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Hi Van… seems like the list icons stopped working in the latest update v 1.5. Will there be an update/ fix for that soon? Thanks!

Hey Volck!

could you please send me a URL with an example related? I´ll check this out and sure, if needed it will be fixed in the next update. Please, send me a link with the details via our contact form here.

I´ll let you know asap, thanks! : )

Oh thank you, Van!

Hi Van, I have a question regarding the homepage. How did you set up the picture overlapping the diagonal “angle”? Did you simply add margin or padding to the image or is there another “trick” to do this?

Hey everythinggolden!

yes, you have some special classes to help you doing something like this. If you installed the XML in order to create the dummy content based in the demo, just open the VC module related to this element which has assigned a class following the guidelines that you can see in this part of the documentation, please check this out:

In adition, we have included some helper classes to let you work with some elements from the page builder with in a more accurate way. Imagine that you have placed an image into your composition and you would like to move it 50px to the top from its current place. To do this you just need to add, using the “Extra Class” feature from Visual Composer, a new class like this -> ”.move-top-50” or ”.move-bottom-50”. You can move to top or bottom in 50 intervals starting from 50 to 400.

I hope that this will help you out! :)

Hey Van, I checked out my site after some time and the green spinning wheel has appeared. I haven’t touched anything in about 6 months. What’s up?

Hey hip!

please, could you please place your message again? I can´t see any mail in my inbox from you. Just visit this page and you´ll see the contact form in the right side :)

Hey man, I’ve tried sending you a couple messages using this link, but haven’t heard anything back yet. If you’re not up to it, let me know and I’ll switch themes.

Hey hip!

I´m sorry bud, but I use to answer everything entering by mail too, in case that you can´t use the support center anymore, so please, write me again with the subject ‘It´s Hiptobsquare!’ and I´ll attend it ASAP in order to try to help you closer. For sure I did not archived it correctly, removed or directly went to spam. Because of this, we always prefer to use the support area for better handle any query.

Cheers! : )

Hi guys can I know why links on page does not works Take a look please goo.gl/FHrkBq where You see 2016 | Morphè Thank You

Hi Thanks a lot for help me
I try to add your css
but not working again..

Hi mangolino,

try to add this rule in this way:

.info-box { z-index: 1000 !important; }

In case that this is not working (add the 3 rules), let me know and I´ll try to help in some other way :)

Wow It works great
Thanks a lot for support
All the best


1) Is it possible to put a video as background? (first thing you’d see when landing on the page) What type of video?

Hello csavu7,

you can place a video as background, this video could be feed by Youtube or Vimeo. Also, you can embed videos within the page content.

In any case, thank you very much for your interest in Flamingo! : )

Hello, I have a problem on my site when I click the back button on the browser is not reloaded the page, you can help me. Michele

Hey Michele!

you should not have any problem with this. Before, please, make sure that you have updated your site with the last theme version available. Also, you should check if some plugin could be breaking this browser feature in your site. After this, if the problems remain, write me using the contact form in my profile and I´ll have a look at this closer. For this, I´ll need to know which browser version are you using and some more details in order to understand better this particular issue.

I hope it will be useful! : )

Hello, how can I change the direction of the lines in the “Angles Layout” to be reversed. Instead of going from Top Left to Bottom Right, I want it reversed, to be from Top Right to Bottom Left. How can I do this?

Hello, I tried this, however it didn’t work. The lines are still showing same from top left to bottom right. I tried opening in incognito mode so there is no caching.

Hi! Could you please open a private support ticket and provide there more details about your installation? I´ll try to help with directly in order to you can have this working as you need :)

Ticket submitted. Thank you!

Hello, hoping you can help: for some reason my menu is also visible in the footer although in the menu settings I haven’t ticked this option. Do you have an idea what might be happening? http://www.consulting-ap.com/ thanks a lot in advance

Hello again! A follow up on my email yesterday (I also sent you another email). I am very proud to say that I have solved most of my problems (such a novice in these things) :-)

Two problem remains: 1) how do I reduce the height of the footer. I have tried versions of this but it just ignores me: .footer {height: 50px !important;}. 2) on mobile view, there is a huge space between the menu and the content. How do I reduce that?

Thanks so much for your patience with me.

So sorry, one more thing: I thought I had nailed this one – I am trying to change the underline color of the the sharing links in the menu upon hovering. I tried this code but it also ignores me here:

.social-sh-menu ul li #twitter:hover{color:#a3a6a5 !important;}

Hey Ben! I have answered to your mail in order to better discuss about these custom tweaks you need to do in your site.

I hope it will help you out! :)

Hi, a friend of mine gave me Flamingo as a gift for my birthday. I installed the theme and tried to activate Visual Composer with my Envato Account, but I didn’t make the purchase, so it tells me that I can’t activate it. I have the licence number, but I don’t now how to do or where to put it, in order to make it work. Can you help me?

Ciao frilens!

When VC is included with a theme, you can use it and you only can run the plugin version packed with the theme. Within each update, we use to update and do any required update to the theme in order to ensure the compatibility with the included VC version. So having into account this, you should not need to register the included plugin. But, if you already have an active license, you just need to open Visual Composer > Product License > ‘Activate Visual Composer’ button. This will open a prompt to start your license validation via Envato API.

