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Hi. Any plans to re-use notes, tasks and components from ‘Discover’ page used in To-Do template? Those look awesome.

Everyone would appreciate if you could do this.


i am working on the updates, Thanks!

will u have video and instagram photo wall and photo viewing pages added to this.. as well as google map options n the next update

Thank you!

do u do custom work?

Currently busy on updates, no time for custom work, but thank you.

Hello, okay? Congratulations! Great job! I wonder if you have the PSD of this project?

no psd files. thanks.

Hi, if you add Modal popups for this template that would be great!

hi, click the top “POST” button on this page http://heyflat.com/themes/first/index.html

Thanks. I missed out… :)


Just purchased your theme. This thing is great. I was running through some components and I noticed the menu you used on the landing page is not activating and browser resize. Seems to work on all other templates, just not that one. I thought it might be a typo but everything seems to be correct. Can you advise on what I should do? I have not made any changes to the files, these are straight out of the box.

Great work again!

hi, it’s a bootstrap navbar, you can put a navbar-toggle button to make it work on mobile.


Hi. I would like to know if you could include an horizontal timeline as the one I create under PS ?


I just copy/paste elements from the vertical bar but a bar with state like this would be awesome ! ;)

Cheers, Maxime

Hi Maxime, the horizontal timeline is a good idea. i will make one in future update, thanks.


I meet an issue with IE8. When I click x sign to close a popover, it does nothing instead of closing the popover. I tried on your Live Preview and it doesn’t work too. Please advise.

Thanks, Nam

hi, Thanks for reporting this bug. i will fix in next update.

Great! I see that next update will be released in this weekend. Please remember to fix this issue :). Thanks.

BTW, please use the buyer account for reporting the issue, otherwise i will think it’s not the top priority. Thanks

What is the status of the next update? I think you’ve indicated on several occasions that one or more features / bug fixes will be released in a “future update” or “next update”.

the next update will be released in this weekend. Thanks.

Is it possible to switch vertical scroll (in Chrome both Mac and Win) to standard browser scroll, instead current one? Because I can’t use it right now, it’s almost invisible and also almost impossible to click on this. Compare your “Live Preview” with bootstrap page in Chrome.

hi, you can disable it by remove the ::-webkit-scrollbar in the style.css

  ::-webkit-scrollbar {width:.25em;height:.25em;position:absolute}
  ::-webkit-scrollbar-thumb {background-color:rgba(0,0,0,0.15)}
  ::-webkit-scrollbar-track {background-color:rgba(0,0,0,0.0)}

Hello all right? Accessing your demo in IE8, there are problems regarding Grid and Navbar. I wonder for your next Update, is already solved this problem? I read in a previous post that for this weekend there will be an Update!

Thank you!

Hi, i tested on IE8, the Grid/Navbar works fine, yes. there is an update in this weekend. thanks

My company just recently bought the extended license for this, but I seem to be running into a problem.

On a Nexus 7, in landscape mode, when I click on the search box on the top the keyboard appears then immediately disappears. It doesn’t happen when you have the tablet in portrait mode (and the search box is in the nav).

Never mind, I know what that code does, and I need to keep it. The problem appears to be caused by calling the shift function when the window height is re-sized during the display of the keyboard. I’m guessing maybe we need to make the shift function smarter so it only adjusts the position if its not already in that position.

Ok, final post.. I fixed it by wrapping Shift.prototype.init and Shift.prototype.reset in a conditional. Hope this is helpful to someone else.

Shift.prototype = {
    constructor: Shift
  , init: function () {
      if (!this.$element.hasClass('in')) {
          var $el = this.$element
          , method = $el.data()['toggle'].split(':')[1]
          , $target = $el.data('target')
          $el.hasClass('in') || $elmethod.addClass('in')
  , reset: function () {
      if (this.$element.hasClass('in')) {
          this.$parent && this.$parent'prepend'
          !this.$parent && this.$element'insertAfter'

Hi, Vension, Thanks for the comments, you are right. i will fix this, BTW, seems that your company is using the Regular License.


hello, is the frontend-template included?

The landing page included. Thanks

Hello, okay? You said about a new Update this weekend. You already provided? Thank you! Good job!

The update delayed 1-2 days. will available on Wednesday, Thanks

Great theme. I am looking at this in a macbook retina and it seems like the charts are a little blurred out (anti-aliased) due to the stretching of images for retina. That’s the one thing stopping me from buying this theme.

Do you think you will fix this issue any time soon?

I have purchased the theme, however so far, it appears that your suggestion of switching the chart component would mean that we will need to re-build all of the charts again in Flotcharts. Can you please clarify if that is what you meant?

If yes, can you please let us know if you plan to incorporate Flotchart yourself in the theme so that newer high resolution screens like the macbook retina can be supported by this theme?

Hi, the Flotcharts is easy to use and support many configs. i will include the Flot chart in next update.


Thank you. Please do include it in your next update as we will look forward to it.

When do you expect the next update to be?


Just wanted to drop by an say thank you for this awesome admin template. Powerful framework, nice design, very easy to work with.

Been playing with it for a while and it definitely deserves 5 stars.

So, thank you! :)

Thank you! apprecitate. :)

Update is nice but I am missing stuff like multiselect listboxes etc. Would those plugins play nicely with your theme or do you need additional css?

The datepicker included, and you can use the select2. they are in the form.html


You are indeed correct, seems I missed those.

Oh men, i really love you, great job with this template, i was looking for something flat and this templates was perfect.

Let me say Congratulations.

May you advise some real one to one chat to implement to this template??

Best regards.

oh. sorry, real one to one chat need server to support. this template only the static pages.


im sorry for disturb, i know that, i was only wondering if you know some one to one chat, im using django for you template. thank you

check this, hope it helps.

could you add price table ?

After download and run landing page from local, responsive doesn’t work (checked Chrome and Firefox)

which part it not responsive. the nav?

v.3.2.1 had responseive bug on landing page but the newest version work fine. What about price table ?

i will include a price table in next update. Thanks


I purchased the theme, but am having two issues.

1. In the live preview, you have an example where data tables is editable. That table isn’t included in the download. Can you give me an idea of what you had planned to implement this?

2. I read all of the supporting documentation, but there isn’t anything related to the timeline plugin. How do I integrate and use it?


Is there a support forum for this product?

1. this template does not have the editable table. you can try the x-editable 2. timeline is a widgets. no js. support forum is under construction.


Congratulations on a great theme! Why are the .less files not included with this theme?

hi, this file does not have the .less files. thanks