theme does not have this layout. thanks

Hello, i have 1 problem with easypiechart. I’m programming in rails and my app updates a chart by ajax. But after render the changes in the Div, the easypiechart don’t start the animation. The page don’t show the circle of the chart.

Thank you

Hi, you can use the easypiechart api to update the chart. use the purchased account to ask questions.


where can i found full plugins for theme

The jQuery plugins displayed on different pages. and you can find all in the “src/js/” folder.


Fixed bottom navbar will be flickering while changing tab button. How to fix it?

“Flickering” on which page?

any page will be the same, the bottom navbar flickering after changed page.

I need your page elements. is your site online?


scmg Purchased

I am very impressed with this app theme and wondered iy you are avilable to build a custom jquery, responsive calendar. I cannot find one to meet my exact design and processes.

This theme include the Fullcalendar. Thanks

Hi, I have a stupid pre-sale question. Once I download this, what do I do with it to get it live on a website? I looked at your documentation and it didn’t say anything about setup. Sorry, noobie here.

This is static html template, You need integrate it into your code.



eloojoy Purchased

Hey, Do you have an AngularJS version of this template?

No angularjs version for this item. Thanks

I am interested in one of your templates http://themeforest.net/item/first-mobile-first-web-app-theme/5002403?s_rank=9

What libraries are you using for the graphing and charting.

I have built a very crude dashboard with charting library highstocks/highcharts. I use ajax to get the data from a php back-end, then use the library api to construct the graph series. Are you doing something similar.

Wordpress Not Installing Theme from Zip file. Error message is as follows:

Installing Theme from uploaded file: themeforest-5002403-first-mobile-first-web-app-theme.zip Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

This is not wordpress plugin or theme.

there is a wordpress admin theme plugin: https://codecanyon.net/item/first-wordpress-admin-theme/7945678

Hi, I have downloaded the theme and when I double click the index.html everything works excluding the notifications bar…. It comes big and not nice… Are you sure the version you have on the demo is the same one we can download? I share a screenshot to let you see what’s wrong… https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BxjL2-pU7uH4Q2JVdGZnQTZEWFE/view?usp=sharing Thanks

Use a custom css to fix it

.dropdown-menu .media-body{ width: auto; }

You can use chosen plugin. it is compatible with this theme. Thanks

Hello, I want to get show the data’s from another site with API methods.(samples: http://tweepsmap.com/ and http://sociograph.io/ and https://pro.iconosquare.com/) In this template(...) instead photo link and infographics can you put it? So I import data from other sites. Can we do this the data transfer? Or Is there your advice another a template to me. Regards

Not this template. thanks