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Hi Jonathan, Pre-Purchase Questions: Does the home slider have options for transitions and duration settings in the theme control panel? Can we change fonts (Cufon or Google fonts) through the theme settings or does that require custom CSS changes? Can sidebar widgets be different on each page? That’s it for now…Thanks!

Hi – sidebars are registered for page, blog, and contact page – if you wish to have different sidebars per page etc I suggest using a free plugin to do this.

The slider again is not a widget but a theme option, therefore best to use a free plugin such as soliloquay plugin to have a slider with shortcodes for widgets etc The slider does not have different trasnitions / speed settings without altering JS – again best to use a plugin for this.

As for fonts, they are set in the css.

Many thanks



Do you have a date when this theme will be 3.5.1 compatible?


All our themes run on the latest versions of WordPress – you can confidentally purchase and install :)

Hello I am interested in purchasing this theme, but am wondering if you can fix the issue of excess whitespace when the viewport size of the browser is between 768px and 980px. Other than that the theme looks great. Can you let me know when you have updated the theme to resolve this issue or let me know if there is a fix for this.

Hi – not sure I follow sorry.

The site is 980px wide (for desktops) we then have media query in place for 768, there isn’t one that falls in between those 2 settings. Media queries are already in place for the most popular screen sizes (it’s not a flexible design but rather an adaptive) – if you wish to add your own in there for something more specific it’s quite easy.

Many thanks


Yes, I guess you are right, it is an easy fix to make the theme fluid.

  width: 100%;
  height: 100%;
  margin: 0px;
  padding: 0px;
  overflow-x: hidden; 

#nav_wrapper {
  max-width: 980px;
  width: 100%;

.slider_wrapper {
  max-width: 980px;
  width: 100%;

#main {
  max-width: 980px;
  width: 100%;

Yes as I said its easy to customize, once you’ve actually purchased the theme.


Hello Good evening

Theme could use this theme to make a multilingual website?

Multilingual WPML work well?

sorry for my English


Yes, there is no reason why you can’t use it at all :)

Thank you!

Hi jonathan,

in the gallery post, i put some pictures but they dosent display in the post silder and in the blog either.

Hi – you have no purchase badge – please login using the account used to purchase and then contact me via my profile page as detailed in your support help PDF file.

Support is only offered once a purchase is verified.

Many thanks


i know, my boss purchase this theme, his mail is

Sorry, it doesn’t work that way, your boss then needs to login and request support via the directions in your manual (or give you his login details so you can login using the correct account) – there is no other way to request for support – all purchases must be verified as I already mentioned – thanks.


Hi jonathan, I’m YounessL the user who asked you yesterday about a problem in gallery post, i’m connecting now from my boss account.

my problem is : in the gallery post i attached some images to show them in the post as a slider and it’s doesn’t work, i tried to put them on a gallery some problem can you help me please.

thanks a lot for your time.

Hi – You will need to contact me via the form on my profile page using the account you purchased with (this account) and email me with a link to your site.



Why do i not have the read more link under my classes description, How can I enable that option?

never mind, I found it,Sorry!

Thanks for your purchase and I’m glad you got everything sorted. If you need further support please follow your documentation and contact me via the profile page form with a link to your site.


Hello there Im not sure why my site is looking like this, can you please look and explain? Its a new site so It should have just uploaded. Its showing partial information.

Hi and thanks for the purchase – it’s rather too long of a list to go through :)

I can only suggest you start by following the documentation – you need to set your home page, colors, setup your menu – looks like you have some old shortcodes that of course will not work from one theme to another etc.

I would site down with the PDF help document and start at the beginning and follow along, import the XML data if you want the content from the live preview – set your menus, widgets, reading settings and everything else you have to do when setting up any wordpress theme.

Also please note this is a comment area, not a support forum, support is offered via the contact form on my profile page as described in your help documentation also.

Hope that helps!

I have a yellow accent color. I don’t want the links to be yellow. Please help!

Hi and thanks for your purchase. Are you saying you want to keep the yellow accent color for everything but the links? We offer an accent color in theme options across the board so you would need to open up header.php and remove the a and a:hover from using this preset color and then set it in your style.css.

If you need further assistance please follow your documentation and contact me via the form on my profile page.


Hi, I love the theme but i have a quick question. Is it possible to change the solid background color into a background image? Thank you!

Hi and thanks for your purchase, you would need to edit the style.css to add that in and remove that class from header.php, but yes it is possible.


Thank for your reply. Can you tell me exatly how i can do this. Not so good with css…..

Hi unfortunately support does not include customizations – however there are many sites that can teach you CSS and how to set a background image in css etc – a quick search in google for that term should get you a great quick and easy tutorial.

For example this site examplains it quite well -

I also recommend using firebug plugin in firefox browser so you can see what lines in the style.css would be needed to be altered etc.

Many thanks


I got the following error message after uploading the theme to the themes directory and uploading the .htacess file:

The following themes are installed but incomplete. Themes must have a stylesheet and a template.

Hi and thanks for yor purchase. Sounds like you’ve uploaded the wrong directory or didnt unzip before you uploaded. The fitness-wp should be the only directory you upload when uploading via FTP. If you go to our support forum we have a FAQ that describes this or you can contact is via the forum there for further support.


