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Hi Van… seems like the list icons stopped working in the latest update v 1.5. Will there be an update/ fix for that soon? Thanks!

Hey Volck!

could you please send me a URL with an example related? I´ll check this out and sure, if needed it will be fixed in the next update. Please, send me a link with the details via our contact form here.

I´ll let you know asap, thanks! : )

Oh thank you, Van!

Hi Van, I have a question regarding the homepage. How did you set up the picture overlapping the diagonal “angle”? Did you simply add margin or padding to the image or is there another “trick” to do this?

Hey everythinggolden!

yes, you have some special classes to help you doing something like this. If you installed the XML in order to create the dummy content based in the demo, just open the VC module related to this element which has assigned a class following the guidelines that you can see in this part of the documentation, please check this out:

In adition, we have included some helper classes to let you work with some elements from the page builder with in a more accurate way. Imagine that you have placed an image into your composition and you would like to move it 50px to the top from its current place. To do this you just need to add, using the “Extra Class” feature from Visual Composer, a new class like this -> ”.move-top-50” or ”.move-bottom-50”. You can move to top or bottom in 50 intervals starting from 50 to 400.

I hope that this will help you out! :)

Hey Van, I checked out my site after some time and the green spinning wheel has appeared. I haven’t touched anything in about 6 months. What’s up?

Hey hip!

please, could you please place your message again? I can´t see any mail in my inbox from you. Just visit this page and you´ll see the contact form in the right side :)

Hey man, I’ve tried sending you a couple messages using this link, but haven’t heard anything back yet. If you’re not up to it, let me know and I’ll switch themes.

Hey hip!

I´m sorry bud, but I use to answer everything entering by mail too, in case that you can´t use the support center anymore, so please, write me again with the subject ‘It´s Hiptobsquare!’ and I´ll attend it ASAP in order to try to help you closer. For sure I did not archived it correctly, removed or directly went to spam. Because of this, we always prefer to use the support area for better handle any query.

Cheers! : )

Hi guys can I know why links on page does not works Take a look please goo.gl/FHrkBq where You see 2016 | Morphè Thank You

Hi Thanks a lot for help me
I try to add your css
but not working again..

Hi mangolino,

try to add this rule in this way:

.info-box { z-index: 1000 !important; }

In case that this is not working (add the 3 rules), let me know and I´ll try to help in some other way :)

Wow It works great
Thanks a lot for support
All the best


1) Is it possible to put a video as background? (first thing you’d see when landing on the page) What type of video?

Hello csavu7,

you can place a video as background, this video could be feed by Youtube or Vimeo. Also, you can embed videos within the page content.

In any case, thank you very much for your interest in Flamingo! : )

Hello, I have a problem on my site when I click the back button on the browser is not reloaded the page, you can help me. Michele

Hey Michele!

you should not have any problem with this. Before, please, make sure that you have updated your site with the last theme version available. Also, you should check if some plugin could be breaking this browser feature in your site. After this, if the problems remain, write me using the contact form in my profile and I´ll have a look at this closer. For this, I´ll need to know which browser version are you using and some more details in order to understand better this particular issue.

I hope it will be useful! : )


hyberman Purchased

Hello, how can I change the direction of the lines in the “Angles Layout” to be reversed. Instead of going from Top Left to Bottom Right, I want it reversed, to be from Top Right to Bottom Left. How can I do this?


hyberman Purchased

Hello, I tried this, however it didn’t work. The lines are still showing same from top left to bottom right. I tried opening in incognito mode so there is no caching.

Hi! Could you please open a private support ticket and provide there more details about your installation? I´ll try to help with directly in order to you can have this working as you need :)


hyberman Purchased

Ticket submitted. Thank you!