So make sure that you have a valid/active VC license and have into account that we can´t ensure full compatibility with latest version of the plugin when they are not included as part of the theme package yet. So we don´t recommend to install versions that have not been included with the theme before.

Comunque, tanti auguri!

Hi, any update on whether the theme will update to VC 5.x and is it compatible with WP 4.7?

Hey jazz!

The theme is compatible with WP4.7. Also, we´ll update the theme soon (early in Jan) and we´ll include the last plugin version once we´ll check that everything runs correctly. Notice that we only include the most important updates for the plugin and some version could be escaped.

I hope that this will be useful! : )


I have a problem when I install the new version of the plugin gravity forms I can’t see the formular … The theme is no more compatible with this plugin?


Hey there!

the plugin included with Flamingo is Contact Form 7, the one we check regularly and the one officially implemented with the theme. Ensuring full compatibility with all the plugins out there is near to impossible, more when they are premium plugins like this one.

The best would be to recommend you to install CF7 or if you are very interested in using that plugins, you should provide the version in conflict with the theme in order to us we can check it with the current theme version and see better how to help on this regard.

I hope that it will be useful! : )

Thank’s :) How can you check?

Hi! The plugin is included with the theme. When you first install the Flamingo, starts a wizard to guide you and recommend to install some plugins in order to have the best setup. Also, if you install the XML with dummy content, you can see some contact forms examples. In any case, you have some guidelines for this in the documentation.

If you want to install CF7, you can do it directly from the plugins area within your WP dashboard or directly by downloading it from here and install it in your site.

I hope it will help you out! : )

Hi Van,

It seems like 1.5.1 has issues:

(1) Portfolio page—arbitrarily displaying hexagon = “W” that was never there before

(2) Portfolio page—Visual Composer content does not appear

Cheers! ~Russell

Hi Van!

I’ve moved my site to http://romantic.li .... and I reverted back to v 1.5 because of the “hexagon W” issue on 1.5.1. However I did notice that with either version, the portfolio page will not display any content, rows, etc. besides the portfolio grid.

If you like, I still (temporarily) have http://sweetdanger.com up and running, and I can install v 1.5.1 then direct you to a portfolio page to have a look?



Hey Russel!

I can´t check out swerrdanger.com, please could you write me using the contact form in my profile and provide access to it in order to check this out better? Many users have upgraded their sites and we have not detected something like that. Notice that updating VC, sometimes bring details that could escape to our reviews and we could need to double check in different sites in order to understand this better, so please, write me back via contact form and let´s review your case to understand this better.


Hi Van, yes! I just sent you the link in a private message, but here it is again: http://sweetdanger.co/portfolio/

Hii guys, downloading manually your last update i can’t find lib/plugins/js_composer.zip to update visual composer that now is not working: any suggestion please?

Hey pecorazoppa2,

Make sure that you are trying the correct path, which is this (after unzipping the file):

flamingo > lib > plugins > js_composer.zip

The file is there in the package, you should be able to find it within your download from Themeforest. If this is not the case, please, write me using the contact form in my profile and attach a screenshot about your folder structure in order to see exactly what you are seeing in there.

I hope that this will help you out!

Thank you guys, i checked again and now everything works fine. Thanks a loto for your promptly answer. Have a very good day. :-)

Glad hearing this! Have a great day too! :)

Good afternoon, I have pre-purchase questions Do you include the full functions in the Visual Composer, Slider Revolution plugins or if I want to use all the functionalities of those plugins should I pay them extra? This topic comes with the files and instructions to translate them into Spanish? Do they come with the psd files and the images you use? Can I change the colors of the elements unlimited without knowing codes? In the tests I made of your demo, the google scores were 61 in movily 78 on pc, with loading times in Pingdoom up to 4 seconds and in gtmetrix in 5 seconds, what should this be?

Hey there!

Flamingo implements Visual Composer for you to build your own layouts with this page builder. You can use it and install it once you start installing the theme, you´ll be prompted to install some required and recommended plugins. In this way, you´ll have all the necessary to start building your layouts.

The sliders are based in Royal Slider and not in Revolution Slider. This last one, being a very powerful plugin, does not fit with the minimal approach of the theme, because of this we though that royal would fit much better for the theme proposes. In case you want to change it for Slider Revolution, you´ll need to implement it in order to replace the slider functionalities within the theme.

In any case, you don´t need to pay any extra for using the page builder or the included slider (Royal Slider). All the functionalities you can see in the demo are included with the theme.

The theme is fully localizable into your language in a standard way, the documentation is provided only in english, but it´s supported with videos doing any details more understandable for anyway, I really encourage you to have a look at the details here.

With the theme´s package you´ll receive 5 psd files with the different main pages for you to create your own mockups first in case you could need them. The file for dummy content (XML for importing the demo layouts to your site), does not include the images from the demo, they are only used in the demos for demonstration proposals, instead, you´ll receive placeholders images for helping you to compose your pages based in the demo estructures/layouts.

