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Hello. A few pre-purchase questions, if you please:

1) Can Flamingo’s Angled, Straight and Minimal layouts be used together simultaneously within the same site across various pages; e.g., Homepage layout is Angled, About page layout is Straight, Shop page layout is Minimal, etc?

2) Is WooCommerce supported yet; if not, by when will it be?

3) Are YouTube videos supported in the gallery/portfolio and on general pages as a smaller page-centric element; for example, in place of (but within the page space used by) the three progress bars displayed on your Flamingo demo site homepage?

Thank you kindly.

Hey there Mike!

Let´s review your questions one by one:

1. The different styles are totally different layouts and they can´t be mixed in a single site, I´m sorry.

2. Flamingo is a portfolio WordPress theme and we had not plans for implementing WooCommerce since this was not initially the goal.

3. You can use Youtube & Vimeo video in any page within the hero area and within the content in a very easy way. In the first case, you´ll have a dedicated tool for doing this, in the second case, you just need to use the content builder for you to add these contents in a very easy way for both cases.

I hope this will be useful, please, let me know if you could have any other related doubt, ok?

As always, thanks a lot for your interest in our themes!

Best, Van

Hi there ;)

Just a little question, can I update the version 4.8.2 of Wordpress without any risk with the theme ? http://mabrandbox.com

Thanks a lot dear :)

Hola Kimy!!

Flamingo is running normally over 4.8.2. Since released we have done different tests and installations and many users have updated their sites without any problem. So we are happy saying that it´s safe to update!

So nice to say ‘hola’ one more time! :)

How do I change the colour of the hyperlinks?

Thanks. I’ve noticed the code doesn’t work when the hyperlink in in the text with bullet point?

Hey there,

If you refer to change the color link with lists, you could try in this way:

ul li a:not(.social-link) { color: #ffea00 !important; }

This should ensure that you color links remain the same all over the content.

I hope it will help you out!

Best – Van

Thank you very much

Any updates coming out?

Olá Daniel,

Since there is not any security or important issue to solve, we´ll be updating the theme within some few weeks in terms of maintenance.

I hope it will be useful!

Best – Van

hi – when will VC plugin be updated to latest version?

Hey there,

We´ll update VC to the latest compatible version within the next theme update cycle.

I hope it will be useful!

Best – Van


becom57 Purchased

Hi ! I have a big problem I don’t see visual composer options for creating a new project. How can I do ?


becom57 Purchased

Thanks a lot for your answer ! Everything is working ! Have a nice holidays from France and sorry for my english :-)


becom57 Purchased

Sorry I have another question please : Is it possible de copy/past the code from dummy content for the project page ? Thanks !

I´m glad hearing that this did the work as expected!

If you want to copy and paste from the VC modules, the best is disabling the VC builder, in this way, you´ll see all the shortcodes that you can easily copy and paste in different pages if needed.

Also, have into account that you can create templates and using some other tools from the builder in order to help in this regard, but maybe the easier is just disabling the builder and doing the raw copy and paste.

I hope it will be useful! :)

Best – Van

we’d like to update WP to latest version but holding back due to the theme. Can you tell us when we can expect an update so we can be current with WP 4.9.1

Hey there!

We have scheduled a new update by the end of the next coming week where we are updating some few things and fixing some small issues, but in general terms, the theme is stable and safer to update when we´ll release the next version.

You´ll receive a notification by mail once the update is ready and released.

I hope it will be useful!

Best – Van

When will the next update be release?

Hey there!

As you can see some few comments before, we were planning the theme update for the end of this week. You should receive a mail notifying you about the update availability shortly.

I hope it will be useful!

Best – Van

Hi Van,

The past few Flamingo updates have resulted in (Fontawesome, etc.) icons being stretched vertically. For example: http://romantic.li the icons look like ovals instead of circles.

Cheers, Russell

Hey there Russel!

With the different VC updates, the plugin developers use to change how things work and reviewing all of them is just impossible (it would take tons of time), and this kind of details only arise when you found them because you use that particular option. So do not worry, we´ll have a look at these details and fix them all within the next coming update.

In the meantime, if you want to fix them in your site, please, write me using the contact form in our profile page and I´ll provide you a temporary fix for you to repair this in your end.

