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Friend okay?

Destivar need my 100% responsive made ??many changes but no longer appears in the phone menu can help me?

Greetings! Sorry I’m not quite understanding what you mean – are you meaning you broke the responsive css styles that are media queries in your style.css – if so I would recommend reverting back to the files provided or step back through your changes and alterations.

Looks like you made a lot of alterations and unfortunately it would be impossible for me to go through your customizations to work out what you broke – revert back to the download files and see if you left an open bracket, missing a semi-colon on your styles which would possibly be the issue – either that or you removed the media calls in the header- either case that’s where I recommend you start.


Thanks for the reply, I took JS topmenu it changed everything for bottom_nav, but with this change the menu disappeared in mobile, just want to appear like the web and not on the menu drop-down list.

Understood better?

Hi, unfortunately since you changed the theme, it sounds like you may have broken something. If you don’t want the mobile menu then you need to remove the CSS call in the media queries at the bottom of the style.css


Changing the order of trainers by “date” rather than the last name. I opened the template couldn’t find anything.

Never mind, I saw it was by date. Disregard that.

Glad you got it sorted! :)

Hello Jonathan

I have a problem in which my site doesnt show the correct format of my site. The site is currently overlapping.


Hi please open a ticket at and provide a link to your site. Thanks

Hello Jonathan

I would like to know if there is anyway that you can put a twitter logo and link to the header or main menu area of the site instead of the footer area menu bar?

Hi – anything is possible. We currently pull in the header contact/hours info by text inputs from the theme options, you could change that space to be a textarea so you could place HTML there for an image and link call.

Nice theme, but something just go wrong when i try to access from my Galaxy SIII, in responsive mode and portrait view. Take a look at the rolldown menu, it’s weird and overlaps the search field. ;)

Hi – we don’t develop for each different android device unfortunately as there are too many different manufacturers / phones and browsers – I would try a different browser on your phone to see if that helps as it’s a simple drop down select which is a form default in html therefore if you have issues it something to do with your browsers way of handling a standard unfortunately.

Many thanks


Great Jonathan. Thank you for your concern to improve your own project even more. I guess i will buy this theme this week, i really like it. Best regards

Greetings, we LOVE the Home Loop page style, but want to replace the CLASSES widget and latest news/posts widgets with twitter and instagram for a client. The Home Widget layout is, to be honest with you, a huge step down. Can you provide some guidance on how we might be able to use use the widget style used in Home-Loop instead?

Hi – if you want to pull out functions of the home page we comment all the code very well so finding the sections to remove from the php template should be obvious once you look at the code – you would of course then need to register 2 new widget areas in the template and functions file, details of which can be found on the WordPress codex site as customizations are not part of support I’m afraid.

Here’s a handy link from the WP Codex site re registering new widget areas:

However a search in google for how to register a widget area in WordPress will bring up pages of tuts on how to do this and you may find a tut that’s more friendly doing it this way.

Hope this helps!


Actually, all we’re trying to do is use the style. Here’s what we’re trying to do. If you could tell me what to look for in the code. If it’s just a matter of telling it which widget to call I can probably do that.

Right, but you are wanting to add 2 new areas for instagram and twitter (widgets) that aren’t currently there, so you need to replace the loops with the call to your new widget areas, which of course, will need to be registered first before you can call them.

Unless you are just wanting to hard code the Instagram and Twitter there, in which case you would just open template-home.php and look for the comments “This is the class loop” and “This is 2nd column loop – category choice from the admin”.

You just need to place your code inside the <one_third first> and <one_third> that each section uses.

But like I said, if you are wanting 2 widget areas to place in the above columns, you would need to register the 2 widget areas first.


Hello Jonathan

I would like to ask about the twitter feed on the widget in which it doesn’t load any tweets. It isn’t like this when I first set it up and it properly shows the tweets. Now it is only showing “loading tweets…”

Thanks in advance!

Hi Twitter has recently shut down their API so we are in the process of going through our themes and removing this.

I believe there may be a plugin or 2 that have been created on the free plugin site at WordPress you could try for a twitter feed. You will need to open a developer account at twitter and gain your personal oAuth keys now required by Twitter – it’s rather a mess right now and everyone is upset with them.

I see, thank you so much for the information!


GREAT theme, before i buy: how easy is it to change that red on the demo to blue?


Hi – as per the item preview page and the description:

“Change the default red elements via admin color picker”

Nice and easy :)



Sorry must of missed that bit!

Finally, the images like this:

do they come with it but in a editable format so can put my own text and image onto it?


You receive the full photoshop files of the page plus individual photoshop images for those tiles, blog images, slides etc also – however you will need to purchase your own licensed images (photos) – but everything is there for you – many thanks.


I see “dot_business” mentioned this above, but I was wondering if you have a time frame fore when the Twitter feeds will be updated. This theme in particular.

