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Hello Jonathan

I have a problem in which some of the FAQ overlaps on the other questions.

This is the link of my FAQ page:

An example of it is the question “How Does the Booking Calendar Work”

Absolutely, just add the category and each post you want in there, assign the category of FAQ, then you can add it as a menu item, but it will still show up on your blog index page. But if you don’t like that, you would be better off making the FAQ a page of it’s own.

Thanks again for the reply Jonathan

However, I would like the FAQ to be like this:

Is this possible?

Yes, if you create a page, and then use the Cr3ativ shortcodes toggles you can achieve the same look.

Hi Jonathan,

Great theme, can you just explain to me how you got your map on the contact page to go across the entire width of the page and still keep it responsive. I’ve tried to make it the width 140% which is the right size but it stops it from being responsive


We used width 940px, it already is responsive, depending on where you are reviewing it, when you refresh, the center of the map (on refresh) remains the center of the map.

For example, on our live preview “Warrington” is in the center, when you resize the browser and to each screen size and refresh, Warrington is always in the center of the map.

Hope that makes sense ! :)

Hi, Can I have the dummy content file please? Thanks,

Hi – Creativ Shortcodes does exist – it’s right here for you:

It’s just a new improved version.

To code a newsletter sign-up you simply use contact form 7 or use the code supplied by your email sending service such as mailchimp or campaign monitor – if you use CF7 we already have styling in place.

The footer has registered widget areas out of the box – go to widgets and add whatever you wish.

Also, support is provided at our dedicated support center right here:


Thanks! You’re very kind. I installed the Creativ Shortcodes Plugin but shouldn’t there be a panel with the shortcodes, there is nothing in the Wordpress dashboard from where I can get the codes? Any ideas?

I suppose it would help if I activated the plugin lol :) Never mind, thanks for your help!

Hi I have a Quick Question i’m eyeing this template but i want to know if i can play a video in the slider banner. I recognize the banner is set up with slide (one) slide (two) slide (thee) want to put a video in slide 3 (three) consisting with the same size as slide 1, and 2. Also can a lightbox video work with this them on the home page.

Not with this particular slider sorry – you would have to use a plugin for something like this.



on the home page loop. how do i add 3 classes instead of the default 2. ive looked in the php and cant find it anywhere

Hi – we have a comment immediately above the loop for the classes with “This is the class loop” as the title comment – you will edit that to your customization requirements.

Many thanks


Hi, Can this theme handle any video capabilities on the home page like a light box maybe.

You have several widget areas you could use as a text widget and simply add your iframe supplied by Vimeo or Youtube etc.

the home page on mobile device doesnt show menu, how can this be fixed. device : galaxy

Please make sure that your menu name is ‘Primary’.

Really silly question really, how do i set one of your default homepages with a slider?

Cant seem to figure it out for the life of me!


You choose the home page with slider from the template selection when creating your page – if you take a look at your documentation I’m pretty sure we have something about page templates etc. If you import the supplied XML data you would get everything we show in the live preview which is great for first learning your way around a theme.



I have tried to update theme (i have 2.0) beacause i got mail saying new update was available. downloaded theme from themeforest and it is still old version (2.0)....

No – that’s our bad, I think my developer forgot to change the version number in the style.css. The only file that changed in this latest update was functions.php

ok, thank you, uploaded only the new function.php

Hi Jonathan,

How would I get a page on my website to display a page from another website on it, like this one has done . The website it was sourced from was > league tables but URL at the top always displays regardless of what page your on so how would I find the URL for each page.

Thanks in advance!

In the style.css you would need to scroll down to the bottom – you see max-screen 768px etc etc – that’s the media queries, you would need to set the iframe max-width in each of these media queries.

great that’s worked a treat! Thank you for all your help

No problem :)

I wanted to make my compliments to the style of this template, I was surprised by the beauty !

Thank you very much. :)


A quick pre purchase question – Is there a RTL support for text?

Thank you

Oh I see, no sorry, we don’t, the text is from left to right I’m afraid.

Thank you :) I know this. Just wanted to check if you had in the code already.

Hi, I would like to have the Home-loop first column to call Categories instead of the courses. Is that at all possible? Thanks,

Can you please open a ticket with everything you are wanting a customized quote for (all in one ticket) at


Hi, I actualy managed to code it myself.. (after long, long hours). :) Now, I am trying to reduce the size of the frames in the “classes” page, cause I don’t want to display trainer’s name, so I’m left with a lot of white space at the bottom of each window. Can you point me to where the code for that is cause I can’t find it to save my life. Many Thanks!

