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for Feature Availability

For such an expensive them, it's not that user friendly. I've had to use a load of custom code that I was hoping I didn't need to use to alter it.

The demo content doesn't import easily and the mobil menu is substandard. Really sorry, but I've bought better themes for $30.

for Bugs

This theme menu is broken at various breakpoints for tablets and ipad viewports. Contacted theme support and they balmed me despite screenshots to prove it.

for Customizability

Horrible customizability. Too hard to create decent new pages


Author response

Hi there,

Why is it too hard to create pages? A little bit more feedback would be great.


by AG - Spain 4 years ago

by NY - Sweden 4 years ago

by AZ - Argentina 4 years ago

for Bugs

by AW - Germany 4 years ago

for Design Quality

by CF - United States 4 years ago

for Documentation Quality

by BO - Hungary 4 years ago