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Really Awesome! GLWS! :)

Hi, I can create a timeline with a new menú content ?? and this template not wiew good in cellular ?? Tks. Gastón

This template doesn’t have a separate mobile version so their might be a problem on some mobile devices. But it works really well on most of the mobile devices.

love this template…only thing i would love for you to add is a social media button for youtube and instagram like you already have for Facebook and twitter. Is that possible?

They are right there in the footer. Please have a look at it again. Thanks

oh my mistake i was looking under the profile placeholders. thanks again

Hello, Is it possible install a plugin for online shop?It will work?



I installed the Fitness theme and it works great, but when i add another button and try to centre it into a page. IT doesn’t stay centred in the page when viewed in a browser. Any ideas?

Many Thanks


Can you please share the demo?

How do you mean demo?

means can you please show the live link from the site?


MaryUna Purchased

Hi. I might have already emailed you. I don’t know if I hit “Post Comment”. So just in case. I bought your site awhile ago because I really liked it but have not had a chance to use it until now. It looks good on the desktop and the tablet but on the phone the photos do not fill the screen. I don’t want to make a new phone version from scratch. I am not a Muse expert. Is there a way to make the photo fit the whole screen on the Phone. The site I have started is:

Thanks for your help. Mary

I am sorry to say there is no other way for making photos fit in the screen size. Adobe Muse doesn’t give this functionality.