Hi again – if you use firefox browser with the free firebug plugin you can select any item on your page and see (and alter) the css used for the element – it even supplies the line number in the style sheet and you can simply alter in the browser until you are happy and then commit that change to either the style.css (editing the actual line number) or add the full change to your custom css in the theme options.

If you would like to open a ticket at and provide a link to your specific page I can offer the tweak you require – I don’t want you having to spend ours when it could take me a few seconds ;)


Is there a way to have trainers listed by id so that I can have them in correct order?

Ignore got it sorted thanks

cool – no worries

Hi, I am interested in purchasing this theme, however I was wondering if the builder is a drag and drop?

thanks so much

No – we don’t create themes with drag and drop sorry – these should always be from a plugin not part of a theme so you can make the decision by installing or not :)


Hi guys … we are using this theme for a dance school and are currently using the Home-widgets template for out homepage.

it looks great how we have it with the 6 widgets on the front however, we would like to add more to the front page!

We want to add a forthcoming events box, so is it possible to add a static text box/default page underneath the current widgets?

Yes, it’s possible, you would have to edit the theme to create another widget area and call that into the php template – or you could hard code it in there. This is a customization and customizations are not part of support, but if you would like a quote for this please go to and open a ticket requesting what it is you are wanting customizing exactly.


Thanks for this we will get back to you.

Another issue we are having, we have tried to upload a background image, but it doesn’t seem to show up? We can change the colour, and that updates around the header and logo area but it wont update any background behind the text area etc? any ideas?

Hi which background? It’s maybe best to use the support center where you can offer a link to your site and better explain maybe by uploading an image or offering WP admin access etc.

Many thanks


How do I get the “social” section at the bottom of the page like the one on the theme preview. Cheers

Great, thank you! Now how do I get an automatic update from a twitter account rather than doing it as a post each time. Though I do still want it to appear in the blog section still?

Hi – you’ll simply install a plugin that fits your requirements from the WordPress plugin site – there are many options for twitter embeds etc and some do some things, and others do others :)

Please note this is a comment area and not the support center – for support please use the support center link from my profile page, the item page or the link in your documentation – the link is also here for ref:

Many thanks


That’s great thanks and my bad

Hi Jonathan! I am enjoying this theme very much. I have 2 questions for you though, for which I wasn’t able to find an answer in the support forum.

1. I uploaded and installed your theme initially and populated most of the content. Afterwards I came across your comment in the .pdf about uploading the .xml file in “import wordpress’. If I do this, will it erase all the content I have created?

2. Is there any other way to customize the slider other than photoshop?

Your help would be much appreciated. Thank you !

Hi and thanks for the purchase, yes, if this is an existing site you probably don’t want to do the XML import, it won’t erase what you have, but it will add all the content you see on the live preview, so you could see how it works, but you would have to go back and delete / edit everything you don’t want.

I’m not sure what you mean by customize the slider? Please go to and open a ticket with any further questions for support.

Great thank you!

Hey, I bought this theme yesterday and I’m loading it to an existing WP site. When I did I got these error messages:

Warning: call_user_func_array() []: First argument is expected to be a valid callback, ‘ot_register_theme_options_page’ was given in /home/awptsco/public_html/wp-includes/plugin.php on line 429

Warning: call_user_func_array() []: First argument is expected to be a valid callback, ‘ot_register_theme_options_admin_bar_menu’ was given in /home/awptsco/public_html/wp-includes/plugin.php on line 507

It also has no theme options tab under appearances, I’m wondering if they’re connected.

Please get back to me asap as I want to get my new site up and running!

Regards, Cem

Make sure you named it primary as per the instructions, if you don’t then the drop down select cannot show :)

Also please remember this area is purely for comments and not support – support as outlined in your documentation, the live preview page, the support tab and my profile page is available here for you:



Sorted! I think that’s all from me. If I need any help in the future I shall do it the proper way. Thanks again! :D

np! Many thanks

my images disappear when viewed on the mobile devices…cell phones and all browsers on the phones…they first appear and disappear

Never had that reported at all duvallb and don’t see it hear either – I recommend deactivating any plugins you may of added or go back over any customizations – I can 100% assure you the default theme doesn’t do this duvallb, did you test our live preview to check to make sure it’s just your site?

Also the support center is here if you wish to open a ticket:

Many thanks