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Are you still making a wordpress version? If so, when will you release it? I’d love to buy this WP version.

Yes, but not sure when will get it finished.

Hello, I have problems with the form. Could I explain how it works? Thank you.

I have already sent you an e-mail. Let me know if you have any questions.

Hello, I did not receive the mail, you could send it again? Thank you,

2 quick things—love the template by the way.

1. I need to get the forms working. I know you just helped edumorata so could you pass that info along to me as well? 2. The area that says “It is now 12:20”, is there a way to link that to the actual time…ie…make it function? Cant figure that out..

Hi. Find file /js/build/production.js and change limit number in line 6159. Let me know if now it’s ok for you.

Thanks! That worked!

Hi I really like this template and would really like to buy this template. however I am confused about how it works.

Can I change the photos and put in my own youtube images? Can I change the text?

What program – software do I need to do this?

thanks A

You should know at lest basic knowledge of HTML and I recommend Adobe Dreamweaver for editing pages.

Nice template! I have one more question about the schedule. You already explained how to get the actual time (where it says Now It’s) running. I can’t figure out how to automatically display the next classes (What’s Next?) on Index or trainers.html for example. Is there a way?

Hi. Thanks for purchasing it. Since it is a HTML template is does not work as automatically. So once it will be converted into wordpress theme it will be available to display next classes without editing code.

hi. nice theme. when will you relaese the wordpress version? im waiting for it. : )

How long until the wordpress version is ready?

I am not sure, we are trying to make it as soon as possible.


Really nice template, but don’t u have Less or SCSS files included? It would very-very helpfull


No, only CSS and HTML. We a trying to get accepted Wordpress theme of this design so it will be up on themefores very soon. Thanks

HI I’ve some problems 1.- I can´t see a new video embed from youtube, 2.- How can I made these form works (Sign Up For A Free 1 Day Trial). 3.-Where I can change the hover of each classes (classes info) and did you have more sports icons?

Great template MunFactory

Thanks :)

1. Did you try to upload site somewhere? When I open local file it does not show to me, but uploaded online it seems to work fine.

2. It can be done as simple contact form. Please check this link to one of simple PHP contact form

3. See file classes.html from line 70 till 117 is a example of modal box. You should make for each class an unique modal box and assign an unique id for each. Then you should put that id-s into link data-target. Let me know if you did not understand and I will make a more detailed tutorial.

Thank you for you soon reply, All works fine. Did you have more icons for fitness classes?

Sorry, no.


Would like to buy this theme but it is imprerative that it may work with MONERIS plugin (and not Paypal)


Our business sells hockey bag (and sports) bag…is there possibility to just create pages with text (and images)? I don’t see it in you theme (sorry it seems an obvious question ;) )

Hi danicklabrie,

Just to be clear, this is a HTML template (not a Wordpress Theme) so you can integrate/use it with any plugin that are ok with this. Also you can create pages with only text and images. Let me know if I can help you with something else. Thanks

He, Somebody knows how to make timetable reactive with real classes and real hours ? (I already changed the code to have actual time in “Now it’s”) Thanks

O ok…I guess it’s the same thing with “Today” filter in Classes pages ? And where can I find the page when you clic on class in the schedule ? Thanks

Yes. Same for time table on classes page.

Pop up with class details can be found in page classes.html from line 71 to 117. Also you’ll need to link to modal box’s ID. Let me know if you’ll have more questions.

ok thanks I think you should warn people in item details that “timetable”, “today” filter and other things I didn’t discovered yet are inactive/useless, it will prevent disappointment….

If there a modulo for photos in the template? Didn’t find anything specific in the live preview. Thanks.

No. Will have it in next update.

Hi, contact form doesn’t work ?

Download last update and edit lines 3 and 4 in contactengine.php and it will work.

ok thanks

Hello, I have just a little display problem in small resolution like laptop. In my work server it works very good . But in client server the display doesn’t work well … Do you have an idea to solve that ?

Thanks Julien

Send me an email on and attach some screenshot of issue you see. Thanks

Great theme,

Am having a small problem with the nav menu. The underline bar stays on the home tab regardless of what page you are on, any ideas?

It is currently being developed here:

Thank you.

In order to make a menu item active you’ll need to add class “active” to it as it’s now with Home link.

How do you make a hover menu on your template ?

Hi. Do you mean dropdown menu ?

No. This option is not available. May be included in next update.

Is it possible to make a required field in contact form e.g. phone? What changes in contactengine.php and html are necessary?

Thanks for reply and great theme so far.

Hi and thanks for purchase. For making an input required please add “required” to the input. So it will look like this:

<input type="text" name="name" required>

Hey, thanks a lot :-) Works great