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Theme looks great, but is it easy to change the google maps location? I’ve had problems in the past.

In custom.min.js file near google map code, just change the value in google.maps.LatLng(34.05223, -118.24368) that’s all

Theme looks great. But in the product portfolio, at the pop up screen when i scroll it keeps on scrolling. I will buy it if that is fixed.

How to make the right scrollbar appear bydefault, currently it’s appearing on only hover, and also how m supposed to change the color of that scrollbar

inside the main-fm.js file. find the line $(“html”).niceScroll({ , just add the parameters cursoropacitymin:1 to remove autohide and cursorcolor:”#000000” for changing the scrollbar color that’s all

$("html").niceScroll({ zindex : 90000000, cursorborder : "0px", cursorcolor : self.scrollColor, cursorwidth:"7px", scrollspeed :70, horizrailenabled:false, cursoropacitymin:1, cursorcolor:"#000" });

After editing, rename the main-fm.js file to main-fm.min.js

Can dropdown menu be made easily from links??

It would be great to be able to cycle through Mobile Screenshots like Monitor. I suppose it would be easy replicate the Monitor code and swap it for Mobile Screens and Phone background.

Really great theme.


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Hi, very nice theme! I would only ask you how can I change the grayed contact map to the standard coloured “map” of Google Maps. Thanx!


In custom.min.js file near * // Google map Code* comment line just remove the stylers: attribute value ( near 1216 line)


stylers: [ { hue: ”#222222” }, { visibility: ‘simplified’ }, { saturation: -100 }, { weight: .5 } ]

Modify to

stylers: [
       { color: '#222222' }

Thats All.

Note: First rename the custom.js file to custom.min.js file and then edit the file

Regards, Mani FM


synodia Purchased