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Hey :) I need your help. I didn’t get response yet :)


I didn’t got response from my request I sent per mail and per contact form here.

Please contact me. I have a request.

Thanks and best regards

If you are not trusted client for us then, we are not supported to you When you through mail to our support team from your envato account, Then we make sure 100% support for you. So, please send mail to our support team from your envato account. We are always with you.

But I am trusted client! I am registered here and I used also the E-Mail form here to contact you without answer or reaction. I have a customization request as an extra job.


I didn’t get response yet for my question


Already we sent a mail to you. But mail delivery report failed. That’s why you can’t got the answer.

Please read the documentation in the download file. (or)If you give us your cPanel information then we can install it

hi again.. i just sent you a new supportrequest .. thanks in advance

Hi There, I sent 2 mails to support but they don’t response. I bought the Flanger template, everything works fine but I can’t get the nice menu. The side works with some other buttons. Is there an extension for the Menu?

Hi, We can’t contact with you for mail delivery problem. This issue not for us !! So check your mail server.

You can also contact with us with skype ID: ” atooar “

This template says that it’s well documented but I seem to be having a had time finding any install instructions. Sent out an email on may occasions and haven’t got a response

Install Quick_install file with Sample Data.

I’ll do that and get back to you if I’m having any problems

you can also contact with skype: atooar

How to edit module suffix music_feature?

Sorry, Support is expired for you. And thank you

Putz! What harm has to answer only one question ?


mebi Purchased

Hi, we have reported already 11 days ago the several issues that we are having with the FLANGER template asking you to fix them, but till today still no response at all. Since then we have re-contacted you several times, via the Contact Author and via email, but no answer from you. Our support is not expired, still 5 more month to go!! Very disappointing.


mebi Purchased

Still no response !!


mebi Purchased

17 days have passed now since we have first contacted you with our support request. And still have not received any response yet!! We URGENTLY need you to address the outlined issues that we encounter with the FLANGER template.

Sorry for inconvenience, Our mail server was some problem. Now it’s fine. Please resend your email to our support center (

Did I miss something or does this not work on wordpress?

This template is build with Joomla CMS not wordpress

Hi there, congrats for the nice template. But now i need help to get several features “responsive” – pls help! Regards, leon

check your email

Ok, nice answer: “check your email”. But nothing is in the email???? That was a little joke, or?

We send email to your email (

Hello I Purchased this template and sent you an email 2 days ago at your support email address, I requesting assistance with the features within the Template. i can not install the Quickstart as I already have a working Joomla site. Where is the documentation regarding the template so I can understand on your demo what extensions your using in each location and Also where do I get the extensions included in my purchase as I only installed the template?

Sorry for inconvenience, Please check your email

Love the template, but have a question. Does you template allow for mp3 music files (as an album) to be downloaded free to a .zip file

Hi, I have purchased and uploaded. I am reading the directions for “Install Demo Pack.” Where do I find this “Demo Pack”? I want to have the identical site to your demo. Thank you!

Thank you! I am now having trouble with the logo. When I change it to my custom logo, it does not sit where the flanger logo sits, it sits lower. What size should it be?

It will be 284×174

Hi and thank you! I have placed the logo with the correct size, but it still does not set properly. There is a space between the logo and the navigation, with a large space above.