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Great theme!! :)

Thank you

what is it used for?

Web app or Admin dashboard

Absolutely stunning! Thanks for keeping it clean! It even looks pretty decent in IE8. I will be buying soon.

Good to hear. I’m glad you think it’s easy. All those span classes gotta change. :)

Hi, it’s updated to Bootstrap 3.0, you can get it now.

Great! I like the “POST” button addition.

Kudos! Like it very much. Is there an option for sticky Top or Left-Side menu?

Remove the themeforest frame, and use the navbar “settings”->”navbar fixed” to fix the Top. use the Bootstrap affix js to make the left-side bar sticky.

updated v.2.0 let you fix the top navbar and left nav

Looks great and feels not bloated at all compared to some other admin dashboards on themeforest.

yes. it’s lightweight

Hi, I really dig the color scheme in this theme, well done! The template includes the psd files as well? Or it’s only html?

It’s only html. Thanks

Hi, great theme. I have a strange issue. I’m developing a web app in Visual Studio 2012. Everytime I build the site, and then try to resize using IE8 , or switch screens, I get “app.js” error at: $window.width() >= 768 && mobile(‘reset’); But when i don’t run it from VS 2012, it’s fine. No rush, but any ideas?


is any details about the error?

app.js, line 130 character 6 Error: Object expected

$window.width() >= 768 && mobile(‘reset’);

hmm, why line 129 can pass, i googled and find this “Object Expected Error in JavaScript – The Solution”

Is this template to only be used to with bootstrap or is it just a html template?

Bootstrap is new to me. Can it just be used as a html website?

Bootstrap is the css & js components with great documents, check here, you will love it. you can use it as a html website absolutely.

Awesome thanks for that.

hmm beautiful theme !

Absolutely brilliant! And looks like Bootstrap 3.0 ready? Will be bookmarking this for a web app in the future. Great job! :D

will add in next update. thanks

Looking forward to the update! Any idea of release? Also noticed you mentioned more timeline styles? Just purchased as it’s a great start and hopefully will be developed out with some more features and examples.

added form wizard in v.2.3

Sorry to bother you, but if you get some time, can you please update the docs.html to reflect the Bootstrap 3 update, please? Thanks a bunch.

Oh, thanks. Sorry, I thought that you had authored the previous version. Thanks for the link! This really is a very well-made template.

Another tiny css thing I noticed that may or may not be an oversight. Check the disabled hover and active states of the circle buttons. The background color is applied to the whole button rather than just the <i />i element.

i got, when .disabled & .active class put on the button. it’s a little bug. but can quick fix just move up the .btn.disabled class before the .btn.btn-circle.disabled, i will fixed this in next update. thank you!

Dear Flatfull, This is amazing theme, clearly :) But not have many componnents, why? Comboxbox, list, range, multi-list, more tables this include on the next update? because I need them and because of that I waiting with the purchase

Hi, That’s lot of jQuery plugin components. but many of them not mobile freindly, and the plugin size is also a consideration. this template is mobile first. i want to keep it simple. but i am looking for some other mobile friendly components and building my self. Thanks!

Added many components in v.2.2.

Really nice template.

I think even CPAlead bought it. check out their publisher template, looks like your template. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OlhfA4IHWWc

Well done!

Thank you! and all the buyers.

Too bad that all stuff is merged in one large monolithic file (one for all CSS and one for all Javascript). Even general stuff like bootstrap is mixed with app-specific stuff. That means it is not possible to customize or to update bootstrap for example. Except of that the files are huge, more than 300 kb which have to be included in every request. Better would be to have more single files which one could dynamically handle depending on the needs. And lets imagine i customized a few things and than there is a new release, there is no easy upgrading. Do you have plans to divide vendor libs like bootstrap from your own stuff?

hmm. you used this datatable. i will include one in next update.

Hi, The v.2.2 have included a datagrid for dynamic table, it’s more easy to customize, the datatables.net not included.

V.2.3 added the DataTables.

The update looks great ! please keep up !

Thank you. I will keep it update.


Great template! One question. How do I color the individual widget box header background? I want different color headers for certian widget boxes.


check the list.html, you will see the ‘panel’ > ‘panel-heading’, if your bg is dark color. use .bg class to remove the bottom border,

<header class="panel-heading bg bg-primary"></header>
and use .bg-yourColorName to customize it. if the header bg is light color, use this
<header class="panel-heading bg-white"></header>
. also if your panel content bg is dark. use
<section class="panel bg bg-black"></section>

Great! Thank you!


How do you display the Nav Menu on a mobile device to the right (slide to the right) instead of pushing everything down?

So on my iPhone > I tap on the NavBar Icon > menu shows up and pushes everything down. I want it to slide to the right.

Can you please help?

Currently it only support push down nav on mobile. but i will make a silde left/right one in next update. thanks.

That would be extremely helpful. I can’t wait for the next update, hope it will be soon.

v.2.2 have an option to slide left(index.html) or slide right(buttons.html) on mobile. check the details in the docs.html .

Is there a simple way to make this template to load the content via AJAX (and not as separated html files)?

Can use the ajax to load the content and append to <section id=”content”></section>. Thanks.

In an earlier comment you mention that the purchased version contains separated CSS files, which it does… 4 of them in total. Is there any chance of providing the .LESS files as well? I’m sure that many developers would appreciate it :)

no less or sass used in this file. thanks.