Discussion on Fixy: A Simple & Sexy WordPress Theme

Discussion on Fixy: A Simple & Sexy WordPress Theme

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I have updated to fixy 1.3.1 and now the buttons disappeared and only shortcode is visible.

The changelog doesn’t show any details on this update. http://update.meanthemes.com/changelog/fixy/update.html

Can you help me fix this? ​


It is not a known issue. It looks like we forgot to push the change log on the update platform. But I’ve just added the history at the end of the item detail page here on ThemeForest.

Yes, no need to renew your support license for this! You should now be able to submit tickets directly without an active support key ;)

We are not able to reproduce the error. Can you create a support ticket on https://www.meanthemes.com/support/ with your website details? (no need for an active support key anymore)

I see what the problem was. There is a new plugin added to the theme which I hadn’t noticed…

Now it works!

Hi there. I purchased the Fixy theme in April 2014, and have found that my site is no longer accessible. I get this message instead: Fatal error: Cannot redeclare the_post_thumbnail_caption() (previously declared in /home/cbrownlee8/brewsforblood.com/wp-includes/post-thumbnail-template.php:244) in /home/cbrownlee8/brewsforblood.com/wp-content/themes/fixy/framework/default.php on line 116 Can you tell me what’s going on here? Why I can’t access my site? Thank you!

Hi there yes it was a bug that was found in our framework we patched it the day it was found. You can read more on the solution here: https://meanthemes.ticksy.com/article/8162/

Thanks. Unfortunately, that doesn’t help, as I can’t even access my site via WordPress. I get the same fatal error when trying to go that route. Even when I try to access FTP via DreamHost, I can’t get through. So essentially my site is dead because of this bug, and I can’t get it back up and running?

Your FTP should still be accessible there is absolutely no way this bug has affected FTP in any way. I’d suggest contacting Dreamhoat and ask them to fix your FTP you can then go ahead and apply the fixes from the link above.

Hello! I have a pre-sales question. Is there anyway to add a search box somewhere?

Hi you could add a search box with a standard search widget to one of the widgetized areas

Hi, i really would appreciate if you would tell me what is google font service code. I really like to use google web fonts. And it is possible to make use of fonts that are installed on the system (server).

Hi there, I’ll reply via the support ticket you’ve just added.

pre sales question. Your theme hasn’t been updated for a long time, not that it’s functionality would require, but are you planning any updates to assure compliance with wordpress versions and/or (future, possible) security concerns? would be pity to buy this theme and face problems in a year or so…

Hello we check all our themes as each WordPress version is released and fix any critical bugs. Our themes are built to best practice so it’s rare to have security concerns unless best practice turns to a security issue. Fixy is so simple it hasn’t required an update in this time. Having said that we cannot guarantee any of our themes will be around forever so if you are worried about longevity you may want to purchase a newer theme. You’ll also want to buy an extended support package as themeforest only provides 6 months cover on all of its WP items.

thank you very much for quick reply. brings confidence in your long term commitment to project. I will definitely look around for your themes.

No problem

Pre sales question. Can Fixy be modified to display full-width at all times?


Are you talking about placing that code in the Fixy plugin and hitting save or through the WP Dashboard?

If you buy it you’ll see what I mean, the theme comes with a custom css block you can add custom css too

Hi there, your theme looks great. Pre-Sales question: I want to use the theme with a static homepage. I would imagine that shouldn´t be a problem although I prefer to ask first instead of realizing later, that I was wrong. Best Michael

No problem at all :)

Hi there, already purchased and installed the theme on http://folsäure.eu . Although the comments are activated, they do not show on the site. Is this meant to be this way and do you have a solution?

Hi there, comments are only for posts, not pages on Fixy. You can add comment functionality into pages, but it is a customisation you need to make via PHP using the Child Theme, we can guide you through this if you need help at https://meanthemes.ticksy.com/

Hi there,

Having a stupid problem here. Maybe it’s me, don;t know (Hopefully it’s just me. )

The changes that I apply on the customize section do not reflect on the home page (with all the articles) – They only reflect on the article’s page.

Am I missing something here? Thank you.

By the way, the changes reflect fine if I’m logged in as admin, but not if I log out.

Sorry, this was resolved already. Great theme!

No worries if you need anything please don’t hesitate to log a support ticket https://meanthemes.ticksy.com

Hi thinking of buying this theme, was wondering: 1. does the theme allow for showing or moving to the previous/next posts from inside a post 2. can the menu lock so you dont have to show it. 3. can you enable just one of the two menus (dont really want the circle drop down menu)

I really want to use the posts of this theme design and the side bar like the static menu displayed here> (http://demo.codestag.com/?theme=raiden) and

Hi there, your comment has been cut off, but I can try and answer the first 3 points.

1. They are at the foot of every post as per the demo, if you want to move them you’d need to edit the code.

2. Can you turn the menu off? Yes :)

3. You can turn the widgets area (circle) off.

If you need anything else, please let us know.

