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Hi dany, why I get “theme is not supported” when I enter in support section? thanks

Hi! Don’t understand what ticksy means…however I mean when I select one theme and then I can choose “Live demo” “customize” “information” “SUPPORT”

Ticksy is the support forum I use to answer my support.

When you select the theme where exactly? Not sure I understand.

Ignore this question for the moment, cause this doesn’t create any issue atm…thanks! :)

How to insert classes/articles/various under the slider? I setted my homepage NON static then I saw my sliders…but anyone of my classes/articles. www.advancedsmartfitness.com


Head over to WP admin > Appearance > Widgets.

On the right you’ll see “Widgetized Module”, that’s where those widgets go. The widgets are “DD – Classes”, “DD – Trainers” and “DD – News”.


You’re welcome.

Hi Dany, this seems doesn’t work: li.current-menu-item { background: #3FAEA5; color:#fff; } In effect, when i open my console, i don’t see any “current-menu-item” class on my menu

I found the problem: this is how i checked the menu as “main menu”. Maybe only jquery can help me now :(

Did with jquery :)

Happy to hear it’s sorted out.

Hi Dany. How can I show a little image near text for each article (recent article plugin, I think that it is a plugin included in your theme) in my homepage?



The “Recent Posts” widget? It’s a WordPress widget and it’s just a simple list of posts, not much flexibility to it.

But there’s a lot of plugins that you can use for that, for example Recent Posts Widget With Thumbnails

Hello Danny,

Could you please help me with removing an element from the homepage of the Fit theme? Here is a link to the page, I encircled the specific area, so the word and box welkom and the white block just below it.


Hope you can help, it’s driving me crazy to not be able to remove it myself.

Sinc. Mike

Hi Mike,

Add this in WP admin > Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS:

.slidesDescription { display: none; }
.whiteTop { display: none; }

That worked! Thank you so much Dany!


OandS Purchased

Morning Dany, quick question, how can I get rid of the white bar that seems to linger on the homepage. This is where the Home Horizontal Widget would go, but we don’t need it.

Here’s a screenshot: https://ibb.co/bPWwAc

Thanks for the great theme man!


Put custom CSS code in WP admin > Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS.

style.css is cached by the browser and that might be why it didn’t work, the browser didn’t get the new version of the file.

If it doesn’t work out, send over the URL to the website so I can see why the CSS isn’t being applied.


OandS Purchased

Worked perfect Dany! Thanks my friend :)

You’re welcome :)


adryenn Purchased

The theme seems to be incompatible with this version of wordpress and is throwing errors. Are you updating it? If not, can you refund the 6 months of support I just bought?


Which version are you using? The latest one is version 1.2.3 and in that version we made the theme compatible with PHP7 and fixed several PHP errors and notices.

Hi Dany! Will I receive a demo content xml to start the site?

Yes, the demo content XML is included in the package.

Hi, I recently took over management of a client website utilizing your theme. I know to receive future support and updates, I’ll need to purchase a new theme license.

Prior to purchasing a new license I’d like to ask the following:

According to the theme page, the last update was back in Aug of 2017. The client’s site is running WP 4.9.5, but your theme page states compatibility up to 4.8.x. I’m curious if this theme is still being supported and updated. I don’t want to continue using a theme that’s reached the end of its lifecycle.

Thank you kindly, Chris

Hi Chris,

There are no known issues with the theme on the latest version of WordPress.We’ll update the compatibility list.

If you do happen to run into any problems just let us know and we’ll fix it of course.

Thanks Dany, I appreciate the quick reply.

You’re welcome Chris.