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Buy it. Love it.

A nice feature for a futture update is polls!!!! I think it’s the only thing missing.

Is it possible???


you can build the poll form by using the Bootstrap Forms. and use the animated progress bar to build the poll results.

Hi. Really nice theme :) Before i purchase, does this download come with layered PSD files? If not, is this possible? For a price of course. Cheers, T.

no psd file, Thanks.

Hello do you think it’s possible to use a sass version of bootstrap above your style.css ?


i prefer to less as bootstrap. Thanks.

Lovely Theme. It would be nice to have a seperated stylesheet to change the colors quickly, though.

Is there a chance of adding a drag’n’drop example aswell? (not for files, but for DIVs etc.) – this would come in handy for people like me trying to add “Add to Favourites/Folder” function where people can just drag’n’drop the item they want into another DIV :)

i will include a sortable(drag and drop) plugin in next update. Thanks

Bought and nice neat layout, please add in the modal function, more color and background and Typography will be even nicer

the modal function is there. it’s bootstrap default modal components. click the “POST” button on the top on http://themes.flatfull.com/first/ Thanks

Hi, great template! Could you please tell me where I can find the icons? I can’t find them in the files. Thanks in advance!

1. Chrome (Version 29.0.1547.57) on Mac – (the same thing on two machines) no vertical scroll at all. You have to use arrows to scroll the page. All pages. first_and_Mobile_first_web_app_theme_first_and__custom.scss%E2%80%94_cortex.png” />

2. iPhone – Dashboard page – Tasks not working. You can tap on task but nothing is changing

1. it’s an attached image?

2. the task is not a workable widgets. need some customize job.

1. Yeah, it was image :)
see this: cl.ly/image/2t1e281S2Q3L

Hi! Could you provide tutorial to move from version 3.1 to recent? I see many modifications in CSS, do you have the full changelog?

3.1 to current version. need change some class name base on BS3.

col-6->col-xs-6, btn-small->btn-sm and btn-small->btn-sm, basically large->lg, small->sm.

and need add panel-body to panel.

Hi! Very good design.. but i need a RTL Template.. there is an option that you will make it?


this template do not support the RTL. you can try https://www.nuget.org/packages/Twitter.Bootstrap.RTL


Very nice and clean theme, i’m buying. Ist is possible to make more color themes? thanks

this file do not include multiple colors. you need add your own.

Do you plan on upgrading this theme with some of the work/updates you made in your “todo” theme? Such as Notes, Tasks, or any other additional pages/components you may have added?

yes, i will import some pages and components to this file from todo.


in style.css first line (import from google fonts) fails if you run the theme in https environment. please fix and use import url(”//fonts.googleapis…) without hardcoded “http” scheme.

Yes, you are right. Thank you.

This template does not work in Internet Explorer 8 from localhost (menu malformed) :crying: , but works fine in http://themes.flatfull.com/first/index.html. The error is “Access Denied – Respond.js – Line:6 – Character: 2772”. Please fix the problem or tell me abut the same. Thanks. :grin:

did you place on a server to test? like http://localhost?

Bug: when opening a modal, the underlaying content scrolls to the left by approx. 20px or something like that (in demo too) – how to fix that?

which browser you used? i tested on FF, Chrome and IE, works fine

Hi !

How can i change the color of pie charts ? Actually it is a degraded from red to green and i want a degraded from green to red, how can i do this ? Thanks.

open js/app.plugin.js, find

return “rgb(” + Math.round(255 * (1-$percent)) + ”, ” + Math.round(255 * $percent) + ”, 125)”;

change to

return “rgb(” + Math.round(255 * $percent) + ”, ” + Math.round(255 * (1-$percent)) + ”, 0)”;

Hi. There seems to be some problem with tables. The Sort icons in table header are displayed properly in the Chrome but in Firefox they appear only for the last column.

Please provide a fix.

can quick fix by this
.dataTables_wrapper th:after {
font-family: FontAwesome;
color: #666;
position: relative;
font-weight: normal;
float: right;

It fixed the issue but I found another one: Bottom-border of table header (Data tables) is not visible in Firefox. It works fine on Chrome.

Checkout the table.html page in Firefox. See the last table header.

Please prov a fix for this asap.

.dataTables_wrapper th{position:relative} remove the position:relative.



When i change chart.html to chart.php the charts ar not showing anymore, can you tel me what i am doing wrong?

use the ff(firebug) or chrome(f12) to “console” tab to see if there is any js error.

I check but no JS error can be found, when i change back from .php to .html it works fine and it showing the charts. But when i change from .html to .php it is not showing.

just change .html->.php? i tested, no mater drap file into the browser or put on a server. it works fine. can you put on a server and test it?

I’m working with a table and was looking to use the styling of the static table. The one TR has a sorting toggle that isn’t functional. Was that meant as just a style guide or is there a javascript sorting library you recommend?

it’s just a style, no function on it. you can load the data with ajax and set the style on the TR.

how to make widgets draggable, that’s to say, user can reposition each widget using some kind of handle

This template does not include this feature, but you can try with this plugin http://johnny.github.io/jquery-sortable/


On your demo homepage, the image open in a new window. How to make popup in lightview?

Could you consider adding another type of feature list/product tour such as: http://helpspot.com/tour (tabular navigation with feature list) or https://mixpanel.com/notifications/ (new trend is tab feature tour)

You should consider doing some more simple widgets for design purposes. Maybe even a social feed/masonry layout: http://sharpandnimble.com/se7en/demo/social.html