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Great theme!!!

I think so too! ;)

Rare Theme, really like it.

Glad to hear you say that, thanks!

Great theme!



Can the masonry portfolio on the homepage link to anything (including a static page on the site)?

Thanks FaithMichele! Yes, we can add that update in there with no problem. If you purchase the theme, email me with FTP and I will make this available.

I like it! A question… Do you have options to change colors? Say I want the theme to look whiter than darker?

There are currently no options for that yet .. but I would be more than happy to make it whiter for you. ;)

Hey i’m thinking about buying this theme. I have one question first though, is it possible, on the front page, to do so that when you click on one of the pictures it pop-uo instead of redirecting to portfolio site?

Hey TheKaptajn! Yes, this is definitely possible.

Hi, I would like to buy this theme but I would need it white too! another question: is it possible to have a slide show inside a post? Does this web site needs a good server ( is it heavy?) because it seems to run a little bit slowly.


Hello spazio8, I can add a slideshow for the blog posts. Let me know if you purchase and I will send you that update.

Thanks! - Shorti

Wow, great work! This is a beautiful theme!

Just one query, is it possible to create slider gallery posts? Like this for example:

I do plan to add this capability in the very next update (1.1) which should be very soon.

Fantastic, thanks Shorti :) I’ll definitely buy this theme.

Great! :)

Hi! First of all, thanks for a great product, it’s been a time while i found exactly what i want to use for my personal web. :)

Unfortunately, I still have a small issue after purchasing and testing your template on my development server.

The problem is that all the fonts you are using don’t support cyrillic, are there any options to use these same fonts but with cyrillic support or some analogues?

As an example, i am making a personal website for russian advertising market and still want there fonts remain. Any options?

Thank you anyway!


Hello Anton! Would this font work?

Let me know.


How can I add custom fonts (google fonts) for us with this theme? Also, is it possible for me to remove the map from the contact page and move the contact form (or alternately the content area) to the right in its place?

Hello DownGoesSpiral!

I can add Google fonts for you as well as rearrange the contact page. Please send me FTP via my profile and I will take care of these.


Also, when I try to add more images to projects, I click upload and get the “Cheatin Uh” error. So basically I can’t upload more photo’s right now :-/

That is strange .. it seems to be working on my end. Again, send me FTP and WP logins and I will take care of this. ;)

Nice style! Good luck with sales!

Thanks flGravity!

    1. I get the same “Cheatin Uh” error at @DownGoesSpiral when trying to add a special background image to a page.
      2. Is it possible for the blog page to have the categories listed at the top in the same way the portfolio page is setup? Or any visual organizational solution for the blog?

      Great work by the way! thank you :)

Hello moon838!

1. That is strange .. can you send me a WP login through my profile?

2. Yes, I can work up a solution if you send me FTP.

Thanks! - Shorti

please disregard question-2 i realized you have categories listed on bottom of post.

Ah, ok .. I will still wait for a WP login to fix the upload problem. :)


Looks great. I would totally love to buy… but the live demo doesn’t appear to be working? Will it be up soon?

Great to hear! :) The live demo seems to be working quite smoothly on my end. What browser are you viewing it in?

Hi, great theme! Really easy to use too. Just having an issue with responsive navigation. We have created a navigation but when viewed on iPhone and iPad the navigation text appears as well as the navigation symbol. Any ways to stop this from happening?

Hello lydnjay, we are getting to your email shortly. :)

Hi, would you be able to provide us with advice regarding the navigation issue? We would like to get this website live today or tomorrow if possible please? We also sent you an E-Mail regarding this straight after posting this comment. – no matter what I try I can’t get the logo to resize to fit iPhone in portrait mode.

I’ve changed it temporarily to display the text blog title instead of the logo image but if you could still look into this that would be great

Thanks for the link! Can you switch back to the logo so I can see the problem? Much appreciated. :)

In the live preview, when I narrow my browser window on my computer, the portfolio items stack to one column. When I view it on an actual smartphone, though, they still appear in three columns. Is there a reason the mobile version doesn’t re-stack to one column? I’m interesting in purchasing the theme, but I’m curious about this discrepency first.

Also, the portfolio page titling seems very dependent on hover states. Is there a solution for seeing the titles of portfolio items on a mobile device, where hover states aren’t an option?

Hello thinkdm2! Yes we can accomodate everything you have suggested above. If you purchase the theme, send me FTP and WP logins and I will take of these.

Thanks! - Shorti