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Hi there!

Great theme guys, it’s a pleasure to work with!

We have a question for you – we have over-ridden the background settings so that we simply use 1 background image for the whole site – our question is: the background image shrinks when on a smart device, rather than remain its actual size like it does on a computer, how can we make the background image remain its actual size and NOT shrink when on a smart device?

Let me know if you need to take a look at the site.

Many thanks in advance for your help, much appreciated!

Team WhatBox

Hi there, This theme could be really perfect for my client’s training centre. I’ve noticed on your example, that you can switch colour styles – very cool. I would like to implement that into my own version of Flagship for those with poor eyesight. Can this be achieved easily?

Also, do you have control over sidebar and page widths?

Many thanks and big congrats on another cool product.

I don’t want such a huge header image. If I use a thinner image, does the theme resize properly?

Hi, great job with the theme. Bought the theme and started implementing come custom styles to suit my client’s new website.

One question: how can i create current page highlight in the menu?


Before buying, can we have different page with different header image similar like contact us page

Hi, a need create slideshow+caption in “header background” fullscreen, this is possible? tks

Hi, could you tell me what file contains the location of the top set menu (not the css but where it references the wp_menu function). I’d like to change it to a custom menu and if you could tell me where that code is it would save me a lot of trouble finding it. thanks, Meg

Hi – Is there a way to add “tags” into the Portfolio Posts. We have it for pages and posts as a standard, but I cannot seem to get it to show on the Portfolio section and we could really benefit from having it in that section as well. Thanks!

Sorry, I was commenting on the wrong theme – please disregard! Thanks!

I’m considering using a couple of your themes. Unfortunately my client had a logo designed only for white backgrounds but white does not seem to be an option on the predefined skins. Is it terribly difficult to add my own skin? Thank you in advance.

Hi there, nice theme. How do we change the footer? “Interesting Stuff” and the words below it?

Why no answers to these questions?

I have a question about the home slider.

I have 2 images on slider:

Both are 990×360. Test shows the correct size, headerTest3, expands vertically. How can I make it so it doesnt do this?

Great theme but If you do not have a clue about php and css do not expect any help from the support team.

If you do have some knowledge the support seems helpfull.

Disapointed Customer with support !!!

Hi, Congratulations for this great theme! We aim to use flagship with a multilanguage website and we’d like to know what plugin would work best for translation? We have in mind WPML but we need your recommendation between CMS and BLOG versions. Would BLOG version work for us? Thanks for your support!

Hello, Very nice work, bravo! I wanted to ask my question in your support but you must have purchased to ask a question… I need to know before buying your theme so you can put links on the images of the slider. I leave images that are used in the example text homepage type “Landing Page Example” Thank you for your answer.

Hi. How can I disable the widget-footer completely? I do not want to display any widgets there but when I remove all the widgets, the footer widget space remains.

Great themes !!

I have bought Choices and Flagship and would like to incorporate the sidebar_tab and bigbox shortcodes of Choices to Flagship.

Is there a easy way?

Thanks in advance.

Hi there,

some parts are shown in german. How can I change the language back to english?

Hi there, recently downloaded your template but am having problems with the columns. I’m using your [one_third] shortcodes as delivered by your in-editor wizard, but the third column keeps showing up below the first – see Finally, there seems to be a similar issue with the footer, where the fourth column is jumping below the third. Can you help? Also, why does the template auto-populate the footer if there is no content?