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Quick question….the very bottom footer with the Copyright link…I can’t seem to find where to edit that? Great theme! Thanks.

how would i get the pages to start below the pictures in the slider, rather than overlap onto the image. For example on the homepage of the preview site you have Welcome to Flagship, a bold & clean business theme! How would i remove that entire box and just have the rest of the image show up.


I purchased this theme a couple of months ago and am having some problems. I tried to use my Purchase Code to register with your support forum but I am getting an error. Can you help me?

Thank you!

This is the site i created using your theme, i havent done anything crazy, can you please help me, why is my page forced down like this, when i first started adding posts and pages, i didnt have to scroll all the way to the bottom to see the content, it was all top aligned perfectly

Great theme! Is there a way to have a different background image for each slide? kinda like this site: I’ve tried getting ti to work but it only changes the background on the bottom half of the page not the header_bg on top…


Is there a place I can find instruction as to how I update the theme without messing up my site? :) Thanks for your help!

Where can I find some video tutorials on setting up the flagship theme? I mean a comprehensive video from entering pictures to the portfolio area, linking pictures to other pages, and so on.

Thank you,


Hey, I installed the theme (WP 3.5). Flagship Theme Options are there but not working – nothing happens when I try to modify Frontpage Settings, Logo, Favicon etc. ... any idea?

Hello Kreisi,

We are having an issue with the slider on Safari. the text next to our images is becoming truncated and falling below the slider. Chrome looks fine, but safari, and also the mobile version of your website are acting terrible.

Fixing the Mobile and the safari display is important to us, we cannot use this theme without them working, any wisdom?

here is our URL –

Please let me know asap, i see that you havent responded in months to people so i hope this isnt a dead effort.


Steven CEO/President Uber Motif LLC

i Just Love Your Template. One Question i have before get it. I need a gallery like a lightbox….and i cant find this option on your template/preview. It’s it available on this template?

Quick pre-purchase question. If I were to enable woocommerce, would it all work in conjunction with this theme??


hey. We are working on a full woocommerce integration right now. Will probably finish it during the next week. Then everything should work fine ;)

awesome, always loved this theme so woo with it will be amazing. Thanks

I can’t edit anything in theme option, it always show warning Saving didnt work! Please reload the page and try again

I already put this problem into support area but no reply after 24 hours waiting.

Can you please help???

WordPress 3.6 Update

Hey Guys! We just released an update for WordPress 3.6 which fixes a Slider issue and some other smaller problems.

If you have any issues please update to the latest theme version :) In case you run into problems feel free to open a support thread:

I just purchased the flagship theme yesterday and I’m really frustrated. Every time I try to edit any widget, it hangs. When I come back to the widget page it shows NOTHING there. WHAT? Please help. this is driving me crazy.

Hey! Mind opening up a thread in our support forum?

Please add a link to your site and also tell us if you have made any recent changes (modified code, activated new plugins etc)

Thumbs up for excellent documentation on the updates. Love this theme, and when we noticed there was a bug to be fixed, all we had to do was come download the new version and update the files listed and all is working perfectly again! Great job Kriesi

Thanks a lot!


I pre purchase question: is it possible to put the logo in the center en main menu underneath the logo instead of next to the logo?


Any chance of getting an answer?

Sorry, must have missed the requests :(

Its not possible out of the box but with a few lines of css modifications to the logo and the menu this could be achieved


I pre purchase question: full woocommerce integration right now? Demo does not store.

Any layerslider ?

Neither, sorry. If you need that I would recommend our latest theme enfold.

Hi! Has this theme but updated to the latest version of wordpress? Thank you :)

Hey! Yes the theme has been updated to work with wordpress 3.7.1


Hi, I downloaded the latest version but I can’t see any PSD file for the whole site. I bought Enfold and it has this file.

Any chance to get it?


Hey! Unfortunately I usually only do a rough moclup in photoshop and then create the theme in in the browser. Since Enfold was so popular I have created the PSD files afterwards but Flagship doesnt have any others than the few already included… sorry for that