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Yota Purchased

Hi again VKW,

I am not sure if you might not see my ticket but please could you have a look on it?

Basically, I can’t set my page properly, it seems that blog page can’t pull any blog post to be displayed even the Blog template was set.

My ticket is 147363

Thanks, Yota

Hi Yota,

I´m really sorry about the delay with your query. I have already answered to your last question. Sometimes a ticket remains as hold and we can´t see it as opened. Apologizes for this and let´s follow this query there in case you need it, ok?

Thanks a lot for your patience anyways! : )


Yota Purchased

Thanks a lot for your quick response..! And it was fixed now.

However, there is one problem I found after this and I just asked in the ticket but I need to put on this just to make sure you won’t miss it.

No matter what is the name of the blog page I have change but it still keeps saying BLOG on the top header.

Is there anyway to change it?


yozz Purchased


Fantastic template ; I really enjoy it !! Like the other one you made.. Your work is very serious and i can’t wait your next template !! (When ??)

However, i would like? to modify the scrolling speed of the page.. Could you tell me where to change that in the code ??

Thanks, Yoann

Hi Yoann!

talking about the scroll functionality, I´m sorry to say that this is not possible because the theme does not implements any smooth scroll feature. These javascript solutions use to be very intrusive for many input devices, for example Mac trackpads or many others like mobile devices and so. From a usability point of view this kind of scrolls are not the best solution neither, because of this I never think about implement such features, Yoann. I´m sorry.

This would need to be implemented by a developer with javascript skills.

Anyway, I want to truly thank you for your support, bud! It is really appreciated it : )

How can I do slideshow faster?

Hello mangolino,

I´m not sure which property you want to modify, notice that you can change the slideshow speed or the animation between slides speed.

Anyway, you can do this editing custom.js file you will find within the js folder. Here, around the line 141, you will find the slideshow properties, for example:

slideshowSpeed: 10000,

This is 10 seconds to change the slide when auto is enabled, so if you want to do faster or slower this, you just need to change this value.

In case you want to modify the speed between slides, you can add this property (with the coma):

animationSpeed: 500, 

This will set up the slide transition to half second, just play with these values in order to fit better your needs.

I hope it will be useful! : )

Thanks a lot I made it! ;)

Hi, i’m very interested in this theme (actually i’ve lobo theme :) ), but i have few questions :

1 – i would like to have directly portfolio page as homepage, i think it’s possible but i want to add “our clients” after portfolio thumbnails… is it possible ?

2 – i would like to have some works “to come up”, i mean thumbnail appears in portfolio but they are not clickable… like work in progress or upcoming project

3 – in the live preview there is no sample of video project… and as motion designer i have a lot of video ^^ -> is it possible to have a video instead of image (for the background) -> in portfolio page is it possible to add video instead of image

thx !! chris

Hi Chris,

as I described before, Flamingo only provides Youtube & Vimeo support for the background area and no plans to add h264 support, I´m sorry to say. I initially let you know that theme theme provides Ytb/Vm support for video, I hope it won´t be a problem! : )

no problem for the background area, and for content area ? same thing ? i bought the theme :) can you help me for the point 2/

i would like some upcoming word non clickable or on rollover appears “soon…”

need to open a ticket ?

Hi Chris!

yes, please, open a support ticket because I need to review your code first because you will need to target each thumb. No worries, it´s just a single CSS rule with only a single property, but you need to target each thumb where you want to add this technique.


Visual Composer is not working anymore. I have version 4.8.1.

I have also updated the theme but still no luck.

Please can you help.

Thank you


you can install the last VC version included with the theme, this is (prior versions had problems with WP 4.5). You will find it in lib/plugins/js_composer. Just unzip it and replace it within wp-config/plugins. I recommend you to backup your files first when updating the theme or any other important asset like this.

This should fix the problem : )

Hello, the new js_composer crashes my website entirely. and doesnt work. Keeps loading, whats the status of this plugin?

installed full theme, still continues to die as ling as js_composer is available

sorry to bug, got it working. Last issue I hope, all my PNGs now have a yellow background.

Hi nruggieri,

Great! please, write me using the contact form in my profile and provide there a URL to your site and any other relevant detail to check this out, I´ll try to help with it.


Hello, I’m interested in buying your theme but I have a question: does this theme come with visual composer or should I buy visual composer seperately? Thanks, Oguz.

Thanks a lot :)

And one more question, is it compatible with seo?

Hey Oguz,

we have written the theme having into account the best practices in terms of SEO, but you always can improve your site presence and SEO impact by using some plugin like Yoast or similar, which are explicitly developed to improve these tasks.

I hope it will help! :)


atovell Purchased

Hi! This theme has been great but a few months ago Visual Composer stopped working. It just times out. I just updated the theme and deactivated most plugings but still no luck. Any ideas how I can fix this?

Hello atovell,

Visual Composer needed an update when Wordpress 4.5 was released. With this new update any related issue was fixed and we included it with the theme some few months ago. So please, update the theme and also the plugin.

