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Damn!!! This will be a top seller. I’m buying it.

Hi Kriesi, Great work ! This theme is wonderful. Regarding my question of yesterday, is it possible to send to you a private message via your mail because i have a technical question before purchasing your theme. Thanks. :bigsmile: Mike

feel free to use this form here:

The lightbox does not work on the ajax portfolio.

Fix this and I am buying.

Thanks for the notice! Updated ;)

Pleaaaase add a vimeo button in you themes! :)

You mean Vimeo Social icon, like dribble, twitter, facebook etc? The theme already supports that, you can add more than 15 different buttons form your backend, including vimeo ;)

WOW ! Awesome theme. I’m probably going to buy it. On the landing page, is it possible to place a video over the large background image? Instead of the words sliding across the page, I’d like to just have a small area to click and watch a video instead. It wouldn’t replace the entire background image, but would just be a small vimeo or youtube player (640×380) that would be in the upper left or right hand corner with text to the side of it – no scrolling text or sliding pictures. I really need video on my index page and this would be the perfect place and perfect template!

By default a video would be possible yes. but by default the player would stretch accross the full width so what you would need to do is to style the player width with css to shrink it.

You can then use small slideshow captions to create the text beside the videos

Thanks for the reply. And would the background image stay in place with the video on top of it? Do you provide customization?

the background image would stay in place yes. I dont provide customization but modifying the iframe width of the slideshow isnt really what I call customization, so if you got problems modifying the width let us know on the support forums at and we will provide assistance ;)

Awesome Theme ;)

Absolutely a real great job. Now if I could just get my account to work right I would buy it

Where is the css for the menu hover colour. Can’t find it and any new one I create does not seem to apply the style. Bit strange but something is preventing it.

Any ideas.


This is generated dynamically to adapt to the colors you choose in your backend. if you want to overwrite only the color of the menu without changing other styles I would recommend to open the custom.css file in your css folder and paste the following rule:

#top .main_menu .menu ul, #top .main_menu .menu ul li, #top .main_menu .menu ul li a, #top .pointer_arrow{

Hey! Great theme! I really like the aviacordion slider in your corona theme. Is it possible to implement it here too?

Thanks in advance!

I am sorry but since the aviacordion slider is not yet responsive thats not possible at the moment…

Thank you! I’ve purchased the theme anyway, I really like it. One more thing, can you provide a PSD of the homepage or a contant page? I just see element PSDs.

Thank you!

Oh, Im sorry, the theme was never designed in photoshop, therefore I cant offer a full page psd :/ I built it right within the browser…

Purchased it. 5 stars ! I am fully satisfied. The support is quick and professional. This theme is wonderful. Good luck with sales. ;) Mike

Thanks! :)

I’m trying to change the main sun image. I saw where you wrote, “just open the “Welcome!” Post in your wordpress backend and remove the custom background image for that post.” However, I cannot find the “Welcome!” post. Can you please advise?

To be exact its the Welcome Page. In your wordpress backend check pages->all pages and scroll down to the Welcome Page, then edit it, as mentioned before :)

Good job Kriesi! :)

Prior to buying, I have one question:

Is it possible to have multiple portfolio’s within the site. For example, we want to setup a page called “Antique Furniture” and have categories such as Tables, Chairs, Sofas, etc.

On another page, we want to setup a portfolio called “Modern Furniture” and have categories such as “Paintings”, “Coffee Tables”, etc.

Is that possible? I am not talking about galleries, I am talking about Portfolios (with the beautiful Ajax details).

Thanks, Art

Yes thats possible. The theme demo always shows the same categories since its easier for me put you can create any number of portfolio pages and display only certain categories on these pages. You can choose to set the ajax effect for every one of them of course :)

Perfect! I appreciate the quick response… off to the purchase button I go!

Wooow :shocked: ! ! This theme is perfect ! I Hope one day to develop sites like you

Wooow :shocked: ! ! This theme is perfect ! I Hope one day to develop sites like you

Fantastic job !

Just a question: I’m using this great theme and i have a problem with the “Select a page” menu when the site is displayed on a smartphone: the menu is above the logo and under social picto, on the social media zone. It is also not centerded.

Is it a bug, or do i have to parameter something to display it under the logo, centered on the slider zone, as on your demo? Any idea?

Thank’s in advance! Phil.

Hm not really, sounds like it could be a bug… do you have any plugins running? Mind sending me a link to your site so I can take a look?

Hi Kriesi,

Thank’s for your answer. There is no plugin running. Here is the link to have a look:


Hey! Please check the contents of your custom.css file in the css folder. It appears that with the last upload some testing code ws not removed from the file (should be empty). Once this code is removed is should work fine again ;)

I’m trying to put an iframe html string inside the tab shortcode, but the iframe is not showing up. Any ideas?

Hm. Which Kind of Iframe content? I have heard from my support team that google maps has problems being displayed in tabs that set the invisible content to display:none;

Maybe its the same problem here…