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Really Good Job Atoar :).Best wishes with sell.

Thanks for your well wishes Mr, Niamul :) Bro

Thanks :) dhsign

Congrats nice template :)

Thank you :) metrothemes

Just letting you know…flash does not work on ipads/ iphones ;-)


Are you from Bangladesh? You are from which country? By the way outstanding design… A rare piece in Joomla! category… If any of my clients nneds a music theme for Joomla CMS then I will definitely recommend yours. Thank you :)

Yes I Am :) and thank you for your appreciating comments

Good work brother!

Thanks :) tranmautritam

Great job! Nice use of textures and dark background. Good luck with sales!

Thanks :) aditivadesign


I would like to use your theme in my website,tour du monde but only in few page. Yuo think it’s possible to mix ?


If your site is created by joomla and if you purchase this template we can help you under custom support and custom order criteria.

Please, through mail to our support center ( ) if your needed to know any information.

Thanks :)

Excellent work my friend!!!! Beautiful theme!!!! ;)

Thanks :) juanmita

Just Awesome….

Thanks :) royalsoft

Sorry its a pitty that it is not a Joomla 3.0 template Is this an upgrade otherwise you start with an old version

Thanks for your comment. We will update our template very soon for joomla 3

hey bro, Its asking me to download the gantry framework, Can I use that instead of bootstrap? I don’t know how to download it. Will gantry work?


template rtl & ltr ?

Supports Persian language ?

Dear itcnetworking :) It’s only LTR

No, It’s only LTR

what kind of blog I use? Or do I need to do manually each post?

We use k2 component for this blog and you can post manually.

Nice work. If I purchase this template, will you have to pay again for a joomla 3 version? Thanks

kmousi :) If you purchase this template now. Then doesn’t need to purchase again for joomla 3 version. Because you can always download update version of this template.

Hi I purchased is theme and for some reason when I try to upload it to joomla 2.5 I get this “JInstaller: :Install: Cannot find XML setup file”

Please tell me what I am doing wrong.. Thanks!

Ok I did and sent over the information as requested. Please let me know. Thanks!

For some reason I cant load images on to the Components K2 “Media Release” Could you please help me with this? Thanks!

Please, contact our support center.

Any news on the Joomla 3.2 version? I am waiting to buy but only if updated to Joomla 3.x Thank you :)

Thanks for your information. We will update this template as soon as possible

I will wait to buy. Thank you :)

I really like this template….... Going to buy it as soon as I get to my office later tonight.

Mr. Green

Your are most welcome

Does this site come with a quickstart to upload to my sever? Sorry for the stupid question.

Mr. Green

Yeah, You can upload quickstart file on your server

Perfect…...... will buy this template ASAP, thank you

Okay… Just buy this site, it was very easy to upload an install….. Love that btw! Everything seems to be working well, but I did happen to get the iphone view and the menu is a bit messed up, and for the droid view nothing is coming up…... Please help with this..

Thank You Mr. Green

Contact our support center ( )