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Thank you so much

You planning on a WP version. Lovely theme but it would be too much for my client to update without a CMS , Should I keep my fingers crossed?

we haven’t planned any WP version at the moment .. but we will consider your suggestion . Thank you

This really is an AMAZING Theme (even on mobile View! and GRT drop down menu there) Any chance on a WP version?? Will buy immediately!

we haven’t planned any WP version at the moment … Thank you so much

An excellent template , great job

Thank you so much

Great! oh and make the WP!! ;)

Thankyou so much .. sure :)

love the landing page, thank you! I’m just having a hard time identifying what’s creating this static and blocking some of the images:

You can see the install at

Thanks in advance!

it’s your hosting provider .. the template is working perfectly on demo .

question how to relink the video? I need to put a youtube video pop up rather than the demos “envato vimeo video” Please get back to me as soon as possible, this html theme is awesome!

Hi melonslice … the video is embeded in a iframe .. you should locate the lines where the iframe is located in index.html ( line 463 ) and change it with yours .

Thank you .

Quick question where in the index is the testi-bg.png and video-bg3.png located? I need to change the titles, because I created a jpg version and I cant code it because I cant locate where the code is.

the index is index.html … the titles are located in the top of the document and the images are located in img folder .

Thank you

Great template – any idea where to get the KlavikaBold font from – document keeps crashing photoshop CS6/FontXxplorer X Pro, when opening and not having that font installed ?

Hi Thomas .. Klavika is a Premium Font .. but it’s only used in the social icon so you can ignore the alerts and rasterize the layer .

if you can’t open the document please email us and we will send you a adapted .psd file .

Thank you and Good luck .

Hi there!

First of all congratullations, you have a real great landing page template. Keep going the good work.

I`m trying to put in action the simple send email form on the top banner area! Can you tell me the better way to do it?

Thanks in advance!



Hi jviegas .. as the documentation show .. you must edit mailer.php an d put your own email .

for the rest as this is a HTML template .. you should open index.html edit the text and the images are located in /img/ folder .. you can replace it .

Hope this help you . Thank you

Very nice theme. I purchased recently. Question: is it me or is the facebook and twitter buttons backwards in the hover section of the TEAM?



Hi Voicepro .. Thank you for using Fitnex .

it seems you have some issues with the social buttons in the Team section hover due to the changes you have made .. please send us your package to support email – support(@) and we will fix it for you .

Thank you again .

Hey, I mailed you about the slider. Can you please check your mail.


No reply yet. It’s been 6 days now.

Checking it right now , sorry for the late reply this is the website, slider is not working good. I tried removing left: -100% from js but after that slider was messed up. I just increased the height of navigation bar with the logo.

1st of all: great template. 2nd: is there a way to add a fourth <li class="span4 team-s" />, instead of only 3, in order to keep it responsive? I tried it, but… no way. Do I have to adjust both bootstrap.min.css and style.css? Thanks in advance!

Hi alemarengo

yes you can , you must name it span3 and not span4 .. it will be responsive

Thank you .

Great theme! Would buy a WP version immediately – any chance of one?

Yes sir .. it’s coming with Fintnex V2 .

Thank you for your interest .


How do I make the slider section at the top contain the video like the section further down?

Would like to know before I buy, thanks!

A couple of questions that I did email a few weeks ago, but I received no response.

1. How do I put a H1 title tag at the top. When I put one in it seems to upset everything on the page.

2. What’s the best way to switch out the gallery section and insert some text in p tags? (Don’t want to mess up responsiveness etc.)

Hi nasph , Sorry for the late reply . we didn’t receive any email from you .

please send us your package and we will adapt it to this specs .

Thank you .

Yeah, I sent another email. Can you DM me on Twitter @nasph

And still yet to reply to my email. Why?

Quick question: can the contact form be integrated into mailchimp as an email list signup form? Thanks!

Hi mmadox yes , you have only to rename the ids of the inputs in contact form .. adapting it to mailchimp will be easy .

Thank you for your interest .

I’m brand new to it all- WP, HTML, and I’ve customized it in 1 day w/ a tiny bit of guidance from a friend. Love the theme. Thx!

Considering for purchase.
Can the “Watch Now” button on the Image Slider (slide #3) be coded to scroll down and play the “WE ARE HERE FOR A MISSION - See Us in Action” video?

If so, Im all in!!


I read the comments and I am going to purchase in good faith that you can help with minor edits.

My logo is 340×64. When I add it to the img folder, the navigation seems to disappear at the top!

Hi hifidev , sorry for the late reply , please email support at support(@) and we will assist you in everything , Thanks .

hi, server is down. can’t preview your lovely theme.

Thanks for noticing , it was a temporal bug