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You need to move it tonthe Landing Pages category in Marketing

Just noticed the reviewer yup ;)

Looking perfect ;)

Thanks so much !

Just bought it, awesome work here ! That font did you use for the logo ?

what font did u use for the logo??

I love this theme! Am I able to use it with WordPress??

Hello, it’s not supported for Wordpress, it’s an HTML Template :)

Oh darn. I’m a novice at this. What easy to use WYSIWYG html editor do you recommend?

Ha, i’m using Coda with Mac Os, but you can’t edit it in live. Maybe you could try with Dreamweaver.

Will the picture at the very top of the page be included in the template I brought? If not, where can i get it?

By the way, I really really love the theme! great work! sleek and beautiful!

Hello :-) it´s not included into the template sorry… Anyway Thanks very much, don’t hesitate to rate The template into your download page ;-)

I am having issues getting the application screen shot centered aligned. It seems to be a few pixels off. I resized the png file several times and still cannot get this image aligned.

Could you give me your website by e-mail or a screenshots ? hello@iamsupview.be :-)

nice app, question: why does the page flicker as you scroll down? also onload the main image appears large, then settles into the page. any thoughts on what’s causing this behavior? or a fix? thx

Will check about this, cauz i don’t have this issue.

Also interested in the flicker-bug – just wanted to buy it but this would be a serious problem!

Yup, it’s probably my ScrollTo from jQuery, Thanks dwardt, I Think that i have found this issue, i’ll put a release asap

Ok, I’ll buy this theme if the issue is resolved!

Nevermind. Problem solved

Hey there, great theme! Got some more questions:

  • Is it possible to embed a youtube video in the header instead of a screenshot?
  • Is the signup form working? Am I able to setup an email template which people receive via email when they signup with their adress?
  • Hello dwardt, could you checked the template preview please ? if there’s still your flickering issue ?

    Unfortunately it’s still there… It seems to have some connection with the animation of the Iphone Image. I experienced that the animation was lagging very much while viewing the website with an android smartphone. Maybe there is something wrong with the js plugins

    Nevermind. Problem doesn’t appear anymore since I replaced the head image with an embedded video.

    What platform can this theme be used with if not Wordpress?

    Hello meevi, there’s no platform for this one, you have to take part to the code with program like Coda, Dreamweaver, etc then upload it on your FTP ;)

    I’m afraid I don’t know how to do such :(

    And, I really like this.

    Hey Supview, just bought your theme – and its nice so far! As I already mentioned, I replaced the image in the header (not the background; the img below the “GET NOTIFIED…” button) with an embedded youtube video.

    This is my screenshot: http://dennis-weinhardt.de/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/problem-videoheader.png

    And this is in my html: [code removed]

    and this is in the css: [code removed]

    And this is my problem: As soon as the browser windows height is too small to display the head section completely, the section with the youtube video doesn’t fluenty resize. Instead, the following section (container) just overlaps it, and it gets cutt off… can you help me with this please?

    Thank you! Dennis

    Ok…? Sent you an email

    Nevermind. Problem solved

    Glad to hear that :)

    <a class="button fade3" href="#footer">GET NOTIFIED WHEN WE LAUNCH</a>

    How do I make this button link to an external page instead of the footer?

    Hello utroligt, thanks for purchasing it :) You have just to replace the href=”#footer” by your link.

    Thanks for the reply, but I still cannot get it to work. Am I missing something obvious?

    <a class="button fade3" href="http://www.google.com" target="_blank">GET NOTIFIED WHEN WE LAUNCH</a>

    Nevermind. Just removed the button code in the main.js. :)

    Love it! I would love to a similar template except more focused on selling a currently-available product.

    Hello psychoguy991, Thanks ! You could do it, but you have to edit a little bit the code :)

    It seems like there are 2 templates shown but only 1 provided. Why is that?

    This is absolutetly the same theme :) The only thing is the images.

    Like all the others themes the images are not include ( crf Note )

    Images from live preview are not included in the template. No worries, it’s remplaced by picture from placehold.it website. The Images on this template are under my right of use.

    Love the template! Could you tell me where I can find images like the one in the header?

    Hello HaydenAnkor, First thanks for purchasing it ! Most of the my backgrounds are homemade, but in this case i have ask the permission of use from an Agency.

    Im am refering to the example with the blurry background image and the phone jumping in: There is no background placeholder image in the code I received (I am not talking about your bg-photo i don’t need at all, but about a plain placeholder I do need for inserting my own bg-photo) – and there is no instruction how to implement a BG-pic, hence no easy way to customize the code: Why is that so? Would you please insert some “placeholder_1600×1200px.jpg”, in your code, just for the sake of simplicity and clarity, and thus allow me to evaluate your work with 5 stars? :)

    Aww, I got it: I just exchanged the line nr. 187 in the “style.css” with ” background:url(’../img/exemple.JPG’) #363f48 no-repeat center center fixed; ” – voila :)

    It’s not noticed ? seems strange :) But yup you found it ;)

    A tasty work, kudos! :)

    How do you use them icons?

    You have a the whole icon disponible into the font folder, with a code for exemple : “?”