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I understand the image is not included in the package, but how can I put my own image in the background like you did for the second sample (the very top part)? Please let me know where and what code I should insert.

It’s on the main stylesheet ;-)

I found it. Thanks!

When I created my page on a test URL, the subscription button worked as expected. But now that I have moved everything to the live site it no longer works. The message comes up saying “You’ll be notified…” etc but I don’t receive an email. Any ideas?

Did you checked into your junk folder?

Yes, the email just never arrives. It is fine when it comes from the other URL though! yomstar.com (doesn’t work) vs rebeccanoir.com/yomstar (works)

Seems pretty strange, there’s something wrong with your hosting service no?

Great template! Totally love it, even if it’s grabbing all the sales in marketing category i’m competing in ;-)

Hep simonswiss ! Thanks for the lovely comment :p


Im having real trouble with getting the email subscription to send me an email. I have changed the PHP file and the email is not getting sent to junk folder. Do i have to do anything with my email server?

Hello davltay,

Normally nothing, maybe ask your hosting service, because most of the people haven’t this problem :/

Love the template – but I’m trying to change some of the colours. I’ve replaced them in the style.css file and it doesn’t seem to update the colours upon refresh?


Excellent theme, just wondering if the font file comes with the theme, I would really like to use that specific type of font for my company logo.


Hello sandeepb, It’s a custom made logo ;)

Having an issue with this theme. Its turning up this message on install “The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.”

Hello melvin, Sorry but this is not an Wordpress template, it’s just an HTML template.

Love this this theme! Btw, may i know the typeface you used for the Font logo- Flading? thanks!

What part of the .php script do you edit? I am rather confused on this.

What did you mean by php script ? There’s only the contact form php file ;)

Right, but what sections of the form do I edit for the subscriber emails to come to my email address?

It’s called form_sender.php ;) it’s noticed into the documentation.

Great theme! Three questions on our site www.non-q.com: 1. Is there a way to make the iphone picture (iphone_all10.png) appear in a mobile phone just like the desktop version? i.e., in a central position, cut in the middle, without resizing? It appears very small and full sized. I also tried using differently sized image (e.g. 500×900), which seems to work on the mobile version perfect – but in this case, the image will not be centered in the desktop version and will only be aligned on the left side. 2. Is there a way to add alternate text attribute on the metrize icons? I tried alt=”text”, but it doesn’t seem to work. 3. Can we add an auto-responder e-mail code? Thanks in advance!! :)

Hi, Would love to use this theme but I’m concerned about how fluid and responsive it is if I replace the screenshot for a YouTube video.

Will it scale with the orientation and size of the screen?

Hello SurveillanceTips,

I think so, if not you have just to add the fitvid plugin ;) pretty easy to implent into a website !

Excellent landing page, just purchased. Is your Flading logo custom? If not, what font?

What font is used in the flading logo?

Why is the demo not the same as the image on the sales page?

Hello, this is the same structure, just the images are modified ;-)


For some reason – JavaScript (main.js, etc…) does not execute when opened locally? What went wrong?

Hi, I downloaded the file .zip (1,38 MB) and all are corrupted, I can’t edit them. The files are with different codes as “Mac OS X 2?? 5TEXTTStuATTR? 5AQ? Ä? Com.apple” How I can customize the theme? Doesn’t work on any browser. Thanks

It’s pretty strange, are you sure that you downloaded it well without intersection ? It’s not a problem on the file because there’s 240 sales and none with this problem ! Please try to redownload it.

Thanks managed to download the correct file, but set up the php file and emails are not arriving in the box, or junk folder. Any tips?

I sent you an email but never got a reply, so I will try posting it here.

I am trying to add or at least change the button at the top that currently takes you to the bottom to put in your email. I should be able to change the href from the section id #footer to a specific external url, shouldn’t I? This doesn’t work on my site. I added a button and instead of going to a section ID, I changed it to take me to a different page. It doesn’t work when I click it, but I can right click and open in a new window just fine. I tested this in multiple browsers on different computers.

Please help me out, thanks!

Sorry, it won’t let me paste the code

It should look like this :
<a class="button fade3 goto" href="#footer">GET NOTIFIED OF OUR UPDATES>

And the other one is correct ;)

You are amazing! This script is great. Everyone, it’s worth the money.


I have a problem visualizing correctly this theme on my mobile phone.

I need to centre the images, now they are a little bit on the side:


How can I do it? Thanks!

Hi I have a problem with your web page, I insert a video instead of the image in the header. my problem is that the white part of the site cover a portion of the video when I reduce the size of the window of google chrome or my mobile. How must I do to settle this problem?


Hey I just purchased this.. Anyway you could link to me to the font you used for the logo?

Hello amoore, it’s a custom made logo, but you can check something simillar with Pacifico Font