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Hi Danny,

I would like to delete the carousel. I’ve been looking the old support, and I’ve seen this topic from Slobodan, I tried to do it, but my website gets messed up.

I paste the message here, I would like to do something similar. The slider will become a big call to action with just one image:

Customer: What if I want the thumbnails to go away, but I want the link and text on my one and only slide to remain? Also, I would like for the one slide to not have the white chunk taken out of the bottom of it where the thumbnails were.


Slobodan: Hi Amy,

Just remove the .slidesDescription part from the code, like this:

carousel { display: none; }

What I’ve seen in my code is this:

.slidesDescription, #carousel, .whiteTop, .whiteTop2 {
  display: none;

I’ve deleted it, and replaced with the code that Slobodan provided and it’s not working.

Can you help me, please?

Thanks in advance!


Yeah, removing the carousel is done by adding:

#carousel { display: none; }

All is good now, correct?

I’ve tried just adding that code, or deleting , .whiteTop, .whiteTop2 and doesn’t works. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.

Should I add this anywhere in the CSS, or I have to modify your initial code?

Hi Hector,

Sorry for the wait, weekend got in the way.

Can you send over the URL to your website so I can see what’s going on in there?

Hey, no prob. www.condalcrossfit.com


Use this CSS:

.flexslider {
    margin-bottom: 0;

Done, thanks!

You’re welcome.

Dany, I have two issues.

Problem 1: The images stretch and I can’t find a way to lock them to the size I want. A. Example 1: Family Flag Stretching. http://frankacomb.com/AFK/ B. Example 2: Our Patch. http://frankacomb.com/AFK/soryu-history/

Problem 2: Home page slider. http://frankacomb.com/AFK/ Looks great. Thanks. But the only place that has the hot link is the “More Details” Box in the slider. If you click on any of the four drops, it just goes to the main slider image. SO is it possible when the drop box is active that that area now becomes a hyper-link to the page? For example, if the Private Lessons slider is showing, the Little Dragons drop box is grey out. If we click on it, then the Little Dragons Slider image shows. If we click on the Little Dragons drop box again (now active) can it be an active link and forward to the appropriate page?


Add this as well:

img[class*="wp-image"] { width: auto !important; }

Thanks. progress. It works for Edge and Internet Explorer, but the Chrome still shows it wrong.

It’s the browser’s cache. Just give it a few refreshes and it’ll apply.


polyfrog Purchased


Here is a link to site I’m starting: http://www.rhythmsfitness.com/crazycoolrf/

I have just activated the theme on a brand new install of wordpress. No plugins or modifications were made.

I am using php 7 for this domain. If I downgrade php to 5.6 I don’t see the message, but I assume it’s still a problem. I’d like to keep it at 7.

Could you tell me what needs to change in functions.php?


Can you send over WP admin and FTP info via the contact form on our profile page and I’ll check it out and fix it. I can’t test it on my servers, none of them run on PHP 7.

Include this in the message as well, for reference:


polyfrog Purchased

Hi Danny,

Thank you for getting back to me so quick, and sorry for the slow reply.

You won’t be able to see the error any more because I have chosen to downgrade my php to fix the problem.

You requested ftp, and wp-admin login to trouble shoot since you can’t test php 7 on your servers. Unfortunately, I’m not even able to login to wp-admin if php 7 is activated. I have to go to php 5.6, then login, then reactivate php 7. I get the following 2 errors if I try to access /wp-admin when php 7 is activated:

Warning: Declaration of description_walker::start_el(&$output, $item, $depth, $args) should be compatible with Walker_Nav_Menu::start_el(&$output, $item, $depth = 0, $args = Array, $id = 0) in /homepages/40/d311410854/htdocs/crazycoolrf/wp-content/themes/FitWP/functions.php on line 139

Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /homepages/40/d311410854/htdocs/crazycoolrf/wp-content/themes/FitWP/functions.php:139) in /homepages/40/d311410854/htdocs/crazycoolrf/wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 1174

At this point, it makes more sense just to use php 5.6 since you won’t be able to test on your end. If you ever solve the error please let me know.

Here is a link that may be relevant to the issue; I think it has to do with a “new” id argument. http://www.codecheese.com/2013/10/strict-standards-walker-error-after-upgrading-wordpress/

Thank you for your assistance!


Will see what I can do about getting access to a server with PHP7 so I can test this out, apply a fix and update the theme. Keep an eye on the emails, you’ll receive an email about a theme update when it’s sorted out.

Hi Danny, I have 2 licences for your theme. I’m having issues with the trainers section on www.mindandbody.net.au In the wordpress dashboard I can’t edit existing trainers, or add new trainer anymore. It just goes to a blank, grey screen. I’m running version Version: 1.2.1

The other site we’re using your theme is acmclinic.com.au (Version: 1.2.2) and there is no problem here.

Any guidance?


Hi Mark,

Can you please send over WP admin and FTP info over via the contact form on our profile page and I’ll check out what’s going on in there and fix it up.

Include this in the message, for reference:


mitzman Purchased

Hi. I have just tried to run your FIT template on a webhost with PHP7 enabled, but the templates has some errors.

Would be great to get this fixed as the speed with PHP7 is much much higher.



Can you send over WP admin and FTP info via the contact form on our profile page and I’ll check it out and fix it. I can’t test it on my servers, none of them run on PHP 7.

Include this in the message as well, for reference: