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Great work, like always!

Thanks, glad you like it! ;)

Wrong shot right? :) Nice one btw!

wrong shot indeed :D Just updated the preview pic ;D Thanks!

Portfoliopages looks really awesome ! bookmarked

Congrats Kriesi…

Clean, beautiful work as always :)

Fantastic, this one is gonna be a bestseller for sure.

Wow, what a good looking theme. And I already know a use for it :)

WOW , everything about this is great!! great work as always!

very nice, clean and beautiful as always, congrats :)

great as always!

Can you replace the full width background picture with a full width slide ?

No sorry that not possible out of the box. One can probably do that but it would require quite some customization from a developer familiar to the framework. Guess that would be a 5-10 hour job to make it work perfectly :)

Ok, thanks. Happy Angular user

Thanks everyone, glad you like the theme! :)

Great work as usual Christian! B

You’re on fire with the Theme releases! Congratulations on another masterpiece!

sieht gut aus – hoffe für dich dass es länger als 3 tage auf der frontpage verharrt X-D

Just purchased the theme…really super template..

How to change: Welcome to Flagship on the frontpage

Would be possible: the easiest way is to create a new page (for example frontpage-slider-page) and to that page add all the slides you want to display.

Then open the template builder once again and place a slideshow element instead of the portfolio element at the frontpage. Set the slideshow element to “display slideshow of page” and select the page you just created (frontpage-slider-page in our example)

Thx for the quick response but what I mean is the item on the Frontpage..on your template is called “Recent Work”and shows 4 items on the bottom of the page…just above the footer.

My question is: If you have more than 4 items (like I do…i have more than 40 items) can the items shows as an rotating item with 4 items visible but more like a moving caroussel.

oh now I understand. Nope thats not possible sorry. you can of course add a link to a full overview site (a read more link for example) but there is no carousel option available :/

Hi, Is it possible to move and adjust the menu directly to the top only for Smartphones to view the photos without being cut ? (Nothing to change course for ipad, etc…). Thanks.

Hm not sure what exactly you mean? Put the dropdown menu on mobile devices on top of the page? that would be possible with 1 or 2 lines of CSS changes, yes :)

Another fantastic theme Kriesi! :)

Can the homepage full screen image (the one with the guy) change like a slider? Or does it need to be static?

This one needs to be static

Looks great, about to use this for an author. I just changed the background to a custom upload and clicked save and it still shows the sun background.

Theme Options > Styling > Header > Custom background > Uploaded a background and saved all changes.

Alright sparky! All Options saved, no problems whatsoever.

Background still the Sun.

I appreciate any feedback. Thx.


What you have changed is the general setting for all pages. This can be overwritten for each post. Just open the “Welcome!” Post in your wordpress backend and remove the custom background image for that post :)

Doh! Thanks Kriesi :)


Is there a option to put a video (vimeo) in the slider area as replacement for the custom background? That would be cool ;)

Great Theme!


Sorry thats currently not possible. You can place a vimeo video in the slideshow area instead of images but the large background images dont support video