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Hello. A few pre-purchase questions, if you please:

1) Can Flamingo’s Angled, Straight and Minimal layouts be used together simultaneously within the same site across various pages; e.g., Homepage layout is Angled, About page layout is Straight, Shop page layout is Minimal, etc?

2) Is WooCommerce supported yet; if not, by when will it be?

3) Are YouTube videos supported in the gallery/portfolio and on general pages as a smaller page-centric element; for example, in place of (but within the page space used by) the three progress bars displayed on your Flamingo demo site homepage?

Thank you kindly.

Hey there Mike!

Let´s review your questions one by one:

1. The different styles are totally different layouts and they can´t be mixed in a single site, I´m sorry.

2. Flamingo is a portfolio WordPress theme and we had not plans for implementing WooCommerce since this was not initially the goal.

3. You can use Youtube & Vimeo video in any page within the hero area and within the content in a very easy way. In the first case, you´ll have a dedicated tool for doing this, in the second case, you just need to use the content builder for you to add these contents in a very easy way for both cases.

I hope this will be useful, please, let me know if you could have any other related doubt, ok?

As always, thanks a lot for your interest in our themes!

Best, Van

Hi there ;)

Just a little question, can I update the version 4.8.2 of Wordpress without any risk with the theme ? http://mabrandbox.com

Thanks a lot dear :)

Hola Kimy!!

Flamingo is running normally over 4.8.2. Since released we have done different tests and installations and many users have updated their sites without any problem. So we are happy saying that it´s safe to update!

So nice to say ‘hola’ one more time! :)

How do I change the colour of the hyperlinks?

Thanks. I’ve noticed the code doesn’t work when the hyperlink in in the text with bullet point?

Hey there,

If you refer to change the color link with lists, you could try in this way:

ul li a:not(.social-link) { color: #ffea00 !important; }

This should ensure that you color links remain the same all over the content.

I hope it will help you out!

Best – Van


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Thank you very much

Any updates coming out?