For this, you have the plugin within the theme´s folder > lib > plugins > js_composer.zip. Just unzip this file and copy and paste the folder resultant within wp-content/plugins via FTP. I recommend you to backup the previous plugin folder before updating it.

In case you could have any related doubt, do not hesitate to contact.

I hope it will help you out! : )


atovell Purchased

Thanks so much for the quick reply! That did the trick.

Urgent: Your preview of the demo isnt loading. Theres something wrong with the theme because my installation is not loading either. Please let me know how to resolve

Hello Chambers,

we are checking this. It´s something related with the Twitter feed. By now, we recommend you to disable the element from the pages involved and in the mean time we can check this out better. I hope that we´ll have a solution soon.

Thanks for your patience!

?Hi – is anyone else having a problem loading homepage? i have had to change it so that portfolio page is home in Settings. all other pages working fine. still can’t load even when all plugins deactivated. haven’t changed anything on the homepage. all plugins up to date except VC which is controlled by theme.

thanks – i’ve got it an installed it. however VC doesn’t seem included? where can i find those files?

Hey Taura!

you have the plugin within lib/plugins/js_composer.zip. You just need to unzip the file and upload the uncompressed folder into your wp-content/plugins via your FTP client. The FTP client will prompt you about overwriting the old files, just overwrite them after back up the old folder and you are done : )

In case that you could have any related doubt, you can write me using the contact form in my profile, no worries about the support license expiration, such queries are perfect to me.

I hope it will help you out!

thanks so much – found it and uploaded.

Hey, is it possible to use a filter for your portfolio function? I wanna show projects from only one category on a specific page and projects from another category on another page.

Would be also possible to pay for the integration. Best Kevin


you can create different portfolio pages with different categories in there, but some functions as filtering won´t be available as you see in the demo. In case that you want to do something like this, just write me using the contact form in my profile and I´ll give you more details about how to do this.

Cheers! : )

Thank you very much for your update, it works like a charm, very good support, if someone read me and hesitate to buy this theme, do not hesitate and buy it ! :)

Hey Lo!

thanks a lot for your kind message, I really appreciate it. My pleasure being helpful! :)

Just a heads up! With the update of the theme and VC the “seperators” have taken a new design form and are no longer just straight lines. For some reason they now also include a black daimond box in the center. Any ideas on to why this have accured? The design is like the same look as seperator with text. Sort of. see at vays.se

Odd :) In the past the seperators was just lines. or dotted. Depending on what you choose in the setting. No black box was there in the past. Strange to have the same look but with no text in the black box. You work fast btw! :) Will try the custom css. thanks.

You are right, Michael. The ‘no-text’ separator is not working properly, we´ll review this and we´ll fix it for the next coming update. In the meantime, you can just add this custom CSS in order to temporary fix this. I´m sorry about this drawback, it will work as usual soon : )


Fantastic! :D Edit: This css made the seperator with text have its box removed as well :P So I will just chill and await future update.

​Hi, I can’t use Visual composer anymore. I updated to the latest versions of WP and Flamingo, installed Advanced Custom Fields PRO​. Still cannot use VC. My version is 4.7.4 (you talk about VC 4.12 on themeforest?). Could please help? thx

Hello stigmates,

the last VC version is included with the theme, you will find it within lib/plugins/js_composer.zip. Just unzip this file and update the folder within your wp-content/plugins folder. I suggest you to backup your old VC files first. This will update the plugin to v4.12.

I hope it will help you out! : )


atovell Purchased

Hi! We are having an issue with incorrect items appearing on Portfolio page with Isotope Filtering.

WP Admin: Flamingo -> Portfolio. “Project Filtering Type” set to “Isotope Filtering”.

On the portfolio page (http://robinwriter.com/work-samples/), incorrect items are showing when using the filters. For example, select “Book” and there should only be one item. However, other items are appearing, usually after a few second delay. These items sometime stack on top of one another. Also, the overlay function doesn’t work for them.

It appears this happens when all the items have not been loaded before using the filters. In other words, after loading the page without selecting a filter, scroll down to the bottom to force all items to load. Now the filters work as expected. However, if you click a filter (eg “Book”) before doing this, incorrect items appear as described above.

This started happening after upgrading to the most recent version of the theme.

Any help would be much appreciated!

Hi atovell,

I´m checking your site and this only seems to happen with ‘book’ category, right?

Last update has nothing to do with the portfolio, so in this sense nothing changed since many versions ago. The problem must be there due to some other reason (crossed categories, for example).

Since I´m not sure what could be causing this and you have not support availability, I recommend you to send me a message via our contact form in order to access to your site and see closer your config and try to understand this better.

I hope it will be useful! : )


Just updated my theme and the icons in the footer and custom fonts from Google do not load on page.

Can you tell me if the bug can be remedied by myself or will I have to wait for another update. Thanks

Hey Jazz!

you should not have any related problem. It´s just that we updated the font library that handles these elements. The most possible reason for this is would be some cache issue. So please, try cleaning your browser cache and refresh your site. If for some reason you are still in problems with it, since you have not an active support license, please, write me using the contact form in my profile and I´ll try to provide closer help. In that case, send me your site URL in order to check this out.

I hope it will help! : )