Hi – I can only suggest looking for a free plugin that is actually working still as every week Twitter break new solutions – right now every twitter feed plugin has issues for all themes but looking on the WP plugin site may get you a currently working solution.



Sometimes my slider and entire footer section loads, and other times they don’t.

On the times that the slider/footer do not load, I get two console errors:

Uncaught TypeError: Object [object Object] has no method ‘tweet’ (anonymous function) l jquery.js?ver=1.8.3:2 c.fireWith jquery.js?ver=1.8.3:2 v.extend.ready jquery.js?ver=1.8.3:2 A

Uncaught TypeError: Object [object Object] has no method ‘flexslider’ (anonymous function) v.event.dispatch jquery.js?ver=1.8.3:2 o.handle.u

When the page loads properly, the errors are not there. I’m inclined to think this is a problem with my server, but could you please verify?

Hi – looks like you may have an issue with a few plugins right there – looks like they are either conflicting with WP jQuery or each other etc. I would recommend turning off all plugins – try your site and if all is good then switch each plugin on one by one until the issue is found again and that should help you find the culprit.

Hope that helps.


Hi, I was wondering if you know any good shopping carts that tie in with the theme

I don’t, but I believe buyers in the past have used woocommerce and Easy Digital Downloads.



Love this template! I can’t tell you enough!!! Is there a way to change the color of the menu bar and only change the accent color in specific areas. Thanks!

Found the menu now trying to find how to change the accent red everywhere.

Just take a look through your included 50+ page PDF file that’s included in the full download – this will help you a LOT as it’s full of instructions for everything including setup / import / menus etc etc.

Hope that helps – if not shoot us a question at the dedicated support center:

Many thanks!


Hi, my menu isn’t showing on mobile. Anyway to rectify it?

I see you have opened a ticket, so I’m going to jump over there and look at this right away for you.

Does this theme come with a demo.xml

I’m not sure what happened, but I am in the process of reuploading this into the queue for approval to fix, in the mean time, (if you haven’t already) please open a ticket via and I will pass the new file there so you can get the file quicker.


Wasted a whole day with this :-(

Hi – sorry you feel you have ‘wasted’ a full day – it’s an error that we are trying to rectify but we are at the mercy of the review process. We have supplied a link to our support forum to ask for your email so we can send you the file direct.

Also please remember that it is weekend so we don’t sit at the computer 10 hours per day like normal.

If you supplied your email via a ticket then you will receive the XML file as promised – in the meantime there’s nothing to stop you actually using the theme – everything is there this is purely just demo content.


I really like this theme and I am interested in purchasing it but I notice one thing that I would need to change and I want to make sure I will be able to. I notice your logo is not that big width wise. Mine would be about twice the size as the one you have width wise. The height is fine. I’m assuming it would be no problem to change the logo size in the standard desktop size but when you look at it on a mobile devices would the responsive mode be able to change to a longer logo?

Yes, the logo would go to the size of the container on the mobile, but if you need to tweak it, you could always open a ticket at and we would be happy to assist.


I’m having the same issue as gary. The xml file is showing as Zero KB(Empty). Is there a way I can download the xml file from an older version of this somehow?

I’m not sure what happened, but I am in the process of reuploading this into the queue for approval to fix, in the mean time, (if you haven’t already) please open a ticket via and I will pass the new file there so you can get the file quicker.


Having a problem with the course table function holding data. In the bottom of class page I put a Title for Timetable and enter times “8:00am, 12:00pm, 4:00pm” for example, but it does not save or add when i click publish?

In fact I cannot change timetable for any of the ones installed in demo.xml or new classes i setup or change the course level etc.

Please open a ticket at


Hi everyone,

I love the fitness theme but for some reason on the template it shows 8 nav buttons and I can only get 6 to be on line 1 and then it drops the last 2 down to a second navigation. Could someone help me figure out where to check the settings we believe everything is the same as the original theme. I will be happy to enter a case if need be but thought I would try this route first.

It depends on your text – there’s a certain amount of space only – if you breach that then yes it will of course drop to 2 lines – always best to send in a support ticket at the support center and offer a link to your site as it’s impossible to help when we can’t see ;)

Here’s the support center link:



Unless you mean it drops to the second level (ie the drop down menu) then that means you didn’t drag directly under the previous item in your WordPress menus – an indent under an item makes that become a drop down. Again easier with a link but best to contact via support :)

I have defined Trainers and am in the process of defining my classes. When setting the various information for the classes, I will select one of my trainers and complete the rest of the page details. When I click Publish all my changes are saved except for the trainer. It will not save and I cannot figure out why.

Disregard this, I read through the updates after writing this and see I need to update my functions.php file. Sorry to bug you.

Was just about to reply :)

If you have any further issues then please feel free to post a ticket at the support center – here’s a quick link for you: