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I love this theme! You really did a great job. However, when using my iPhone the view the theme, I have problems seeing the components and widgets. It won’t fit the screen. Is there anything we can do about it?

it looks like on the desktop? did you have use iframe? it’s not responsive if you use iframe. check the live preview again.

i found a bug of textarea.

- Scroll too small. - Cannot resize textarea when scroll appears.

textarea::-webkit-scrollbar {width:1em;} will fix in next update. coming tomorrow.

Thanks you!

The profile page looks great; thanks!

Thank you

Hello, We want to test first the product before getting the extended license, if we buy the $20 and then upgrade when we are ready to release our website are we going to have to change anything in our code or just purchased the $1,000 license?

The v3.1 is stable now, just add new features or some tiny bug fix in new update. just need purchased the extended license when your product ready to release. Thanks.


Do you provide less files with these?


no less file used, thanks

Thanks for adding the “nav-icon” class. I implemented a 40px-wide version. Also, in place of span titles, I used—

        <li class="dropdown-submenu">
            <a href="#"><i class="icon-dashboard"></i></a>             
             <ul class="dropdown-menu">
                <li><a href="#">Dashboard</a></li>

... so that the title would pop out.

hosted img

well done! :)

as a suggestion, implement slim-scroll on next release…

hmm. it must set a height. i will check this. thanks

The tooltip has a problem since it overlays (even when invisible) other parts of the content. You can see the bug in your own preview when hovering over the buttons which display a tooltip. On one of the buttons the tooltip from the left and right side overlay the button itself, and it isn’t working (tested with FF on Mac and Windows)

i tested on FF(version 23.0) Chrome(Version 28.0), it works fine. let me know which ff version you used. thanks


Awesome theme! I recently purchased a license. Do you have an ETA to update to Bootstrap 3 RC2 that was released today?


updating to RC2, Thanks!

Is there a good way to have Datatables use a different size pagination like ‘pagination-small’?

you can try

.dataTables_paginate.pagination-sm .paginate_button, 
.dataTables_paginate.pagination-sm .paginate_active{
  padding: 3px 8px;
var oTable = $('#example').dataTable();

Worked Perfectly. Thanks!

Are you avail for freelance work? – james.clark at cvalka.com

sent you an email

Strange – didn’t receive it & checked my spam. Well, this is 3 questions (about 60 seconds) if interested. https://docs.google.com/a/cvalka.com/forms/d/19KXjv53NGyKDAY8bobrw7XFgvOJOYsQ6wtc7Jn84sNE/viewform

Great Theme however, do you have a LESS file as well for some custom coloring? That would be nice.

Also wondering if you plan to add more “specialty” pages like other themes, eg invoice etc. This is a good base.

no less file used. i will add some other pages in next update. Thanks

Did you use sass?

no sass or less used in this file. thanks

Possible feature addition: Panel header button when nav-tabs present. This is something I’ve been using lately, but would love to have on this style if its not too much work. I’ve provided a screenshot of how I’ve previously implemented. The ‘Manage Offers’ tab is a button and not a tab.

I’m sure you even have a better idea of how to accomplish this type of utility so I’m totally up for it.

Thanks and keep up the great work!

you can use the nav-pills components. and customize the style as you want.

full disclosure, if you have an app already running w/ this theme and you upgrade get ready to change a bunch of stuff!

the 3.2 upgrade changes some class names according to Bootstrap 3 RC2, a bunch of stuff is add panel-body into the panel and some other class names, like btn-small -> btn-sm. please compare the new upgrade with your already running app. Thanks.

I don’t always test, but when I do.. it’s in production :)

Hi. Congratulations for creating such a nice theme. I have 2 questions before I make a purchase: 1) Is there an option to have horizontal menu in normal resolution? If its not there, how difficult it would be to create one? 2) Would you provide files for the demo homepage (preview page that opens after clicking on live preview?

Awaiting your response.


sure. any help i can do is my pleasure.

purchased! will contact you separately. Thanks.

Hi, Could you please tell me how to use this with asp mvc?


follow the mvc view structure. i can not help on this. thanks

I noticed the menu acted strange on my iPhone. As soon as I selected sticky header, I couldn’t scroll down the menu any further. Its a great theme but I want something I don’t have to tweak. Could you please fix this and let me know so I can purchase it.

hi, i tested on my iPhone4 on index.html, it works fine when select “navbar fixed”, please check it again. thanks

Any news on the final BS3 version?

on the way. Thanks

How can I hide a less important columns in mobile and tablet screen? Please help. I’m using Telerik Grid for Asp.Net Mvc


Thanks so much

td class=”visible-lg visible-md” check more at http://getbootstrap.com/css/#responsive-utilities


use table-responsive class http://getbootstrap.com/css/#tables-responsive

Thank you Flatfull for this great admin template.

I have one question :

modal boxed and lightboxes don’t appear ?? where I can get the problem to fix.

thank you again.


I missed that.

thank you & 5 stars for this awsome theme.

Thank you!