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Will you be adding a add a Shop or Checkout feature to the Flagship theme anytime soon?

It’s a great looking theme and would love to use it.

Hm, sorry this is currently not planned.

Hey there,

Just a quick one – I made a post in your support forum re a background image challenge, any chance you could please take a look for us?

Much appreciated!


I am not sure if thats what you want but you could actually add this to your custom.css stylesheet in folder /css/ or to the quick-css panel located in your wordpress backend at flagship->styling:
div #apply_header_bg{position:fixed;}

That way the custom image at the top would be able to stretch full size accross the screen and you dont have the need to upload two different images. Is this what you have in mind?

I am upgrading from Display to Flagship, and all my portfolio posts were standard posts with portfolio categories, now they won’t appear in portfolios as they dont have the custom post type portfolio. Is there a way to use standard post categories instead of a custom post type?

(also posted here )

Hey! I am sorry but I dont know of a way of converting posts types.You might try to use a goolg esearch on that topic but it might be necessary to create new custom posts for this. sorry…

I really like it….only thing missing is video options.

Hey! The theme supports videos, but only as part of the slideshow if thats what you need :)

The big bg header unfortunately doesnt…

What is the size of the header background image that stretches across the entire page?

Thanks :)

The portfolio with ajax does not work with ipad.

i have a problem whit INTERNET EXPLORER 8 the images are not displayed in gallery.


Before to buy – I have an question. The already included translation in Romanian language are out of the box solution ? I mean all are already translated ?

When using portfolio, I’d like an image as the thumbnail and then a video when the ajax larger version comes up. Is this possible using the wp backend?


Arj Purchased

The theme does not seem to work correct. On a iPad the axaxed portfolio function stops working after clicking/opening 3 – 6 items. only after a refresh of the entire page you can click another item again. Can you fix this asap! Same issue on the iPhone device.

hi – great theme, one of my favorite I’ve ever seen. quick questions:

a) I really need the bottom to be full width panel, like your “corona” theme, is that possible in this?

b) is possible to add full width top bar like in corona too?

c) i want menu to be at top left, can I do that? left justified instead of right..

d) can top slider have unlimited (5-10) alpha pngs? it shows 4 now

Before I buy, is there an option for transperens drop down menues in this theme, like the menu bar?


Christer Bjuhr

very nice :)

Good Luck !

Hi, first of all let me congrat you for this great template!

I have some questions:

1. Is there any way to improve the quality of the header images? The image on contact page: although it’s blurred on the “background” the guy on the first plan seems a bit blurred.

2. Can i assign a header image for each page on the site, example: assign a different image for homepage, contact page, blog page, etc..

3. Is it possible to choose like 3 header images for homepage and get these loaded randomly on page load?

4. Can i change the homepage layout to include blog posts and change the right sidedbar width to 300px?

Thank you, John


I have just purchased the theme because I had a need of more quality on-page optimization with the right tags and so on. As you know there is a structure problem with showing the right tags in many themes and offcourse I want the page title to be the

. When I checked it out with a program that reads the page like the spiders, the title is not found as the

. There is no differens if I tag a new headline, the program can´t still find it. This is super important to me and I came to the conclusion that this theme would be allright, refering to the item detail text.

Can you help me to fix this? Otherwise I probably have to change the theme, before I even started for real….

Best Regards

Christer Bjuhr

Hi there, this is Josh here, i would like to buy this “Flagship – Responsive Business and Portfolio” word press theme. I am totally new in word press, can I know what is the procedure to install this theme in my word press website? Should I upgrade to word press premium to install this theme? or I can using the basics word press to install this theme?

Hey! You cant use themes purchased here on, if thats what you mean. You need to get the software from and install it on a web server :)


Arj Purchased

What is the deal here? Please respond to the questions. This realy sucks. As a reminder: I paid $45 for your theme.

Hey! In the future please submit requests and bug repots to the support forum at – as is mentioned in the Item description.

You will get a faster response since we have a single place to track requests and dont need to watch 40 different themeforest items.

As for your question: We could identify the source of the problem, the theme will receive an update very soon ;)


Arj Purchased

Thank you for the feedback and good to hear you’re working on an update to fix the issue. I will keep it in mind about the support forum.

Hello, great theme! I have a question before I buy-I can’t tell what exactly about the fonts you can change from the control panel (without code). Can you adjust the color, size and style of the fonts for the entire site, or just the headings? Thank you!

Portfolio does not work for subpage.