Thanks for all these details that we´ll help us to improve them within the next update cycle.

Best – Van

Thanks so much for your kind help, Van… just sent you a message!

Hey there Russel! I have seen it, will check it out during the morning , thanks a lot! : )

Dear Van,

I really love your theme, it is just so beautiful from the first moment, I saw it :) I have three questions I´m trying to fix the last two nights. I was already reading all the comments, but couldn´t find the answer.

1.) How can I change the header picture in the blog section?

2.) How can I change the “W” on the portfolio template as I can´t see anything when I open the VC (looks like a blank page).

3.) Is it possible to show the projects in the portfolio side extended without paddings?


Warmest regards, Marit

Hey there Marit,

I´m really glad hearing that you find Flamingo useful for your project! :)

No worries about these details, they are really easy to handle, let´s see:

1. As you know, you can set a dedicated image per page. When you create a new page, you can add a dedicated hero element for each one. The blog page is some kind of special page. As you know, in the general options you can set a ‘general’ background image, the one, if you don´t specify something different in a particular page, that will display. Please, have a look at this screenshot in order to see this option more in detail, you´ll find it within Flamingo > General. Once you´ll set an image here, it will display in your blog page.

2. In case that you want to change the ‘W’, you can follow this article from our support area that will help you to work with this element.

3. For you to remove any padding existing between your portfolio elements, you can use this CSS snippet that you´ll add within Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS:

.projects ul li { padding: 0; }
li.isotope-item:first-child { left: 5px !important; }
li.isotope-item:nth-child(3n+3) { left: -5px !important; }
li.isotope-item:nth-child(3n+4) { left: 5px !important; }

This will only work if yo have set your portfolio in three columns, in case that your portfolio is configured to something different, please, open a support ticket and we´ll help you adjusting these rules to your case.

I hope it will help you out and you´ll enjoy building your project! Do not hesitate to let us know if you could have any other related doubt or query.

Best – Van

Hi VanKarWai i got a trouble with yout theme “flamingo-agency-freelance”. when I try to add images with plugin “visual composer website builder”, all is ok, but when I save changes to upgrade my website, take a lot of time charging and, may happen days and don’t save nothing, and is just when I add a images.

I tried to:

purge all cache in wordpress with “wp-total cache” plugin / optimizate images for web / work in other browsers / work in other operative systems / upgrade “visual composer”

animations, buttons, text and more I got no problems is just with the images and I need help quickly


Hola Ismael,

You should not have any problem uploading any image in your site. First thing to check out is your installed plugins, make sure that you have not any that could conflict with the builder somehow. If you have checked this out and you are still facing some related issue, I encourage you to open a support ticket and provide access to your site in order to we can better review this issue from you and try to help better as soon as possible.

I hope it will help you out!

Best – Van

PS. Ofrecemos soporte en español, por si prefieres que nos comuniquemos en nuestra lengua de una manera más sencilla : )

There is away with css to remove margin around portfolio thumbs?
I can’t find it..

I would like a pinterest Style for thumbs (You know different heights)
There is a way?

I renewd support and open a ticket :)

Hey there Manuele!

I already answered to your question in our support area. Let´s follow this up in there, ok?

Many thanks! :)

​Hi – I have noticed that for a while now the homepage blog element does not appear at all. Often if I login to WP Dashboard it appears for a while then disappears again. e.g. in chrome can view while loggedin but if I open incognito window it is invisible again. Or if I login, Update the homepage again without making any changes, it will appear again even in another browser such as Firefox. This seems to be a bug so I don’t think I need to pay for support to address it right?

Hey there Taura!

I understand that first thing to think about a failure could be the theme, maybe because it’s the second bigger layer in your site after the WordPress core, but this kind of issues use to happen because smaller layers in between, most of the times new plugins installations, wrongly updates or some incompatibility with third parties or even server errors… As you can see, a website has more related layers than the theme.

Flamingo is running normally, otherwise, we would have this comments area filled with comments like yours. So I really encourage you to double check your last plugins installs, try to disable them one by one in order to find the failure if this could be the source. Maybe checking your server logs… This case from you would need more in deep troubleshooting in order to understand why you are experiencing these issues. So I would suggest to review your site in this direction.

I hope it will be useful!

Best – Van