You can change many colors an different details with the theme tools without coding, again, I really encourage you to have a look at the documentation in order to see more in detail how the theme works and if this would fit your project needs.

Also, the tests could differ a lot, notice that the servers are located in USA, so if you try an speed test from a long distance area, you could find differences, in any case, these are the official results from Pingdom. The results from Google are just orientative, these are based in practices they recommend and they depends a lot of many factors, for example, we are not using any cache or files compression method, we maintain the demos ‘raw’ (here you can see an example). Many websites/themes out there are caching and compressing the code which could return much better results. This is up to you when you run your own website based in the theme. If you want to install any WP plugin for speeding up your site, you are totally free doing this and you will get better results even. In terms of speed, the theme is pretty good (faster than 89% of websites as Pingdom points with an ‘A’ grade, which is really good).

I hope that this will help you out to have more details about the theme, I really recommend you to have a look at the documentation if you are interested in Flamingo. For us, the most important thing is that you are totally sure that the theme will fit your project´s needs. So do not hesitate to ask for any other question or doubt you could have.

Anyways, thanks a lot for your interest in Flamingo, it is really appreciated it! Have a great weekend! :)

Hello ! I’ve been looking to your beautiful theme. I might have a pre-sale question. I need to add an event page and i was wondering which plugins you would recommend to fit perfectly with your theme ? thank you ! Debby

Hey there Debby!

just let me check this closer in order to see how this kind of plugins would work with the theme. Initially, you should have not any problem with them, just have into account that the theme can´t provide styling for all the plugins out there, so you will need to restyle it in order to fit your site look and feel. In any case, I´ll back to you asap in order to let you know about this.

Do you have any preferred plugin in this sense?

Hi. My VC didn’t work, so I have downladed a updated version of your theme and uploaded to my ftp site but It don’t work… How can I solve? My VC is 4.10 and I need to update to 5.x. Thanks

Hey there!

If you have already downloaded the last theme version, you´ll find the last VC included version within lib/plugins/js_composer. Just unzip this file and upload it via FTP to wp-content/plugins. You´ll be prompted about overwriting the old folder, just overwrite it and you´ll be updating your VC version too.

In brief, update Flamingo in your site and then update the plugin too by following this guideline.

We really recommend you to backup your files first always you do any update, this is a very good practice, simply reminding you! : )

I hope that this will be useful!

Dear flamingoes—We´ll have a break from Apr. 13th to Apr. 17th. All your queries will be queued and answered as soon as possible after this breaking time. We appreciate your patience.

Wish you will have a great Easter Week time!

Hi, I’m having a problem with the theme – when I click the “back” button in the browser (this happens only in mozilla firefox), only the white screen opens. The latest version of the browser is installed, specially tested in all browsers – this only happens in firefox. How can this problem be solved? And still, if you right-click on the page you returned to (and it appears as empty) and click “show source code” then the page code is displayed

Hey there relokate,

This is was an old browser issue fixed some time ago, are you running the last theme version?

Hello guys,

I would like to buy your theme. I have just a question. I have to use it as photographer website. Can i have on the homepage like “works” gallery in you demo? and i can disable category inside gallery?

Thank u!


Hey there Bruce!

Yes, you can build a gallery within any kind of page. This is not like the portfolio dedicated template, but you can display your works there by creating an image gallery or using the Visual Composer module explicitly created for ‘injecting’ the project items within any page. You can choose the number of items to display and add a button for opening the main portfolio page.

Just remind you that you always can setup as homepage the portfolio page. If what you are looking for is setting up a page like this one as your home page, this is that easy as configuring the reading options within your WordPress dashboard. With this, your front page will be the portfolio page. You can play with these options as your could need.

In any case, I hope it will be useful and do not hesitate to let me know if you could have any related doubt. Thanks a lot for your interest in Flamingo, it is really appreciated it! :)

Best, Van.

Is the theme actually compatible with WordPress 4.8?. Thanks.

¡Hola verescreer!

El theme es compatible con esta versión de WordPress, puedes actualizar tu sitio web sin problemas. Como siempre, recomendamos realizar un backup completo ya que este tipo de acciones pueden siempre tener un riesgo para tus datos debido a muchos factores ajenos al theme que se está actualizando o en ocasiones al mismo también. De modo que es necesario realizar un backup completo de tu instalación cuando se actualiza, especialmente a versiones de WP o de theme donde existen muchos cambios.

Espero que te sirva de ayuda.

Un saludo, Van

Buenos días:

Perdón por lo del inglés, la costumbre.

Si, desde luego, cualquier cambio estructural hacemos copias completas. Gracias de nuevo. Un saludo,

Julio A.

Hola Julio,

No te preocupes por el idioma, simplemente vi que estabas en España y me tomé la libertad de escribirte en español por agilizar la comunicación.

Como veo que realizáis buenas prácticas, no tengo más que añadir en este sentido. En cualquier caso, si tuvieras cualquier otra pregunta o duda, simplemente házmelo saber y trataré de ayudaros de la mejor forma.

Un saludo, Van