Can you advise as to how to actually use background images instead of colors on the menu on the left? Like the preview? I cant find it in the theme options.


Sure, just go to Appearance > Customise > Image Uploads > Sidebar/Header Background image. Image sizes are explained for that section on page 9 of the documentation PDF.

Having some insane caching issues, does Fixy have any of it’s own build in caching ? Can’t get anything to update on the front end, no caching plugins either, haven’t seen anything like it in 10 years of Wordpress development myself. Any ideas ?

No, Fixy is as simple as it gets with no caching. Some hosts are doing their own caching now, it would be worth asking them if they are doing anything.

Hi Guys,

Can the drop down menu displayed as the ‘three bar icon’ be permanently down? I think it makes it look neater and easier to navigate.

Thanks in advance

Hey there you could do that with a little bit of extra CSS/JavaScript via the child theme

hi. Your theme is perfect for my purpose. I have only a little question: is it possible to widen the logo image instead of 90px?

thank you in advance

Sure if you raise a support request at http://meanthemes.ticksy.com we will send some custom css your way.

I tried to ask a question (see below) on the support forum. You told me “The Envato Purchase Code you’ve entered is for a different product.”

Can you fix this for me? I have definately bought the theme and inserted the right code (about 30 or 40 characters)


Can you help me to increase the size of the logo in the upperleft corner?

No matter how small or big I insert it, it displays too small for me.

Can you help?


Hi Maaike, did you select Fixy WordPress or Fixy Ghost?

Please try again via http://meanthemes.ticksy.com and send a link to your website so we can try and see the issue.

:-) aha, that was the problem! I have send it in now. No URL. Site is behind coming-soon-page….

ok lovely, we’ll need to see a URL though so we can diagnose the issue.

Pre-sales question. Is there anyway to widen the width of the post? on a large screen, the frame only goes about 2/3 of the way across the screen.


It depends how big your screen is I guess but you could tweak the CSS easily enough to widen it. It’s something we can help with after purchase :)

Hi, great theme, I’ve just purchased and love it. One question: Is it possible put the images inside the article with the same wide of the header image? (wihout increasing the text width)

I’d like big images in all site.


Hi there thanks for purchasing no sadly that isn’t possible to do on this theme.

Ok, no problem, I’m happy with my new website. http://www.airspotters.org/

One question more: Is it possible put the number of views in each post? I’ve tried with WP-PostViews http://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-postviews/installation/ but i can’t find post.php…

Regards. Manuel

Hi there I’m not 100% sure what you mean but it sounds like you need to so something in single.php? If you are still stuck could you send in a support ticket at http://meanthemes.ticksy.com along with all the details and a link to your website and we’ll take a look? Thanks for purchasing :)

Hi, this theme is awesome, i use it in www.fotosapiens.es, i have a question, is there any way to put the featured image from Flickr? without hosting the image in server, thanks for your work

Hi there, no the image is self hosted I’m afraid, you could probably make it work with flickr but you’d need a WordPress developer to do the work for you – it’s not something we’d be able to offer help with via our free bug fixing support. Thanks again for you kind words and for purchasing :)

You provided custom CSS code to narrow the sidebar (main-footer, .site-head { max-width: 330px; })

How do you widen the blog content to meet the shorted sidebar? Ultimately I would like elimate the sidebar all together by setting the width to 0, so how would like expand the blog to fullscreen?

Hi there, Fixy isn’t designed to work without a sidebar, if you remove the sidebar you would lose the logo, site title, site navigation and widgets. We can help with CSS to reduce width of sidebar and increase content, but that is probably best dealt with via a support ticket rather than in the comments which we usually reserve for pre-purchase questions.


Love this theme, pre sales quesion: Does the theme support self hosted videos ;)

Thanks :) self hosted videos will work inside the post itself using the standard wordpress wrapper, but the video post format where the video is in place of the featured image is designed only for third party services like Vimeo and YouTube.

Hey there! Bought and love the theme (brewsforblood.com). Good stuff. Have a few questions, though…

1. How do I change the info that’s displayed above each post? I’d only like the date to appear. I don’t need/want a category or author name.

2. How do I lighten the overlay on the left column? It’s making the background image dark and tough to see.

3. The “Latest Tweets” widget isn’t working. I get this message instead of my Twitter content: “Error: Plugin not fully configured” Not sure how to fix that.

Thanks! Hope these are simple enough questions.


Hey there CB,

If you jump on support we can send some CSS for 1 and 2.

Latest Tweets plugin – you need to set up the developer twitter information, that should be covered in the plugin authors documentation. Make sure you are using http://wordpress.org/plugins/latest-tweets-widget/ as there are a couple with the same name!

If you’re still stuck, mention that on support too and we’ll have a look.


Hey thanks!

I fixed the Twitter thing with that bit of help—much appreciated.

I’m headed to support now… Also want to see about changing the site title font size.

Thanks again,


No worries, we’ve already replied :)


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