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Great work! What do you recommend on changing if you want to use the same styles for a frontend site?

check the landing.html. it use the same styles. thanks

Hi, I was wondering do you plan to provide a chat addon like in this template http://themeforest.net/item/ebro-super-clean-responsive-admin-template/full_screen_preview/5682418 if you can that would be really helpful, I couldnot find a chat option in the template thank you for the help

hi, check the chat on widgets.html and timeline.html. Thanks

hi any chance for psd file that would be helpful thanks

this file does not have the psd file. thanks


Can you tell me if your theme has split JS files for all the plugins? Having looked at the source code, I am a bit worried that your app.js will be hard to edit and I won’t be able to remove plugins I don’t use.

yes. the js and css are separated in the download file. the plugins are plugable.


Great theme. To make it perfect please add popup in next version.

I have tested bootstrap modal, and it looks pretty well.

click the “POST” button on the index.html, thanks

Hi! This theme use bootstrap-theme.css? In other words, the theme css is separated from the bootstrap?

the css is separated from bootstrap. Thanks

I have a Pre order Question:

- Is the psd built on full wide screen or fixed width? - PSD included in the source files or not


no psd in this file. Thanks!

We just bought this template and it’s great but we’re having trouble doing a simple change.

In the style.css it is only setup for the menu to go to the smaller pop out style on Phone sizes. We would like this functionality for iPad as well.

Can you make this change for us? We tried changing the nav related media query to trigger on the larger width of the ipad but the alignment isn’t very good.


yes. you need change the media query to make the off screen nav work on ipad. and change the width of .slide-nav #nav.



Prospect customer here. One of the main interests for me will be the webmail client. On the demo obviously the webmail client module doen’t work, but my question is, in the full version, is it production ready to serve as a full on webmail client like lets say roundcube (provided I connect the ajax features do the mail server)?


it’s only html/js, you need integrate it into your system. Thanks

There is a bug with left navbar (responsive) on samsung mobile.

It does not work

I tested on my website : http://goo.gl/5bf1Rk (Perso FTP) => The menu don’t work on samsung mobile But on your website, it’s oki : http://flatfull.com/themes/first/index.html

Why ?


sent your email, too Thanks

sent your email Thanks

Sent your email Thanks

Hi First of all I have to say that your Template is awesome :) but I have a small issue. Is there any way to upload multiple files ??/ I mean something like file uploader ?

Thanks in advance


Hi, I am having an issue with Chart, it doesn’t show up when I put it inside the tab-pane – only the active Tab shows the graphs and charts. Can you please help me out with this?

Feel free to send me a private message if you need to see how we are using your template.

hi, if you put a sparkline in a tab,

according to the http://omnipotent.net/jquery.sparkline/#s-docs “Hidden Sparklines”, you need call the $.sparkline_display_visible(); when the tab shows.
<script type="text/javascript">
$('a[data-toggle="tab"]').on('shown.bs.tab', function (e) {

Which editor you used to mount the layout? I’m using Adobe Dreamweaver and editing was all unconfigured. If you have a suggestion for the editor I work with the layout that you bought would greatly appreciate it. hug

i use sublime. Thanks

Please, convert CSS to LESS.

Hi, no plan for this. Thanks.

Hi, I have this piece of code: [code] 10 Contatos [/code]

But, if reload a page, select the first item, how mantain on same panel, base on url hashtag?

(sorry for bad english),rs

ops, here is the code: <a href="#listamensagens5" id="msg5" class="list-group-item active"><span class="badge m-r">10</span><i class="icon-user" /> Contatos</a>

You can use the js to get the url hash and select the item.

var hash = window.location.hash;


I can’t get the datepicker to work within a modal window. I click on the input box for it to pull up the calendar, but nothing happens. My guess is that it’s behind the modal window and I just can’t see it. Any ideas on how to fix this?


Yes. it’s the z-index problem. quick fix .datepicker{z-index:1100}


About chart of sparkline, I found one issue on “stats” widget in chart.html: 345 point is above 365 point with about x-axis value 10:50 pm??

@Flatfull actually, 365 point should be above 345 point, how to fix this issue?

Yes. you are right. seems it’s a sparkline bug. i suggest you switch to Flot chart.


Hello, if I buy I will receive the updates?

Yes. of cause. free updates.

Hi. You have very good components in “ToDo” template. If I buy that template too, will it work along side this (First) template?

Any plans to bring message and tasks to this template?

They both base on Bootstrap 3.0, but the custom css is different.

No plans to bring the task and notes to this template.


This is really good, I am using this for a project now. I wonder if you can improve it, with nested lists and nested tables.


My modal bug only mobile (sm/xs) : http://goo.gl/JG5ggs

but it’s oki when I inactivate your “style.css”

Do you know, why ? thanks

i resolved my problem.

I added the modals, between <section class=”content”> and <footer>

Yes. you got!