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Hi there!

Is everything compatible with WordPress 4.3 and is it safe for us to update to it?

Thank you!

Sure thing – please make sure you use the support center if you need to contact us – this is listed in your documentation, the support tab of the item and my profile page if you don’t know the link :)



Hi Jonathan!

Of course! I just figured I’d ask the compatibility question here as I’m sure others might be wondering as well and this is one of the easiest places to look.

Thanks as always!

No problem! :)

hi sorry I’m on my phone and cant search at the moment, but does the theme come with a built in options panel ? Basically can I turn it over to a client and they have the ability to easily change color, typography and so forth?

Sorry answered my own question.

No problem let me know if you have further questions!


Hello I’m not sure if anyone has come across this problem. We have been using the theme now for one of our clients but what happens is when you put in some text into visual editor it doesn’t automatically add in the paragraph breaks.

We have to manually go into the pages and add in the

tag to create a paragraph it’s a bit of pain, especially when our client goes in and edits text without realising that this happens.

Other than this, it’s a great theme! Hope someone can help us out.

Hi – please use the support link in your documentation for assistance. But based on your next comment, it sounds like you’ve figured it out? This is not something I’ve come across before, so I would need more information if you need assistance. The support link is


I take my previous comment back. Menu issue now resolved. Thank you Jonathan.


Thanks Mark, I believe your comment is with regard to your rating. I’m happy we could get you sorted out :)

I am not even sure if you can edit a rating to be honest. It may just have to live there as a 1 star… unfortunately.

Again thanks so much Mark.



I was using this for years now and it had no problem. But when I checked back at the website I installed this on, its plugins are all deleted or removed. I also removed the theme completely then reinstalled it using a newly downloaded theme installer but the problem still persists. The footer menu also doesnt handle the pages too as the page exclude is missing.

I hope you can help me with this

Hi – can you please use the support link in your documentation so we can provide better support (code snippets, screen shots etc) Also please provide a link to your site when you fill out a ticket.

Great theme. Question, would it be possible to make the calendar box on the homepage (where the 3 boxes are) into a loop just like the middle section? Thanks

Hi, and thanks for the kind comments and absolutely but it would take CSS styling changes and template changes to do this (in a child theme). This would be a customization (if you are not comfortable with editing php and working in a child theme). If you head over to and open a ticket with a link to your site I could provide some pointers (if you want to do this yourself) or provide you a quote for the customization.

Just curious why the mobile version of this site isn’t working properly on firefox. Navigation tab is no longer available unless you turn the mobile sideways which allows the main tabs to show. If you click on a page tab and then turn the phone back, it then reverts to proper view with navigation drop down. Not sure when or how this happened but it would be nice to see it fixed in the next update. And yes I purchased this theme however my support has expired.

HI can you please go to and open a ticket, please remember to supply a link to your site as well.

Did anyone update wordpress to 4.5 with this theme ?

Hi and sorry for the delay, yes, everything was updated and is working perfectly :)

Oups sorry for courtesy… Hello :D
Thanks !

:) no worries at all! just pop on over to if you need anything else !

Hi there, just wanted to know if the latest version of your theme would be compatible with WooCommerce plugin? An old version of this theme from back in 2013/14 isn’t compatible with WooCommerce plugin (ex. Shop page, etc.) – but if I download the latest version of the Fitness theme, would it then be compatible with WooCommerce? Please advise.

Hi – all of our themes are compatible with Woocommerce. It’s just not styled for Woocommerce to match in with the theme, that would all be custom CSS you would need to add to the theme to get the products, shop pages, check out pages etc to match in with the styling of the theme. If you need assistance with the styling (requesting a customization quote) then you would need to open a ticket up at to request the quote. Hope that helps! :)

getting these errors. can you help? Warning: Declaration of My_Walker::start_el(&$output, $item, $depth, $args) should be compatible with Walker_Nav_Menu::start_el(&$output, $item, $depth = 0, $args = Array, $id = 0) in /home/pskcstrong/public_html/wp-content/themes/fitness-wpold/functions.php on line 439

Notice: Only variables should be passed by reference in /home/pskcstrong/public_html/wp-content/themes/fitness-wpold/option-tree/ot-loader.php on line 98

Notice: Only variables should be passed by reference in /home/pskcstrong/public_html/wp-content/themes/fitness-wpold/option-tree/ot-loader.php on line 326

Hi :) The option tree errors are coming from the plugin we use for the theme options (which we only use for the older themes as new themes use the WordPress customizer). In order to update Fitness to use the customizer, it would wipe out (for everyone who bought the theme previously) all theme options previously set. You should only be seeing those errors when debug is activated. If you want to open a support ticket up, I’d be happy to have a closer look at the walker menu warning :)