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sent email a while back… waiting response. Also email not working. we’re not receiving any emails. (mailer.php)

well… we fixed the mailer issue. but maybe you can reply to the next one.

#1. I sent several emails but no reply. So please help us out here?

#2. I used the code on the slider:

<a href="#video"> Video </a>

It seems to “JUMP” to the video instead of smooth scrolling. How can this be fixed?

#3. Is it possible to show the Video when we scroll to that sections?

It’s just a matter of telling the script to scroll down to the video section and “autoOpen”the video in the Modal window instead of clicking the big PLAY BUTTON. Which by the way looks really bad on the iPad and other tablet devices…

Surely you can help us out here!

Thanks for your help, sir.

Here is what site look like on iPad … . As you can see, the video section is just a blinding white screen! This is why we need the modal pop up or something better. Really hope this can be fixed.

hello, Would like to know , How can I make it work, the subscriber form, inside the slideshow , the mailer it works on the contact us form, but not the subscriber form in the slideshow ,

Hi, this is a very nice lloking template! But a responive template should work on mobiles and tablets (otherwise there is no need for responsiveness), would it be possible that you can please fix the following issues? (I tested on a clean installation) – First text block (orange bg) does not show in portrait mode (but it does in landscape mode) – Slider under “Team” does only show the small round pictures and does not change automatically – As soon as the “Gallery” has been clicked and you then click on the Pictures under “Team”, the page jumps to top and the slider under “About” does not run automatically anymore – The modals under “Gallery” are not responsive – Video sections do not show at all

Thank you very much for you support!