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Hi, First at all, thanks for selling at low price the flair awesome template. Here’s my question. The main menu disappear when decreasing screen size, just before the hamburger menu appears. Is there a way to make the logo menu get smaller when the menu is approaching ? website (unfinished):

Thanks Best regards,

Purchase: a26b4549-111d-4652-b1d5-309fe243d372


Hi, you can alter the width of the logo in your css > media queries


Contact form: When i press the button send (sturen) we get a error. What is going on?

’; } // Check email if(!$email) { $error .= ‘Plaats een e-mail adres. ’; } if($email && !ValidateEmail($email)) { $error .= ‘Plaats een geldig e-mail adres. ’; } // Check message (length) if(!$message || strlen($message) < 10) { $error .= “Plaats uw boodschap. Deze dient minimum 10 karakters te zijn. ”; } if(!$error) { $mail = mail(CONTACT_FORM, $subject, $message, “From: ”.$name.” <”.$email.”>\r\n” .”Reply-To: ”.$email.”\r\n” .”X-Mailer: PHP/” . phpversion()); if($mail) { echo ‘OK’; } } else { echo ‘

???? pleace ASAP a answer

please check that you have all the files in the correct place.

I’ll found the problem already … the problem was the server. I drop the files on a other serve and it work :) Inge

how can I disable the smooth scroll and effects by mobile devices? because it’s loading very lazy so the customer scrolls faster than the website is loading…

Hi.. Its being long time since there is no update in theme…

Can you please updates of plugins: - Bootstrap v.3.3.6 - Cube Portfolio v.3.4.3 - Font Awesome 4.5.0 - jquery.js v1.12.0 - Royal Preloader - wow.js - socialstream.jquery.js - smooth-scroll.js - owl.carousel.min.js - jquery.cubeportfolio.min.js - jquery.fs.wallpaper.js - Any other…

And also please send me documentation for Cube Portfolio & Royal Preloader…

Thank you…

Looks great, would this enable me to add an email optin form on the landing page with a countdown timer, i think that would look great. Any advice welcomed, also looking for someone to do this and we appreciate anyone getting in touch with more ideas. Thanks

Hi! I’m so sorry, but I thought I purchased the WordPress version of this theme. Instead, I bought the Bootstrap version. Is there a way that I could switch to the Wordpress version and you can just charge me for the extra money that I owe?

I’m sorry there isn’t.

Hi, great theme. I’ve an issue with the colour fade background in the home div. It works fine, accept for when I load the page via https. The background fails to change colour, can you advise on a fix?

Sorry, I’m not sure.

Thank you for a GREAT template. Quick question: How/where do you set up the text content for the “ticker”?

Thanks, FRank

Hi, at the bottom of > scripts.js

Thanks – found it shortly after I had emailed you asking about it. Keep up the great work!

I would like to cancel this buy, I thought that I was buying a WordPress theme. Could you support me, please, to cancel. Thanks.

Hi, I’m not able to give refunds you will have to contact support.

Hello, I’m about to purchase your fantastic template but I was wondering if there is a way for the “items” of the menu to change color as you srolling down the page (as seen on many “html one page” templates) ?

Great template

If you like Joomla version please let me know via my profile


Hi there This might be a dumb question BUT – I have had a WP version of Flair built with content I supplied. But when I go to the WP Admin to find the text content I cannot find it for editing…. How do I find the content (apart from Menu items) to edit the template?

Thanks Tim

Hi, sorry I didnt design the WP version.

hello i want to buy it for my 2 websites and if i buy 2 can you make a discount for me?

Sorry but I can’t offer a discount.

How to put a radio button in the template flair / image? I need to move on script.js and contact_process.php? I have an example? Thanks

I had to add another team member to my page and with the addition of a 5th team member it dropped the last member to a second line. How do I adjust the code to make the images smaller so that all of the team members will be on one line? Thank you!

I don’t know why purchased doesn’t show up next to my name, I bought this theme a month ago and it says I have 5 months of support left.


leedzung Purchased

Please guide me to install the site