Dear Jonathan,

After not sleeping and (lots of calls to hosting helpdesk), I was able to address setup questions I previously emailed to you! However, I’m still having some issues with getting the Contact page to load the map and the side menus. I verified that the Contact plug-in is installed correctly (the form is there to enter the name/email/message), and I filled in the Theme Options “Contact Information” fields….however, none of the info I entered there shows up? (I also verified that the page template I’m using is “Contact”)

Thanks in advance for helping me to get this sorted out! Overall a nicely done theme! :)

Hi and thanks for your purchase. If you navigate to appearance / widgets you will see the contact map widget. We actually give you a widget examples file as part of the help file and list this in the documentation. If you still need further assistance please use the new support forum Thanks for the purchase and good luck with the site! :)

Dear Jonathan….I just wanted to take a moment to publicly THANK YOU for the great theme and the prompt and super helpful advice you provided both here and via email. As a Wordpress novice, I struggled initially with the theme but with your documentation, email assistance and calls to my hosting company (I thought they might stop taking my calls ha!), I was finally able to sort everything. Wishing you much success and I will be looking for more of your themes in the future! You have my 5 stars!!! :)

:). Thanks so much! That really means a lot to me an my team!!

Hello Jonathan,

I am using your fitness theme on my website and want to know how to increase the height of the slider photos. See – the top of the images in the slider are getting cropped.

Another thing I need help with is, I have added a quote at the bottom of the slider – it is actually the alternative home page with no title and with the following custom style

main_section_home {

position:relative; width:100%; float:left; margin-bottom:-230px; background: #d9642e; }

The background color is not taking effect. Is there a better way to add this quote below the slider?

Third question, how to I get reduce bottom margin side that follows the copyright test ©2013 Classical Hata Yoga?

Thanks for your help.

Hi – we generally only answer support questions via the new support forum at, so in the future, please use this method of contact. However, for your height of your slider image, try uploading a slider image that is bigger than 389px in height. The slider wrapper is set at 800px high, so if you want more than that, you will have to edit the style.css.

The blockquote isn’t showing the background color because there is a background color already set on the blog_wrapper (which is the container for all content areas throughout the site) and no bakckground color set on the block quote. If you want to change this, you would need to edit this particular template file and give it a different class and assign your background color there. If you use firebug in the FF browser, you can pinpoint where the colors are being drawn from.

outer_footer_wrapper in style.css has a min-height set on it of 285px. Again, if you use firebug in FF browser you can see this and adjust accordingly in the browser and then make your final change in the style.css


Didn’t know about the forum. I’ll ask further questions there. Thanks for your help Jonathan.

We’d like to put the Calendar homepage column in the bottom row where the widgets are, and have something else in the first column on the homepage. Can you help us accomplish this?

Greetings! We are currently not taking on any projects right now so customizations are not available from us. However I’m not sure I understand what the calendar home page column is sorry but all customizations are the responsibility of the buyer – if you are just wanting to swap things around looking at the templates you will see we comment the code very well so just altering or swapping positions shouldn’t be too hard and a little css to tidy things up may be needed.


Hi Jonathan, I’m not using the class schedule feature as the times change each week. Is there some way of getting rid of the empty space beneath the class excerpts on the /our-classes page?

Hi – unfortunately I’m not sure I understand without being able to see your exact page as a link – if you could open a ticket at the support center and provide a specific link to your exact page with what you are looking to remove we can help – here is a link to the support center:


Disregard, I found a workaround. Tks

Hello jonathan,

I have a problem in the category widgets where it doesnt show any categories and only shows No categories if youre not logged in. The category widget works just fine and is showing if youre logged in.


Hi and thanks for the purchase. The category widget is a default WP widget. Sounds like something is conflicting. I would try deactivating all the plugins (except the ones we supplied) and try again. If you still need assistance please contact me via our support forum at


Okay, I found out that the plugin that caused it is the WishList Member. Is there any way that I can solve this without fully removing the plugin?

You would need to contact the plugin developer as something they are using in their plugin is conflicting with the core of WordPress

Hi Jonathan,

I’m glad I bought this theme, but I can’t get anything on the homepage columns to work. I’ve inputted information into the homepage setting fields, but nothing shows up.

The url is – if you could help out, much appreciated!


Setting your WordPress front page reading settings isn’t actually a theme thing, but rather a fundamental part of setting up WordPress that isn’t a blog only based theme. I’m sure once you set your reading settings you’ll be on your way :)


Hey Jonathan, just suggestion, maybe in the beginning of the documentation prior to explaining the theme options, maybe content import/setup should be mentioned there.

Literally, after I did that step, the whole template made sense. And the options were there for drop-down menus to choose from, where, before that step, the options weren’t there. But in any case, I got the entire template set-up and works amazing :)

Cheers, Harrison

Thanks for the suggestion, we’ll keep it in mind for the next theme.


I have really enjoyed this theme since purchasing it. Could you please tell me how to enable comments on the blog page that I have created so that readers can write comments on each post? Do I need to install another plugin or do I need to ensure that all the settings are correctly in place and if so what are they? I attempted to place a ticket through your support centre and used the screen shot to attempt to locate the code for verification, however the only link options available are ‘Regular Licence’ and ‘Help with Wordpress Install’

I look forward to your help.

Hi and thanks for the purchase – comments are a WordPress standard and can be made on any post of your blog (but not pages) – – this is WordPress’ site page about comments – you basically have a global setting in your admin and then can turn on / off per post.

I think maybe your not looking in the correct place for your license, you go to downloads > click Download and it states license – download the license and open to find your unique code.

Many thanks


Please, where are help documentation and dummy contents? Thank you Alberto :-)

When you clicked on the ‘downloads’ button, you didn’t see a dropdown appear showing you license, main files etc? If not, I would get in touch with Envato as they are the ones that distribute our files.


Sorry … is there … ops …thank you so much :-)

No worries! ;)